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Tuesday, 7 April 2015
Martyn Skynne
8:55 PM

Re: Jesse Ventura Military Mind Programming Sunday the 04 th April 2015.

The American Government financed the creation and use of mind programming within the American Military Personnel. Similar American Government financed emotional mind programming appears to have been introduced into the British Public Services by Margaret Thatcher's Government.



The Information Many Public Service Providers Do Not Want The Public to Have!

( During the cold war the USA government/security services commissioned mercenary practitioners to develop a form of single and/or mass population mind control. It is thought that during the time of Margaret Thatcher's government part of the system was used within the UK, it is possible during the time of Tony Blair's government that parts of the system was introduced into the British Public Services. By preferring applicants with higher education qualifications, which would increase the number of people who would have the required psyche codes and or EAD's, by placing subliminal questions into employment application forms, by using parametric test, test which the applicant should or fail it has been possible to analyse the applicants psyche codes and levels of emotional intelligence. The screening would reveal how compliant an applicant would be to undertaking particular types of actions which could cause harm or loss of life to one or more people, which would be the collateral damage caused by the employers expectations. [ the system runs on an almost parallel to the 1960's Stanley Milburn experiment where ordinary passive people were conditioned to kill people they did not know without suffering remorse]). The unethical use of profiling people for their lack of emotional intelligence, and employment by positive transference combined with their will to be compliant in return for personal gains, including public service pensions subsidised by low income tax payers, has meant that groups of public service providers have been put in place who suffer tunnel vision and positive transference and who as individuals and as a collective will pursue the most damaging actions against other people, without being fully aware that they are acting in an adverse manner. Some public service legal investigative, judicial processors and law enforcement procedures have been discreetly and unlawfully constructed to create unjust outcomes whilst appearing to be independent processes.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is an individuals capacity to understand and control their emotions and recognise and manage those of others so that they and others around them can be as effective, productive and healthy as possible at work, home, play, in nurturing child care, personal and environmental healthy development. It is the awareness of and ability to manage one's emotions in a healthy and productive manner, to ensure that one does not cause another person unnecessary harm. To seek nurturing solutions to assist another person to develop ways of creating or continuing a healthy and productive life, to enable other people to have happy times and happy memories and the ability to have adequate resources with which to create a secure life until the time of an natural ending.


A person's thoughts are guided by emotional instinct, (emotional sensory awareness). Every person is born with an psyche (mind, body and spirit) code, which provides us as individuals with skills, strengths and weaknesses. The even spread of psyche codes with adequate emotional sensory awareness within any person is essential to the wellbeing of the human race.

Human Intelligence is guided by emotions, the emotions play a far greater role in thought, decision making and emotional and congruent personal success than many people realise.

Natural factors appear to have disrupted the even spread of psyche codes, (emotional sensory awareness) within many individuals and with-in society. The escalation of Emotional Abandonment Disorders combined with some people with particular types of inborn psyche codes having lower levels of emotional sensory awareness means that those people are unknowingly less sensitive to other peoples feelings and needs and are more likely and able to fill the void within their solar plexus, (often created by the lack of emotional fulfilment due to their parents being physically and or emotionally absent and having failed to emotionally nurture their children), with the psychological fulfilment of gaining material possessions and controlling positions.


Emotional Disability
and the Potential Subliminal Profiling of Government/Authority Administration Employees

Reduced or damaged emotions are known as an emotional disability.
A person suffering emotional disability is a person also suffering impaired psychological abilities, ( psychological processes cannot operate effectively if they are not adequately guided by undamaged emotional sensory awareness. Emotional Disability combined with the inborn ---- or ---- psyche code grouping can render victims to pursue many extremely open and or discreet acts of personal gain at the expense of any other person, fail to consider the other person's emotional needs. The emotional impairment can also guide the victim to take undue personal and financial risk and often suffer an inability to think in an diverse manner.

Emotional disability combined with the ---- or ---- psyche groupings could explain why some of the UK's Key Decision Makers and Public Servants impose acts of injustice or inequality on individuals and the population, whilst pursuing self serving acts of personal gain and have allowed the potential cloning of more senior British Administrative Public Servants and other Key Decision Makers.

Potentially one or more British Governments appear to have used Subliminal Surveillance Information Gathering to create psychological/emotional cloning of many senior Administrative Public Servants/Key Decision Makers. Creating varying degrees of almost undetectable misconduct within Public Services ranging from discrimination against members of the public and incompetence, to creating miscarriages of justice, extreme financial losses and unnecessary loss-of-human life; multiple acts of discrimination by providing many public service workers with indexed linked pensions and early retirements, paid for by the Tax Payers when many of the tax payers cannot provide for their own retirements. ( Discrimination can only be avoided by providing all people with the same work related pensions and benefits, in return for each person working/contributing to the best of their abilities).

