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All of the free TV channels on Sky in the UK

Showing the free channels on Sky (no card) only

Below is a list of all the television and radio channels that you can watch in the UK using Sky (no card) only. Where a channel can be watched for free, the channel number is listed below. In addition, if you can watch (or listen) immediately online, press the button in the "web" column.

As some channels are exclusive to one service alone, you may need to get receive more than one service to get all the channels you want. The coverage for Freeview differs too - those channels not provided by the public service "Freeview Light" transmitters have italics numbers.

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High definition channels

webotherFreeview logo)Freesat from Sky logoFreesat logo
Channel 5 HDWatch Channel 5 HD 105105105
BBC One HD funded by the TV Licence 101115106
S4C HD wales flag funded by the TV LicenceWatch S4C HD 4134120
BBC Two HD funded by the TV Licence 102141102
BBC Four HD funded by the TV LicenceWatch BBC Four HD nighttime106nighttime143nighttime107
ITV HD england flagwales flag 103178111
STV HD scotland flag 103178111
UTV HD northernireland flag 103178111
Channel 4 HD 104227126
NHK World TV HD  507209
RT HDWatch RT HD daytime113518206
BBC News HD funded by the TV LicenceWatch BBC News HD 107570200
CBeebies HD funded by the TV LicenceWatch CBeebies HD daytime124daytime624daytime601
CBBC HD funded by the TV LicenceWatch CBBC HD daytime123daytime633daytime600
Arirang World HD  690 

Main TV channels

webotherFreeview logo)Freesat from Sky logoFreesat logo
BBC One funded by the TV LicenceWatch BBC One 1101101
BBC Two funded by the TV LicenceWatch BBC Two 2102108
ITV england flagwales flagWatch ITV 3103103
STV scotland flag 3103103
UTV northernireland flag 3103103
Channel 4 england flagscotland flagnorthernireland flagWatch Channel 4 4104104
Channel 4 (Wales) wales flag 7104104
BBC Four funded by the TV LicenceWatch BBC Four nighttime9nighttime116nighttime110
ITV 2Watch ITV 2 6118113
ITV3Watch ITV3 10119115
ITV4Watch ITV4 24120117
ITV +1 england flagwales flag 33131112
STV+1 scotland flag 33131112
UTV+1 northernireland flag 33131112
Channel 4 +1 13135121
E4 england flagscotland flagnorthernireland flagWatch E4 28136122
E4 (Wales) wales flagWatch E4 (Wales) 28136122
E4 +1 29137123
More4Watch More4 14138124
More4+1  139125
4sevenWatch 4seven 47140127
BBC Alba scotland flag funded by the TV LicenceWatch BBC Alba 7nighttime142nighttime109
Challenge 46145146
CBS Reality 66146135
CBS Reality +1 67147136
