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What can I do when my Sky Digibox says 'No Signal' or 'Technical fau

What can I do when my Sky Digibox says 'No Signal' or 'Technical fault'?

What can I do when my Sky Digibox says 'No Signal' or &
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How to Reset a Sky Digibox when 'No Signal' appears.

Reset method 1 - Delete and Rescan

  1. Turn the power off at the mains socket. Either do this by pulling the plug from the socket, or using a power switch if there is one.

  2. Remove the viewing card from the machine. Using a dry cloth or kitchen roll, clean the gold connector on the reverse of the card. Do not use any cleaning products.

  3. Check cables and connectors are in good order.
  4. Wait for at least 30 seconds.
  5. With the card still out of the machine, plug the Digibox back into the mains.
  6. Ignore all the messages, and wait for around a minute.
  7. Try 101 for BBC One, 102 for BBC Two and 103 for ITV-1.
  8. Insert viewing card, wait a few seconds.
  9. Check 104 for Channel 4 and 105 for five.

Reset Method 2 - Reset the LNB

If the above method does not work, the LNB may have a fault.
  1. Press the [SERVICES] button and then press [4] [0] [1] then [SELECT]

    On Sky HD, press the [SERVICES] button and then press [0] [0] [1] then [SELECT]

    Press the buttons in the sequence above exactly - do not atttempt to use [UP] or [DOWN]. Note that when you press the second 0 and 1 nothing happens on the screen until you press the final [SELECT]. This is a "hidden menu".

  2. Then press [1] to go to the RF output menu.
  3. Press [DOWN] three times to highlight the line 22Khz Command and then press [RIGHT] to change the value to [OFF].
  4. Press [DOWN] and [SELECT] to select Save New Settings.
  5. Press [SKY].
  6. Again press [SERVICES], [4], [0], [1], [SELECT]; then [1] again for the LNB Menu. (SERVICES 0 0 1 SELECT for Sky HD).
  7. Now press the [RED] button (reset all settings), then [DOWN] until you can select Save New Settings again.
  8. Press [SKY].

Reset Method 3 - Upgrade the system software

If there are still problems:

  1. Turn the Digibox off at the mains again and remove the viewing card.
  2. Whilst holding down the BACKUP key on the Digibox - NOT ON THE REMOTE - turn the mains power on.
  3. Keep hold of BACKUP until the screen displays a "UPGRADING SYSTEM SOFTWARE" message – this will be white text on a black screen. On some boxes this can appear as a half screen.

  4. Wait 10 to 20 minutes for the software to download and install. The box will restart when the process is complete.
  5. Ignore all the messages, and wait for around a minute.
  6. Try 101 for BBC One, 102 for BBC Two and 103 for ITV-1.
  7. Insert viewing card, wait a few seconds.
  8. Check 104 for Channel 4 and 105 for five.

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Saturday, 8 June 2013
steve jones
4:45 PM

hi jb

even though lnb1 and lnb2 quality and strength is good on most other channels , does It still mean lnb1 is broken ?

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steve jones's 4 posts GB flag
Sunday, 9 June 2013

5:21 PM

steve jones: A defective tuner does not necessarily mean that nothing at all is being received, but more the case of anything that is received tending to be erratic in a fashion such as you had reported in your original posting, i.e: intermittent spells of witnessing a "no signal" warning, pixelated pictures with stuttering audio etc, and so in your particular case the problem with 861 might (although I doubt it) simply be caused by LNB1's tuner being slightly less sensitive to that used by LNB2's input, this showing up on the transponder used by 861 as they are all received at different levels, albeit a Sky box not being able to indicate this.

I will say though, that if you had only been using a single input then I would have requested that you check the "F" connectors at each end of the cable and especially the one at the dish end for any signs of corrosion, as a faulty connection can on occasions be responsible for this odd type of fault, but though by you having twin feeds and yet swapping them over did not make any difference then that eliminates the possibility of a faulty feed, but in cases such as yours and where a professional meter isn't to hand, then pinning the cause of the problem is much easier to achieve if the box in question can be tested out on someone else's dish, basically because I cannot see any further tests that you could carry out that would assist in any way as far as rectifying the problem is concerned.

