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Changes to switchover frequencies in Meridian, London and Northern Ireland

Ofcom have, as part of the changes required to create the 4G mobile broadband service, changed switchover channel allocations on transmitters in parts of the UK

Ofcom have, as part of the changes required to create the 4G mo
published on UK Free TV

The latest versions of the Ofcom - Digital Switchover Transmitter Details documents provide for the following changes:

  • Alexandra Palace PSB1 - C49 70W
  • Assendon PSB3 - C50 2W
  • Bevendean PSB2 - C40 5W
  • Bexhill (new) PSB1 - C46- 400W
  • Bexhill (new) PSB2 - C40 400W
  • Bexhill* PSB3 - C43 400W
  • Biggin Hill PSB1 - C39 2W
  • Bishops Stortford PSB3 - C50 14W
  • Brading PSB3 - C43 10W
  • Brading PSB1 - C49 10W
  • Brading PSB2 - C46 10W
  • Brighton Central PSB1 - C41+ 20W
  • Brighton Central PSB2 - C47 20W
  • Brighton Central PSB3 - C44 20W
  • Cane Hill PSB2 - C49 5W
  • Canford Heath PSB2 - C46 2W
  • Caterham PSB3 - C50 6W
  • Chartham PSB3 - C27 50W
  • CHARTHAM PSB1 - C21 50W
  • Chepping Wycombe PSB2 - C41 20W
  • Chepping Wycombe PSB1 - C44 20W
  • Chisbury PSB1 - C50 8W
  • Coldean PSB3 - C41 16W
  • Coldean PSB2 - C47 16W
  • Coldean PSB1 - C44 16W
  • Cushendall PSB2 - C40 5W
  • DOVER COM6 - C48 40000W
  • DOVER PSB3 - C53 80000W
  • DOVER PSB2 - C51 80000W
  • Dover Town PSB2 - C23 20W
  • Dover Town PSB3 - C30 20W
  • East Dean PSB1 - C59 8W
  • East Dean PSB2 - C55 8W
  • East Dean PSB3 - C50 8W
  • East Grinstead PSB3 - C50 23W
  • Eastbourne Town PSB1 - C46 16W
  • Eastbourne Town PSB3 - C43 16W
  • Eastbourne Town PSB2 - C40 16W
  • Elham PSB3 - C30 4W
  • Elham PSB2 - C23 4W
  • Folkestone PSB2 - C23 100W
  • Folkestone PSB3 - C30- 100W
  • Forest Row PSB3 - C40 24W
  • Glenariff PSB1 - C49 9W
  • Great Missenden PSB1 - C49 17W
  • Greenwich PSB2 - C41 3W
  • Greenwich PSB1 - C44 3W
  • Hammersmith PSB3 - C50 2W
  • Hangleton PSB2 - C55 5W
  • Hangleton PSB1 - C50 5W
  • Hastings COM5 - C26 1000W
  • Hastings COM6 - C30- 1000W
  • Hastings COM4 - C23 1000W
  • Hastings Old Town PSB1 - C50 10W
  • Hemdean HP PSB2 - C46 8W
  • Hemdean VP PSB2 - C46 32W
  • Henley PSB2 - C49 20W
  • Henley PSB1 - C58 20W
  • Hertford PSB1 - C49 500W
  • High Wycombe PSB3 - C50 100W
  • Hollington Park PSB1 - C50 5W
  • Horn Street PSB2 - C41 20W
  • HORN STREET PSB1 - C44 20W
  • Horn Street PSB3 - C47 20W
  • Horndean PSB3 - C40 5W
  • Horndean PSB2 - C50 5W
  • HORNDEAN PSB1 - C56 5W