CBS Action 64148137
CBS Drama 71149134
pick 11152144
Really 17155160
Drama 20158158
Spike 31160141
Pick +1  163145
Challenge +1  164147
5 USA 21174129
My5 nighttime54nighttime175nighttime133
5STAR 30176131
Channel 5 +1 44177128
ITV Be 26179118
ITV 2 +1 nighttime27180114
BEN  182 
True Drama  183153
True Entertainment england flagscotland flagnorthernireland flag 61184142
True Crime +1  186152
BET  187140
Propeller  189 
5STAR+1 55190132
Irish TVWatch Irish TV  191400
ITV3 +1 34193116
truTV 68198154
OH TV  199 
My Channel  203 
ITV4 +1 62206155
ITV Be +1 58207119
Showcase  212161
Voxafrica  218 
5USA +1 56219130
AIT International  232 
ABN TV  235 
Home and Leisure  237 
Property TV  238 
Food Network 41248148
Travel Channel 42249150
Food Network +1  250149
Travel Channel +1  nighttime251nighttime151
Horse and Country TV  253 
Holiday and Cruise  256 
Fashion One  257411
Showcase TV +1Watch Showcase TV +1  261 
Forces TV  264652
ShowBiz TV england flag 80266157
Tru TV +1 69271 
Film4Watch Film4 15315300
Film4 +1 45316301
Horror Channel 70319138
Horror Channel +1  320139
True Christmas 1  322303
Movies4Men 48325304
Movies4Men +1 england flag 50326305
Nollywood Movies  329 
Talking Pictures TV 81343306
VIVAWatch VIVA 57353511
Box UpfrontWatch Box Upfront  359 
The BoxWatch The Box  360509
Box HitsWatch Box Hits  361 
Kiss TVWatch Kiss TV  363508
MagicWatch Magic  364510
Chart Show TV england flag 75365500
The Vault  366501
Scuzz  367 
Kerrang! TVWatch Kerrang! TV  368 
Vintage TV 82369 
CHILLED  370512
Starz TV  371504
Chart Show Dance  372502
Flava  374 
NOW Music (XMAS)  378513
Clubland TV england flag 89383514
Channel Aka  385515
Heart TV england flagWatch Heart TV  387506
Capital TV england flagWatch Capital TV  388507
Frontrunner 91468250
Sky NewsWatch Sky News 132501202
Bloomberg TV  502208
BBC News funded by the TV LicenceWatch BBC News 130503212
BBC Parliament funded by the TV LicenceWatch BBC Parliament 131504201
CNBC  505210
CNN International  506207
EuroNews  508 
CCTV NewsWatch CCTV News  510211
France 24 English  513205
Al Jazeera English  514203
CNC English  515 
PBS America  534156
Yesterday 19537159
CommunityWatch Community daytime63539651
Blaze 83565 
CBBC funded by the TV LicenceWatch CBBC daytime120daytime613daytime607
CBeebies funded by the TV LicenceWatch CBeebies daytime121daytime614daytime608
Tiny Pop 126617605
CITVWatch CITV daytime122daytime621daytime602
Tiny Pop +1 england flag 129625609
Pop +1 england flag 128626 
Kix  627604
B4U Music  781503
BBC Red Button 2 funded by the TV Licence  982 
BBC Red Button 3 funded by the TV Licence  983 