That said tough, if testing the box out on another dish did magically result on 861 being received on boxes LNB1's input, then this could simply be down to the signal level received from the alternative dish being at a slightly higher level than yours thereby compensating for the deficiency in the tuner.

Just out of interest, what is the make / model number of your box ?

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag
steve jones
7:14 PM

ok thanks a lot jb , I will have to test it on someone else dish .

the box just says " sky+hd " , 3d anytime+ . I can't see a make or model on it anywhere .

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steve jones's 4 posts GB flag

7:46 PM

steve jones: OK, but should you manage to try it on someone else's dish I would appreciate if you could give an update on your findings.

By the way, sometimes the boxes identification label is stuck on the underside of the box, although I dare say that you will have looked there anyway.

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag
Tuesday, 11 June 2013
1:44 PM

i have sky box free channels but 2-3 days ago its not working . signals appear 'no sattelite signal being recived'
and now when i m try to change the channels its not change channel not from remote and not from box.
i check all the wires back of the box
its alright.
i dont'know whats problem...........plz help to resolve my problem.thx

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nav's 1 post GB flag
Sunday, 30 June 2013
Lynsey Coull
10:36 PM

Hi , my sky + hd was not working on Saturday error 25 phone sky and they went through everything with m e, said I would either need an engineer out it I could get my self a new box! Managed to get a sky + box was working fine till tonight! Was watching 307 and when I turned it got no satellite signal on any other channel except 307 ,, switched off at mains for 5 mins and all channels came back , but when I started watching 307 again for a few minutes it came up no sat again on every other channel with error 25 ? Totally confused

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Lynsey Coull's 3 posts GB flag
Monday, 1 July 2013
12:04 AM

Lynsey Coull: Any problems experienced with satellite reception are always caused by some problem existing at the receiving end of the equation, as a satellite signal can to all intents and purposes be considered as always being there. You should check the strength of your signal using your Sky remote control as follows / (1): Press services on your Sky remote control and you will see the main menu with "Options" highlighted. (2): Highlight the Settings menu using the right arrow button and press select. (3): Use the left/right arrows to scroll to Signal and press select. (4): The grey bars displayed will show you the strength of the signal to your Sky+HD box and with this having to be around 55% or more to produce a stable picture, if its under (in particular the quality) then it points to the dish being slightly (very!) out of alignment, this usually being in the horizontal plane and with a slight nudge to the left or right usually correcting the problem, albeit rather crudely! I will say though that Sky+HD boxes are not without fault, and what you have described is one of the symptoms of a faulty power unit, and so this always has to be kept in mind.

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jb38's 13 posts GB flag
Lynsey Coull
4:35 PM

Thanks for reply , will try this when I get home ;) , I have an old sky + box I'm using at moment , so hopefully this will sort it!! Can I move the dish myself or will u have to get an engineer ?

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Lynsey Coull's 3 posts GB flag
8:58 PM

Lynsey Coull: If you are presently using an old Sky+ box of the white coloured type? then signal checking is achieved on this model by pressing "services - 4 - 6", and as mentioned before the main thing to observe being the quality of the signal which should never really be under the strength.

As far as the dish is concerned, if you do observe the quality to be down and your dish is within reach then the easy way to check the alignment is by getting someone to stand under the dish and lightly press on each side of the reflector "one side at a time" whilst you are observing the quality, because in most cases if the dish is out on the horizontal plane the quality will be seen to rise when one side is pressed, if it does then ideally the mounting arm to wall bracket nuts should be slightly slackened and the dish nudged in the direction that resulted in the signal improving "using a hand of each side of the dish for better control", finally re-tighten the swivel arm clamp nuts.

If though no difference is seen by the "side to side" check then the same test should be carried out again but this time on the top then bottom of the dish, taking care not to accidentally cover any area of the dish with your arm whilst pressing the top or the signal will be observed to dive downwards, although the main reason I mentioned the horizontal plane is because strong winds blowing across the dish nearly always affects the side to side alignment, whereas the up down adjustment seldom moves unless someone has pulled downwards on the LNB mounting arm.

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jb38's 13 posts GB flag
Lynsey Coull
9:38 PM

Thanks again for reply , it seems to be working fine so far to tonight :) , hopefully it be ok !! Checked signal it above 50% but was moving .

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Lynsey Coull's 3 posts GB flag
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