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Pleased to say everything has gone OK for me with the added bonus, I think, of BBC1 East Midlands and others in the 800s.
One thing I noticed though is that I have no red button operation on 50 BBC1 HD.
Is this correct.

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Sure I have seen the problem with a solution somewhere on ukfree but cannot find it so here goes.
Since the switchover at Belmont I get the message "new channels found" each time I switch on.
As well as Belmont my receiver is also picking up Sandy Heath but I have set it
for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.
Any advice on how to get rid of this message please.

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I cannot understand why the licence payer has to fund the World Service.
Surely this should come from government.

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It was with dismay that I have read some of the comments.
In my opinion the licence fee is value for money even with the few progs I watch.
I have just given up my cut price £20 pm, which is £240 py, subscription to Sky Sports as I did not consider it value for money even at that price.
Are these the sort of prices we want from the BBC.
Whilst I agree they have some serious overstaffing caused by the old boys network
the present position is caused by politcal dogma.
Why should the cost of the propaganda World Service come out of the licence money as the present goverment insist it should.

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Strange position found yesterday.
Signals from Belmont.
Some channels with No Signal message showing, one being Film 4, on Panasonic tv
but all channels received on Panasonic Freeview recorder.
Did a rescan on the tv but with no change.

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Thank you Briantist
I did another rescan on the TV earlier and noted Film 4 was back.
I kept an eye on the rescan and even though it went right to the end of the scale it did not pick up anything beyond Ch 60.
Did I read your notes correctly that there is now nothing from Belmont above Ch60 since switchover.
As I say my confusion arose as the Freeview recorder sat below the TV had the progs that were missing on the TV and I feared a fault with it.

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A friend in Worthing has postcode BN11 2NN. Which will be his transmitter please.

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Tuesday 24 April 2012 10:28AM

Not sure if this is the right place for this query but unable to find where it should go.
My tv at home, when being tuned, shows a tuning scale up to 68.
However my caravan tv set only shows 48.
I have only just noticed this but last year when in the caravan site below the Crystal Palace transmitter I tuned in and got the Freeview channels but then they went blank and I could only get the analogue channels.
I only need the BBC and ITV main channels in the caravan so what I would like to know is there any region of the UK where I would not recieve these channels assuming that they are above the 48 tuning point.
I am on Belmont at home and am not sure if any channels from there are above the 48 tuning point to test the set out.
Any advice welcome. Thanks

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Thursday 26 April 2012 12:24PM

Thank you for the replies.
I brought the tv indoors from the van and retuned it.
My worry was that as the caravan tv was showing 48 on the tuning scale as against 68 on the home tv I would not get channels numbered above 48.
However watching the retune I saw it tune to channels up to at least 60.
So what exactly is the number on the end of the tuning scale.
After the retune however only Belmont BBC1 and 2 were in the correct places with 3 4 and 5 breaking up.
The Belmont ones were found in the 800s.
How on earth can a tv select a wealer signal over a good one.
The problems I had at Crystal Palace was due to the fact that I had unknowingly tuned in without the aerial lead plugged in but got good reception.
I then retuned with the lead in and amplifier off and got no programmes.
The tv by the way is a Mobile MTV15DVDT from Grade UK.
THanks again for your replies

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Wednesday 18 July 2012 9:24PM

I was very interested to read your answer to Bernie on
Saturday 14 July 2012 11:42AM re TV's No1 HDMI socket usually has an auto-switch sensor because it seems to explain what happens to me.
When watching Freeview on the TV it will suddenly switch over to Freesat even though the box is swiched off.
It is of no great concern as I simply switch back to TV but could you say if this is normal or might I have a problem with the HDMI 1 socket on the tv.

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