Local TV channels

webotherFreeview logo)Freesat from Sky logoFreesat logo
True Crime † 60185143
True Christmas † 74321302
Kix † 127629 
Radio stations marked ◊ do not broadcast 5pm-midnight in scotland Scotland on Freeview

Radio stations

webotherFreeview logo)Freesat from Sky logoFreesat logo
Sky News RadioListen to Sky News Radio  0000 
BBC Radio 1 funded by the TV LicenceListen to BBC Radio 1DAB FM/AM◊7000101700
BBC Radio 2 funded by the TV LicenceListen to BBC Radio 2DAB FM/AM◊7020102702
BBC Radio 3 funded by the TV LicenceListen to BBC Radio 3DAB FM/AM◊7030103703
BBC Radio 4 funded by the TV LicenceListen to BBC Radio 4DAB FM/AM7040104704
BBC Radio 5 Live funded by the TV LicenceListen to BBC Radio 5 LiveDAB FM/AM7050105705
Classic FMListen to Classic FMDAB FM/AM7310106721
Absolute RadioListen to Absolute RadioDAB FM/AM7270107724
talkSPORTListen to talkSPORTDAB FM/AM7230108731
Capital FMListen to Capital FMDAB FM/AM7240109719
PlanetRockDAB 0110730
HeartListen to HeartDAB FM/AM7280111733
LBCListen to LBCDAB FM/AM7320112734
Radio XListen to Radio XDAB FM/AM 0113723
Capital XtraListen to Capital XtraDAB FM/AM 0114720
BBC World Service funded by the TV LicenceListen to BBC World ServiceDAB FM/AM◊7100115711
BBC Radio Scotland scotland flag funded by the TV LicenceListen to BBC Radio ScotlandDAB FM/AM7190116712
BBC Radio Wales wales flag funded by the TV LicenceListen to BBC Radio WalesDAB FM/AM7190117714
BBC Radio Ulster northernireland flag funded by the TV LicenceListen to BBC Radio UlsterDAB FM/AM7190118716
BBC Asian Network funded by the TV LicenceListen to BBC Asian NetworkDAB FM/AM7090119709
BBC Radio 6 Music funded by the TV LicenceListen to BBC Radio 6 MusicDAB7070120707
GoldListen to GoldDAB FM/AM 0121722
WRN English  0122 
LBC London NewsListen to LBC London NewsDAB FM/AM 0124 
Smooth radioListen to Smooth radioDAB FM/AM7180128732
Solar Radio  0129 
Panjab Radio  0130 
BBC Radio 4 Extra funded by the TV LicenceListen to BBC Radio 4 ExtraDAB7080131708
BBC Radio 1Xtra funded by the TV LicenceListen to BBC Radio 1XtraDAB7010137701
TWRListen to TWR FM/AM 0138790
BBC Radio nan Gaidheal scotland flag funded by the TV LicenceListen to BBC Radio nan GaidhealDAB FM/AM◊7200139713
BBC Radio 4 LW funded by the TV LicenceListen to BBC Radio 4 LW  0143710
BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra funded by the TV LicenceListen to BBC Radio 5 Live Sports ExtraDAB7060144706
Smooth ExtraDAB 0146 
EWTN Radio  0147 
Sukh Sagar Radio  0150 
Radio Khush Khabri  0151 
BBC Radio London england flag funded by the TV LicenceListen to BBC Radio LondonDAB FM/AM7210152718
BBC Radio Cymru wales flag funded by the TV LicenceListen to BBC Radio CymruDAB FM/AM7200154715
RTE Radio 1  0160750
RTE 2FM  0164751
RTE Lyric FM  0165752
RTE Raidio na Gaeltachta  0166753
Desi Radio FM/AM 0169 
KissDAB FM/AM7130178 
MagicListen to MagicDAB7150180 
Liberty Radio  0186 
Absolute 70sListen to Absolute 70sDAB 0188 
Absolute 80sListen to Absolute 80sDAB 0200726
Absolute 90sListen to Absolute 90sDAB 0201 
Jazz FM  0202729
Absolute Classic RockListen to Absolute Classic RockDAB 0203 
Kanshiradio  0205 
Rainbow Radio  0207 
NewsTalk  0210 
BFBS RadioListen to BFBS RadioDAB FM/AM 0211786
UCB Ireland  0214 

Streamed TV and text

webotherFreeview logo)Freesat from Sky logoFreesat logo
Keep It Country TV 245389 
SkyText  501 
BBC Red Button 1 funded by the TV LicenceWatch BBC Red Button 1 200981 

High definition shopping

webotherFreeview logo)Freesat from Sky logoFreesat logo
Record Europa HD  801 
+ TV HD  853 