  • Hughenden PSB2 - C40 12W
  • Hughenden PSB3 - C46 12W
  • Hythe PSB3 - C30 50W
  • Hythe PSB2 - C23 50W
  • Kenley PSB3 - C46 28W
  • Kenley PSB2 - C40 28W
  • Kilkeel PSB3 - C39+ 400W
  • Kilkeel PSB2 - C42 400W
  • Kilkeel PSB1 - C45 400W
  • Lambourn PSB1 - C49 2W
  • Larne PSB3 - C39+ 400W
  • LEA BRIDGE PSB1 - C50 2W
  • Lewes HP PSB1 - C28 12W
  • Lewes HP PSB2 - C22 12W
  • Lewes HP PSB3 - C25 12W
  • Luccombe PSB2 - C59 40W
  • Luccombe PSB3 - C50 40W
  • Luccombe PSB1 - C54 40W
  • Lulworth PSB1 - C50 2.2W
  • Luscombe Valley PSB2 - C46 2W
  • LYDDEN PSB1 - C43 4W
  • Lydden PSB2 - C40 4W
  • Lydden PSB3 - C46 4W
  • Lyminge PSB3 - C28 5W
  • LYMINGE PSB1 - C22 5W
  • Margate PSB3 - C53 200W
  • Margate PSB2 - C51 200W
  • Marlow Bottom PSB1 - C49 11W
  • Mickleham PSB2 - C49 18W
  • New Addington PSB1 - C59 16W
  • New Addington PSB2 - C55 16W
  • New Addington PSB3 - C50 16W
  • New Barnet PSB2 - C55 4W
  • New Barnet PSB1 - C59 4W
  • New Barnet PSB3 - C50 4W
  • Newhaven PSB1 - C40 400W
  • Newhaven PSB2 - C46- 400W
  • NEWNHAM PSB1 - C21 10W
  • Newnham PSB3 - C27 10W
  • Old Coulsdon PSB2 - C41 2W
  • Old Coulsdon PSB1 - C44 2W
  • Ovingdean HP PSB3 - C55 10W
  • Ovingdean HP PSB2 - C50 10W
  • Ovingdean HP PSB1 - C49 10W
  • Ovingdean VP PSB3 - C55 10W
  • Ovingdean VP PSB2 - C50 10W
  • Ovingdean VP PSB1 - C49 10W
  • Patcham PSB1 - C43 14W
  • Patcham PSB2 - C50 14W
  • Patcham PSB3 - C46 14W
  • Piddletrenthide PSB2 - C39 11W
  • Poole PSB1 - C57 50W
  • Poole PSB2 - C60 50W
  • Poole PSB3 - C53 50W
  • Poplar PSB1 - C39 4W
  • Ramsgate PSB3 - C30 50W
  • Ramsgate PSB2 - C23 50W
  • Rostrevor PSB3 - C45 23W
  • Rostrevor PSB2 - C42 23W
  • ROSTREVOR PSB1 - C39 23W
  • Rye PSB2 - C46 50W
  • Rye PSB3 - C56 50W
  • Rye PSB1 - C54 50W
  • Saltdean PSB1 - C55 40W
  • Saltdean PSB3 - C58 40W
  • Saltdean PSB2 - C54 40W
  • Skirmett PSB1 - C44 25W
  • Skirmett PSB2 - C41 25W
  • St Marks VP PSB3 - C53 26W
  • St Marks VP PSB2 - C60 26W
  • St Marks VP PSB1 - C57 26W
  • Sutton HP PSB3 - C50 2W
  • Sutton VP PSB3 - C50 2W
  • Till Valley PSB3 - C40 15W
  • Tunbridge Wells COM4 - C42 4000W
  • Tunbridge Wells COM6 - C41 4000W
  • Turnpike Hill PSB2 - C41 5W
  • Turnpike Hill PSB3 - C47 5W
  • Welwyn PSB2 - C40 30W
  • Welwyn PSB3 - C46 30W
  • West Wycombe PSB3 - C46 5.6W
  • West Wycombe PSB2 - C40 5.6W
  • Whitehawk Hill PSB1 - C60- 4000W
  • Winterbourne Steepleton PSB1 - C39 2.4W
  • Wooburn PSB2 - C56 20W
  • Wooburn PSB1 - C48 20W
  • Worlds End PSB3 - C40 5W

