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April 18th - retune at Rowridge, Oxford, Stockland Hill and Hannington

The London region retune today allows four transmitters that have been waiting for the Crystal Palace transmitter to release its analogue frequencies. In particular, Rowridge (Southampton and Portsmouth) users need to retune and those as far away as Devon (Stockland Hill), Oxfordshire and Hannington (Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey) may have more channels today.

The London region retune today allows four transmitters that ha
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If you use the Rowridge transmitter, you will need to retune today as the commercial multiplexes have changed frequencies today to their final allocation.

SDN is now on C25 (506.0MHz), ArqA on C22+ (482.2MHz) and C28 (530.0MHz).

In addition, the commercial multiplex are now being broadcast at full power (200kW) with vertical polarization (the elements on the receiving aerial going up and down) and at 50kW with horizontal polarization. This means that for some viewers, it may be possible to improve their Freeview signal quality by rotating their aerial.

It is necessary, once again, to perform a "first time install" on your Freeview equipment if you use Rowridge.

At Stockland Hill, the commercial multiplex increase in power from 10kW to 25kW today. If you could not receive the SDN, ArqA and ArqB multiplexes from the transmitter before today, you should retune your Freeview equipment to see if you now can receive the services.

At the Oxford transmitter, the commercial multiplex increase in power from 12.5kW to their final level of 50kW today. Again, if you could not receive the SDN, ArqA and ArqB multiplexes from the transmitter before today, you should retune your Freeview equipment to see if you now can receive the services.

And the same applies for the Hannington transmitter, where the levels increase to 25kW today. So, if you could not receive the SDN, ArqA and ArqB multiplexes from the transmitter before today, you should retune your Freeview equipment to see if you now can receive the services.

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Wednesday, 18 April 2012
5:18 PM

I'm just south of Winchester.

A Sony Bravia has been here almost a month, bought as refurbished and newly set up from its previous Welsh tuning. All TV channels were available here yesterday

I've just retuned and now I have SDN and ARQA missing, same as a person near Poole on another thread here.

The channels do actually appear in the guide, with no event info, and selecting them it says no signal

It seems a bit odd that increasing power and moving channels would have caused a problem.

I note that the vertical polarisation has more power, so I could try a trip to the roof when it stops raining, but these used to be receivable here for the last few years even with much lower power, though the occasional glitch.

I wonder if there is still work happening and the presence of the channel number is like a placeholder for when these multiplexes resume later on

Does this sound like it makes sense, and does anyone else have issues with those 2 multiplexes at Rowridge? Is there still work in progress?

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Andy's 5 posts GB flag

5:22 PM

Andy: If you didn't do a "first time install" today then you will see half of the channels in the guide and no have any programmes on them.

The multipexes will not "resume", they have moved frequencies.

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Briantist's 38,915 posts GB flag
5:37 PM

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I know they've moved some of them.

I'm fairly sure it was a new imstall, but on the other hand I suppose the channel number and no signal can imply it's still looking on the old frequency. But it has found one multiplex

I'll try again later, just watching something about Enigma on Yesterday

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Andy's 5 posts GB flag
John V
5:41 PM

Andy: I was "summoned" to the 86 year-old lady across the road this morning to sort out her Bravia. Same problem as you. Having a Bravia myself, I had been through this already a few weeks ago. Auto retuning didn't help, neither did manual, as it just adds the newly found channels up in the 800s. As with all my Freeview stuff, I just delete all the channels and do a manual tune - the only 100% reliable way. To delete the channels on the Bravia (deja-vu!) do an auto retune, select cable (can't remember if this was absolutely necessary but I included this step) and start, then cancel by pressing return straight away, then select antenna and start, then cancel. You should now have no channels at all. Then manually tune channel by channel. Hope this helps.

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John V's 2 posts GB flag
5:59 PM


I get some channels on 800 upwards anyway, due to being roughly halfway between Rowridge and Hannington. Unless some were also left over from its time near Swansea while being checked out.

The wipe by retuning with deliberately no signal sounds worth trying later on.

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Andy's 5 posts GB flag
6:45 PM

Now I'm sorted out. That wipe by pretending to be cable and then tune again back on the aerial has done the trick. And only 10 spare channels at 800+ from Hannington, ITV1 etc. Thanks again.

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Andy's 5 posts GB flag
Thursday, 19 April 2012
Paul Hazzard
8:13 AM

Hi I am also still not receiving HD channels from the Rowbridge transmitter. I have tried retuning again this morning and am still only receiving all of the standard digital channels and no HD channels. I have a Samsung LED HD built in Freeview TV and live in the Portsmouth area. My reception quality is at 90% so I would expect all to be in order. Can any one advise what the problem may be please? Thank you

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Paul Hazzard's 3 posts GB flag
Paul's: mapP's Freeview map terrainP's terrain plot wavesP's frequency data P's Freeview Detailed Coverage
Evelyn Davies
11:39 AM

Hi I have a Bush BTU160DTR.Have rescanned today and now can only pick up 31 channels.
I have an old digi box that I have tried and that recieves all of the channels,so I do not think that I have an aerial problem.
I have reformatted the hdd but it still will not pick up any more channels.
Do I need to buy a new box.
Please help.

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Evelyn Davies's 2 posts GB flag
6:53 PM


I notice that the Freeview predictor no longer gives Oxford as a transmitter for my postcode LU1 4EH. I have a wideband pointing towards Oxford, and can recieve all 5 multiplexes from Oxford, Crystal Palace, and Sandy Heath on the single aerial. According to the box, signal strengths are strong on all frequencies, which seems to contradict the signal strengths as given on the predictor. The predictor used to give Oxford, and the map used to show Oxford as covering the LU1 area, and as far as I'm aware, power has increased, which should mean the signal can be received over a greater area, not less. So why the change?

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Nicholas's 2 posts GB flag
Nicholas's: mapN's Freeview map terrainN's terrain plot wavesN's frequency data N's Freeview Detailed Coverage
Friday, 20 April 2012
11:50 AM

turned off mains plug and pulled out airial. Put plug back in and not areal went to first time installation on the menue and did a full scan. No channels came up because of the airial being unplugged but it cleared out leaving none listed. Plugged airial back in and went to menue and first time installation and started the proceedure again. Great now have all the channels back again. Give it a try.

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helpful's 2 posts GB flag
helpful's: mapH's Freeview map terrainH's terrain plot wavesH's frequency data H's Freeview Detailed Coverage
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