Other TV channels

webotherFreeview logo)Freesat from Sky logoFreesat logo
Wellbeing Network  252 
Bike Channel  464 
NDTV 24x7  511 
RT 135512 
TVC News  517 
Arise News  519 
TVC News +1  572 
Channels 24  575213
Times Now  576 
News 18  577 
God TV  580694
Revelation  581692
TBN UK 65582 
Daystar TV  583691
Inspiration TV  585690
Loveworld TV  586 
Gospel Channel  587 
The Word Network  588 
EWTN  589 
Faith World TV  590 
KICC TV  591 
BelieVe TV  592 
Olive TV  593 
Sonlife TV  594695
Flow TV  595 
Hillsong Channel  597 
Pop 125616603
QVCWatch QVC 16650800
JML Direct  651806
The Jewellery Channel 49652809
GR Shop  653804
Ideal World 22654812
Gems TVWatch Gems TV 43655805
Tristar  656 
Retail Therapy TV  657 
High Street TV  658816
Best Direct  659 
The Store 39660808
Ideal ExtraWatch Ideal Extra  661810
High Street TV 2  662 
Hochanda 85663817
Jewellery Maker 76665807
High Street TV 3  666 
TV Warehouse  667 
QVC BeautyWatch QVC Beauty 35668801
Pavers Shoes TV  669 
Thane  670815
V Channel  671 
Rocks and Co 40672814
Create and Craft daytime23674813
Craft Extra  675811
The Department Store  676 
The Mall  677 
QVC StyleWatch QVC Style 36678803
The Craft Channel 88679818
Phoenix CNE  785 
Colors  786 
MTA International  787 
Zing  789 
Prime TV  792 
MATV National  793 
Abu Dhabi TV  794 
Lamhe  795 
TV 5 Monde  796 
Rishtey Cineplex  797 
DM Global  799 
Hidayat TV  800 
ARY News  802 
PTV Global  803 
ARY QTV  804 
Venus TV  805 
Islam Channel  806693
Geo  807 
Sony SAB TV Asia  810 
ABP News  811 
Noor TV  812 
Peace TV  813 
Channel S  814 
PTC Punjabi  815 
Geo Tez  816 
Geo News International  817 
Aaj Tak  818 
Iqra TV  819 
Ummah Channel  820 
Bangla TV  821662
Rishtey 77822661
Glory TV  823 
Brit Asia TV  824 
Iqra Bangla  825 
Ahlebait TV  826 
ATN Bangla  827 
Madani Channel  828 
Sikh Channel  829 
Peace TV Urdu  830 
Ahlulbayt TV  831 
Samaa TV  832 
Channel I  833 
Takbeer TV  834 
Sangat TV  836 
Aastha  837 
NTV  838 
Sky News Arabia  840 
TV 99  842 
Akaal Channel  843 
Hum TV  844 
British Muslim TV  845 
Safeer TV  847 
TV One  849 
Dunya News USA  850 
Islam Channel Urdu  851 
UK 44  854 
Al Arabiya  855 
Eman Channel  857 
GayNetwork  872 
Chat Box  873 
Psychic Today  886 
Ahomka Radio  0185 

Where Local TV broadcast

webotherFreeview logo)Freesat from Sky logoFreesat logo
QVC ExtraWatch QVC Extra  673802

Adult channels

webotherFreeview logo)Freesat from Sky logoFreesat logo
Playboy TV Chat  902 
Babestation 174906870
Babestation Daytime Xtra  908 
ADULT Babestn2 177909 
Studio 66 TV 1  912 
Xpanded TV 3  914 
Storm Babes TV  939 
Studio 66 TV 2  940 
Studio 66 TV 3  941 

Thursday, 5 January 2017
5:46 PM


I live in bs21 North Somerset menudo transmitter. Exactly how many channels should I get on free view. I have 139 currently.

link to this
Blue's 1 post GB
6:45 PM

Blue: If you have that many channels you are receiving a main transmitter (most likely Mendip or Wenvoe if you are seeing Welsh channels). Unless you have duplicates from another transmitter then with 139 channels tuned you are probably receiving everything available. If you can receive all the channels listed below (one from each multiplex) then you will be able to receive all the others:

1 - BBC One (PSB1)
3 - ITV (PSB2)
7 - Local TV station (if you are within coverage of one) (Local Mux)
10 - ITV3 (COM4)
11 - Pick (COM5)
18 - 4Music (COM6)
101 - BBC One HD (PSB3 - DVB-T2 tuner required)
107 - BBC News HD (COM7 - DVB-T2 tuner required)
55 - 5Star+1 (COM8 - DVB-T2 tuner required)

link to this
StevensOnln1's 331 posts Gold Gold GB
Friday, 6 January 2017
4:12 PM


If you are in North Somerset, we can't be sure as you have not given the required full post code, then you may well be receiving from the Mendip full service transmitter. If that is the case then you are getting all the channels transmitted, there are no others available unless you use Freesat or Sky.

link to this
MikeP's 1,235 posts Gold Gold GB
Saturday, 14 January 2017
Bill Stewart
4:06 PM

What is the catch with FREESAT ? - I currently have an HD subscription with SKY with the entertainment package. I also have the film package but could live without that. What costs are involved with FREESAT if I gave up my SKY subscription.

link to this
Bill Stewart's 1 post GB
5:32 PM

Bill Stewart: A Freesat box will give you 200 or so free to air channels for a one off cost of buying the box (from ?171 if you want a box that records). It reuses your existing dish and cabling so you can set it up yourself without needing an engineer/installer to visit.

link to this
StevensOnln1's 331 posts Gold Gold GB
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