Transmitters with allocations to C61 remaining

The following transmitters have allocations to C61:

MENDIP PSB1, WINTER HILL COM5, WALTHAM PSB1, MIDHURST PSB2, ANGUS COM6, CARMEL COM6, Keighley PSB1, Rosneath VP PSB1, OLIVER'S MOUNT COM6, Gartley Moor PSB2, Plympton PSB2, BRECON PSB1, Shatton Edge PSB3, Camlough PSB2, GOSFORTH PSB1, Llandecwyn PSB1, Portpatrick PSB2, Ilfracombe PSB2, MYNYDD BACH PSB1, ST BEES PSB1, Aberystwyth PSB2, Hatch Bottom PSB3, Fishguard PSB1, PONTARDAWE PSB1, CROESERW HP PSB1, CROESERW VP PSB1, Fodderty PSB2, Mynydd Pencarreg PSB1, PRESTON PSB1, INNERLEITHEN PSB1, Ton Pentre PSB1, Craigellachie PSB2, RIPPONDEN PSB1, Weisdale PSB2, LLANENGAN PSB1, WORKINGTON PSB1, CORNHOLME PSB1, Broad Haven PSB1, Loch Feochan PSB2, Rosneath HP PSB1, CRAGG VALE PSB1, Pembroke Dock PSB1, Truro PSB2, WHEATLEY PSB1, Onich PSB1, DOWLAIS PSB1, BATLEY PSB1, HEADINGLEY PSB1, STOCKSBRIDGE PSB1, Newtownards PSB2, Abercynon PSB3, ARMITAGE BRIDGE PSB1, Avoch PSB3, Ballantrae PSB2, Burry Port PSB1, Dromore PSB2, ELLAND PSB1, Glyn Ceiriog PSB2, Grandtully PSB1, Halesowen PSB2, Helston PSB2, Llangollen PSB2, LOCHEARNHEAD PSB1, MILLHOUSE GREEN PSB1 and Pennsylvania PSB2.

Transmitters with allocations to C62 remaining

The following transmitters have allocations to C62:

TACOLNESTON PSB3, Winter Hill PSB1, OXFORD COM4, Huntshaw Cross PSB1, MIDHURST COM4, RUMSTER FOREST COM6, Selkirk PSB1, Salisbury COM4, Barskeoch Hill PSB3, Haltwhistle PSB2, Stanton Moor PSB2, Swinster PSB1, ST AUSTELL PSB1, Beecroft Hill PSB3, Newcastle PSB2, Scoval HP PSB1, Ebbw Vale PSB3, PETERHEAD PSB1, Whitby PSB3, Port Isaac PSB1, Monmouth PSB3, Countisbury PSB2, Hutton PSB2, Leamington Spa PSB2, ST HELIER PSB1, Llangeinor PSB3, Scoval VP PSB1, Steyning PSB3, Dawlish PSB1, Rheola PSB3, Balblair Wood PSB1, Ynys Owen PSB3, KILMELFORD PSB1, St Brelades Bay PSB3, Penrhyn Coch PSB1, Tullich PSB1, Washford PSB2, Taffs Well PSB3, Praa Sands PSB1, Woodcombe PSB2, Weaverthorpe PSB3, Longwood Edge PSB3, Oughtibridge PSB3, Portishead PSB2, MACHEN UPPER PSB1, Inverness PSB1, Bincombe Hill PSB1, Creetown PSB2, Belper PSB2, Scalloway PSB1, Holmfield PSB3, Penryn PSB1, Dolgellau PSB3, Grasmere PSB2, Tonyrefail PSB3, Tynewydd PSB2, BEAMINSTER PSB1, BEER PSB1, Kilve PSB2, Orpington PSB3, Tregaron PSB2, CULLINGWORTH PSB1, Bradford West PSB3, Liverton PSB1, North Hessary Tor PSB1, Gellifendigaid PSB3, BEDDGELERT PSB1, Clearwell PSB2, Cleckheaton PSB3, Copley PSB3, DRONFIELD PSB1, Fernhill PSB3, GLYNDYFRDWY PSB1, GOURDON PSB1, Kingskerswell PSB1, Kinlochleven PSB3, LLANDDERFEL PSB1, LLANGYNOG PSB1, Modbury PSB1, Newton Ferrers PSB1, South Maesteg PSB3, SOUTHWAY PSB1, Tonypandy PSB3 and Wincobank PSB3.

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Friday, 27 January 2012
5:53 PM

Do Freesat units enable you to load channels not listed by Freesat. There are many viewable channels on an old Sky box which has a one off charge for a SKY card for £25. I would like to record some of these with a Freesat recorder by Panasonic.

link to this
Doug's 6 posts GB
Saturday, 28 January 2012
2:37 PM

Doug: Yes, most Freesat boxes have "non-Freesat" mode features that all you to add channels manually.

link to this
Briantist's 38,768 posts Owner Owner GB
Tuesday, 31 January 2012
Brian Dawtrey
12:31 PM Lymington

Freeview, you installed.
Cannot get ITV 1 Meridian at all, or channel four and five etc
SO41 5SS (within sight of IOW transmitter.)

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Brian Dawtrey's 1 post GB
Brian's: Freeview map terrain plot frequency data R&TI Service digitaluk trade DAB coverage
1:06 PM

Brian Dawtrey: Please see Single frequency interference | - independent free digital TV advice . I'm not sure what you mean by "you installed"...

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Briantist's 38,768 posts Owner Owner GB
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