The Injustices caused by the potential cloning of many British Administrative Public Servants/Key Decision Makers also works as a recruitment instigator via transference and or conditioning for social discontent/unrest, criminal and terrorist causes.


When groups of people with similar Psyche Codes and or Emotional Abandonment Disorders come together Perceptual Clusters and Perceptual Hierarchies are created.

When Perceptual Clusters and Perceptual Hierarchies are created the essential benefit of diverse emotional and even psychological intelligence is lost, often there is no diversification of thought, an almost undetectable insensitivity/reduced social conscience and transference, leading to tunnel vision and potential injustices.

If public service employers are able to access and use psyche code information obtained from public servants without the public servants knowledge, there is reason to suspect that the misuse of other peoples personal information obtained via various subliminal information gathering techniques will also be misused. ( When it is possible to subliminally access a persons psyche, it becomes possible for some people by various means to by-pass banking and internet security defences).

Many people are concerned at the use of CCTV cameras invading their privacy, they may not be aware that their personal psyche code information can be collected by subliminal information gathering and used against them.


Perceptual Clusters

A Perceptual Cluster is a group of people who share the same or very similar psyche sensory awareness codes. In reality they are almost virtual psychological/emotional clones of each other. It is only their physical appearances and life conditioning which might differ.

Many Public Services appear to be over populated by key decision makers and some lower level administrative and other staff who have the ---- or ---- Psyche Sensory Awareness codes which can be combined with degrees of emotional disability.

The psychological/emotional cloning of people is a dangerous practice because it creates perceptual clusters, which are almost or fully void of any means of diverse thinking, feeling or acting, it can also ensure ineffective communications, misunderstandings and almost undetectable injustices/miscarriages of justice. Issues which could have been resolved by emotional intelligence can rapidly escalate into bitterness, aggression and even unwarranted litigation or loss-of-life.

Perceptual Hierarchies

Perceptual Hierarchies are groups of people who have controlling managerial tiers, which consist of people who have similar or the same Psyche Sensory Awareness Codes (subject to conditioning by from birth to present day life experiences).

Whilst there could be some differences caused by some people having greater authority and increased personal resources, the internal psychological/emotional processes will have similarities. ( Often it will be life conditioning and or transference which will be a major contributor to the way the Hierarchy has been created).

Some Jobcentre Plus Officers/Managers with close to relevant Psyche Codes have for many years failed to acknowledge they were escalating child and teenage promiscuity and violence by separating main caring parents from their children, by escalating EAD and by forcing people to pursue acts which where not compatible with their wellbeing. In reality some Jobcentre Plus Officers/Managers placed their personal gains before the welfare of the children, the public and police officers who have all been placed at risk.

Many people of the ---- and ---- sensory grouping have an discreet inborn subconscious self preservation over driver, an almost undetectable me first instinct, (they can be discreet predators). When someone threatens their comfort zone many will save themselves first or close ranks to ensure their self preservation. There is no reason why they will not falsify information being provided to their employers or anyone else, if it enhanced their personal gains. ( This is a scenario related to many of the people who created the banking crisis, who knew they where creating a disaster but who placed their personal gains before the wellbeing of society and industry, in passive ways they were social psychopaths, people who would harm other people without feeling remorse, if it would increase their personal gains).

The more senior the Public Servant or Key Decision Maker is the greater the possibility that they are an extreme ---- or ----, with or without EAD, reduced emotional intelligence, ( they can be discrete predators) which means they discreetly put their personal gains and security before the well being of their employers and those who work under them, the service users and the public. People who form Perceptual Clusters and Perceptual Hierarchies have similar instincts and traits, many will knowingly and unknowing collude with each other in return for any form of power, financial gain or protection. Official Collusion places members of the public at risk.

Transference (can help or destroy a person)

Transference is an unconscious illusion, which develops in regard to the other person, one which, unbeknown to the subject, represents, in some of its features, a repetition of a relationship towards an important figure in the person's past. Transference may be positive, loving, even erotic and such transference can be helpful in supporting personal well-being without causing any harm to others. Positive Transference can create collusion and be the reason for favours being placed with another person, even when that person is not deserving. It is why many ideal job applicants are refused employment and not ideal job applicants receive employment.

Everyone should be aware of the work of Dutch Psychiatrist Dr. Anna A. Terruwe who in the 1950's brought to the public's attention Emotional Abandonment/Emotional Deprivation Disorders. Many of the wide spread problems we experience today have been created by people suffering from Emotional Abandonment/Emotional Deprivation Disorders.

British Governments have failed to have the cause and affects of Emotional Abandonment/Emotional Deprivation Disorders put into the National Curriculum which would enable future generations to protect themselves from Emotional Abandonment/Emotional Deprivation Disorders. Emotional Abandonment/Emotional Deprivation Disorders are the most destructive force known to mankind.

Would someone like to make a programme on how selected British Public Servants are incapable of making ethical decisions and will carry out the most destructive of instructions against members of the British Public in order to increase their personal gains.

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