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My ITV/C4 Freeview channels have disappeared - what can I do? Is it my SCART ca

My ITV/C4 Freeview channels have disappeared - what can I do? Is it my SCART cable?

My ITV/C4 Freeview channels have disappeared - what can I do?
published on UK Free TV

It is a feature of television signals that they can be effected by the weather. Aside from the obvious damaged that can be caused by wind or torrential rain, the onset of summer can cause a more intriguing problem called "inversion".

Basically, when the sun heats up the land, the hot air can get trapped below cold air at high level. This creates an "inversion layer" which acts like a polished mirror to TV signals. This causes two problems: you can receive both the original and a reflected signal from your own transmitter (on analogue TV this appears as "ghosting") or interference from TV transmitters that are normally too far distant.

The ITV/C4 multiplex of channels (ITV-1, ITV-2, ITV-3, ITV-4, CITV, C4, More4, E4, Quizcall) use a transmission "mode" called 64QAM, and it is sadly much more prone to these problems.

So, whilst a loft-mounted aerial will provide reception at some time, it will fail at others. The only real solution is to mount the aerial (or a new Class I aerial) outside on a pole, but some people report that changing the cable from the aerial to the set-top box to the high-grade satellite cable can also help.

The SCART connection, by the way, only carries a single TV picture, not the Freeview transmission multiplexes, so if this is disconnected it will result in degradation to every channel at once.

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Friday, 8 January 2016
9:28 PM

All of a sudden me have lots of flickering channels especially itv, c4, 5 etc but bbc channels are all fine. I have previously wobbled the Ariel in the back of the tv and got a better picture but that no longer works. Do you think this is a problem with the back of the tv where the Ariel is plugged in? Any ideas greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Liz's 1 post US
Sunday, 10 January 2016
Matthew Crowther
10:56 PM

I've something similar to above. Channel's 4 and 5 don't record properly, with one programme switching to Challenge mid-way. All recordings halved when finished. Audio out of sync. Not sure if connection but everything looks fine presently.

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Matthew Crowther's 2 posts GB
Saturday, 30 January 2016
10:10 AM

My ch4 ch5 more4 etc not getting a signal should I retune??

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Eileen's 1 post GB
1:20 PM

Eileen: no. In the event that the tuner indicates no signal, carrying out a retune often causes the required channels to be deleted completely from the channel list or replaced with an option from an alternative transmitter, which is likely to result in unreliable reception of the affected channels. If the tuner has a manual tuning option do a signal check by selecting the frequency of the psb 2 mux and without pressing "store" noting the signal strength and quality. Repeat this process for a mux with working channels, say psb 1 to compare signals. Further advice can be given depending on the result. If you state your postcode, or that of a nearby shop a check can be made of which services are available at your location together with the frequencies that are in use.

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KMJ,Derby's 1,775 posts Gold Gold GB
Friday, 5 February 2016
10:01 AM

I could no longer get a couple of radio stations so I retuned my box. It lost about 60 TV channels, and I only have 20 now. The TV upstairs is receiving all of them fine.
I tried a retune the next day after the box was off overnight. Still the same.

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Paul's 1 post GB
Tuesday, 26 April 2016
Lesley Ann Bennett
5:23 PM

Hi my channels have disappeared only BBC is available help please

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Lesley Ann Bennett's 1 post GB
Wednesday, 27 April 2016
10:37 AM Trowbridge

Leslie Ann Bennett:

To offer any advice we need to know where you are in relation to the over 1000 transmitters in the UK. Help us to help you by giving a full post code (or that of a very nearby shop or post office). That will then give information about which is your local transmitter, whether there are any engineering works currently, whether there are any obstructions between yourl location and the transmitter, etc.

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MikeP's 824 posts Gold Gold GB
MikeP's: Freeview map terrain plot frequency data R&TI Service digitaluk trade DAB coverage
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