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Pontop Pike (County Durham, England) Full Freeview transmitter
Saturday 15 September 2012 10:28PM

Len Maughan:
All Freeview HD broadcasts begin (on full power and on their final frequency) at the second stage of the switchover, 26 Sept.
As you will see at the top of this page,
Pontop Pike will be transmitting the BBCB (HD) multiplex on Channel 49.
You will not therefore be able to receive any Freeview HD programmes until you have retuned once more on
26 Sept.

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Ladder Hill (Derbyshire, England) Freeview Light transmitter
Wednesday 26 September 2012 12:47AM

Ask your neighbour which local news service they receive on BBC1 and ITV1. That will give you an idea of which transmitter they are receiving their signals from.

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Adam Analogue,

Using a group A aerial for Belmont and a group C/D aerial for Waltham, I'm receiving the 'Comux-local TV' test transmission colour bars on Ch.26 from Waltham at 30% signal strength and between 40% and 60% signal quality.
I live in Calverton, Notts.

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Gordon @ Picture Perfect.

Thank you for your interest.
My (oldish) aerial arrangement (A and C/D) allows me to receive all the available channels (including Nottingham Local tv. - currently test transmission colour bars on ch 26), from either Belmont or Waltham, so I'm quite happy.

My earlier comment was really in reply to Adam Analogue's posting of 18 January when he was querying the signal quality of Notts tv. on ch 26.

Regards, J.

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Iain Davies:
The test transmissions showing old US programmes on the Bonanza channel (it used to be on the Sky line-up a few years ago) also started from Waltham yesterday.
Here in Notts., Test 1 is still showing colour bars whilst Test 2 is showing Bonanza programming (including adverts!).
Both Test 1 & Test 2 are being broadcast on Ch. 26 (514.00 MHz) with no interference.
Iain, I can't understand though why you're receiving Ch.64 because that's no longer used for tv. Your local relays at Ilchester Crescent and Kings Weston Hill will both use Ch. 30 and Mendip Ch. 51

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Hi Briantist and Iain D,

The 'Bonanza channel' programmes seem to be showing in their entirety on Ch.792 as Test 1, which from Waltham, also appears on the Freeview EPG.

Test 2 (colour bars) is coming up on 811 but doesn't show on the EPG (presumably because there are no programmes!).

There's nothing on EPG Ch. 64 here.

Does 'Bonanza' actually broadcast anywhere in its own right?


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Further to my earlier postings, Waltham (as Mendip) is now broadcasting 'BonanzaBonanza' on EPG 64 (it no longer states Local tv Test').
It was showing the usual old US programmes on Friday evening plus an hour of Teleshopping.
Comux - Local tv Test 1 (colour bars) is on 811.

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Michael Plevin:

To give you some idea of the coverage of Bay tv from the Storeton transmitter, click on the 'LL' box shown on the map above. You will see that it is quite a limited area directed towards L'pool itself.
Try a manual retune on channel 30 and if you can receive 'BonanzaBonanza' on EPG 64, then you should be able to receive Bay tv when it starts.

You could also look at the page for Winter Hill and click the 'LLH' box on the map; that will show the approx. coverage for Bay tv from that mast.
Again, do a manual retune of channel 56 to see if you can receive anything there. You never know!

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The 'Nottingham Post' last week reported that 'Notts TV' will be on air from 4pm on
27 May 2014.

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Kathy Comerford:

You're in the BBC West Midland region, so on Freeview it's doubtful that you would be able to receive BBC West. (No BBC West region transmitters serve the Cheltenham area.)
All BBC regions (including West) are available to you by Sky and Freesat.

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