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From Wikipedia: 5USA is an entertainment television channel in the United Kingdom owned by Northern Shell. It is a sister channel of Channel 5 and 5. 5USA concentrates on showing imported movies and programmes from the United States, originally broadcast from 1600 to 0100, extending its hours starting at 1200 in June 2007. - link icon read more about 5USA +1 on wikipedia (summary by Clipped).

Wednesday, 3 April 2019
James Hempton
11:37 AM

I have 5 USA +1 on channel 56 and 5 Star + 1 on channel 55.However I cannot record them as they are not in my sony dvd recorder.I have retuned the recorder a number of times but they do not download.All other channels are available.
Any help in this matter would be appreciated.
Many thansks

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James Hempton's 4 posts GB flag

12:53 PM

James Hempton: Does your DVD recorder receive the HD channels? Although 5USA +1 and 5Star +1 are SD channels they are carried on DVB-T2 multiplexes and need a HD tuner to receive them.

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StevensOnln1's 3,646 posts GB flag
Thursday, 4 April 2019
James Hempton
2:04 PM

Thank you for that.I dont think my sony dvd recorder has hd capabilities.I have all the channels including freeview and 5USA ETC but not USA+ 1.
Many thanks for your help in this matter. regards

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James Hempton's 4 posts GB flag
Thursday, 19 March 2020
Dave Iremonger
2:08 PM

When you screen an episode that ends with ' to be continued', why does it not continue in the next screened episode ? Last week I was watching Special Victims and it left on a cliffhanger. This was the 10 o'clock episode, NO, the next episode was from another series entirely. This happens alot and is very annoying. You can show following episodes, so why don't you ?

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Dave Iremonger's 1 post GB flag

7:45 PM

Dave Iremonger:

I'm afraid that this is not the broadcaster's website (it's an independent help site). Personalty I agree with your sentiment. That said, there are links to the broadcaster's websites towards the top of this page. I noted that they have an on-line schedule there and it does state which series each of the episodes are from, unlike many TV listings or EPGs. On my set I can get programme info which often states the series and episode, whereas the EPG does not often give the same information. The EPG information is provided by the broadcasters so it may pay to contact them and pass on your comments. The more people that do this, the more likely something may change!

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Chris.SE's 4,240 posts GB flag
Friday, 20 March 2020

8:21 PM

Chris.SE: I had the data on this so thought I'd try to see what's going on.

In the midnight and one am slots, they have series 16 running and in the 10pm and 11pm slots, series 17 running.

Series 16 ends on Fri 13 Mar 00:55 so the next programme in the slot should be S17 Ep 1, which it is, but with the crid for series 7.

Then, on Saturday, they change the time slots to 9pm and 10pm ... at which point, I abandon any further attempt at logical analysis.

It must be very confusing for viewers.

They use crids R7I2R for series 6 and R7I2S for series 7, rather than for the slots the viewer is following.

Presumably, a PVR record would record every episode with the same crid.

A dump from my EIT program follows:
EIT date: Wed 11 Mar 02:31
service_name = "5 USA"
programme = "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit"
crid = "/R7I2R", series, dates:
Wed 11 Mar 00:55, S16 Ep 19
Wed 11 Mar 23:55, S16 Ep 20
Thu 12 Mar 00:50, S16 Ep 21
Thu 12 Mar 23:55, S16 Ep 22
Fri 13 Mar 00:55, S16 Ep 23

crid = "/R7I2S", series, dates:
Wed 11 Mar 22:00, S17 Ep 9
Wed 11 Mar 22:55, S17 Ep 10
Thu 12 Mar 22:00, S17 Ep 11
Thu 12 Mar 22:55, S17 Ep 12
Fri 13 Mar 22:00, S17 Ep 13
Fri 13 Mar 23:00, S17 Ep 14
Fri 13 Mar 23:55, S17 Ep 1
Sat 14 Mar 00:55, S17 Ep 2
Sat 14 Mar 21:00, S17 Ep 15
Sat 14 Mar 22:00, S17 Ep 16
Sat 14 Mar 23:00, S17 Ep 3
Sat 14 Mar 23:55, S17 Ep 4
Sun 15 Mar 22:00, S17 Ep 17
Sun 15 Mar 22:55, S17 Ep 5
Sun 15 Mar 23:55, S17 Ep 6
Mon 16 Mar 22:00, S17 Ep 18
Mon 16 Mar 23:00, S17 Ep 19
Mon 16 Mar 23:55, S17 Ep 7
Tue 17 Mar 00:55, S17 Ep 8
Tue 17 Mar 22:00, S17 Ep 20
Tue 17 Mar 22:55, S17 Ep 21
Tue 17 Mar 23:55, S17 Ep 9
Wed 18 Mar 00:50, S17 Ep 10
Wed 18 Mar 22:00, S17 Ep 22
Wed 18 Mar 22:55, S17 Ep 23
Wed 18 Mar 23:55, S17 Ep 11

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js's 827 posts SK flag

8:24 PM

Chris.SE: I haven't seen that. Can you give a specific example?

Quote: "On my set I can get programme info which often states the series and episode, whereas the EPG does not often give the same information."

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js's 827 posts SK flag
Saturday, 21 March 2020

11:30 PM


Hi js, it's certainly confusing, the way they do it!
Anyway, this is obviously for my LG and no doubt many similar sets, other brands may have similar options but I'm not rushing off to check!
First I should clarify that I was never absolutely certain which was actually the EPG, I decided that before posting I should actually check, which I have on another set. So a correction to what I said previously, the EPG appears to be the one that DOES give the series and episode (where it's been provided by the broadcasters).
There seems to be 3 ways to get information about programmes on this set, each starts with just the programme on screen (no channel numbers, menu bars or other data displaying).

1st there's the Programmes List - click the RH cursor arrow, select Programmes (Up cursor arrow if needed), click OK button. Move up or down through the list as required with the cursor up/down arrows/keys and then select "i" (RH cursor arrow) and click OK. This gives a "synopsis" of the programme. You can move back tom the list for that channel and scroll down to later programmes and look at the synopsis for them.

2nd, there's the TV Guide - pressing the Guide button on the remote - this is the one where you can select available catch-up programmes as well. The Guide seems to give the "synopsis".

3rd. When you change channel, you get the channel number & name in the top LH corner. When it's not showing if you press the OK button to get the moving cursor on screen, point it in the top LH corner and click OK twice, you get the programme EPG details. You can scroll up and down through the channels with the up/down keys and to the next programme using the Right cursor key (and back to previous with the Left cursor key). On the channel you are viewing for the current programme it also gives Mode details - SD/HD, Picture ratio, etc including programme Category.


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Chris.SE's 4,240 posts GB flag
Sunday, 22 March 2020

8:23 AM

Chris.SE: Ah, thanks for that Chris, I didn't mean to pressure you.

I was thinking you had maybe spotted some Extended Event Descriptors.

They can convey series and episode separately from the usual programme description.

Freesat transmits them but I'm not aware of any Freesat device that actually uses them.

I recall a report of them appearing on Freeview, Channel Five I think, ages ago.

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js's 827 posts AT flag

1:52 PM


No pressure!! Your message prompted me to check it out properly and also see what the User Guide said exactly. It does cover most things, but is not the most intuitive thing to go through.

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Chris.SE's 4,240 posts GB flag
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