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As a slight aside, this page gives a list of devices that should get ITVX, updated periodically.…LbSi

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]Unfortunately there are several updates which the site owner has "pending" we think!

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Steve May:

Which stations do you find that have poor reception?

The Lichfield transmitter only has the Local Multiplex on Block 10B: 211.648 MHz and you may struggle a bit with reception of that perhaps in eastern parts of Uttoxeter, but a full postcode would help check.

You should have good reception of all the main multiplexes BBC National on Block 12B: 225.648 MHz; D1 National on Block 11D: 222.064MHz; and SDL National on Block 11A: 216.928 MHz.
These will come from main transmitters at Sutton Coldfield, Copt Oak (nr Loughborough), Alsagers Bank (Stoke on Trent), but maybe also Mapperley Ridge (Nottingham), and Waltham for 12B.

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Steve May:

Forgot to add that you will be limited in which stations you get on the National Commercial multiplexes if you only have a DAB receiver instead of DAB+ (DAB plus) as a lot of stations now use that mode of transmission.

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Barry Holme:

Yes, a full postcode is needed for us to be able to help with advise regarding your reception.

Having logged into iPlayer to look at the News category last night, I see that all regions are now available, not just your own. My only gripe is that they should have a full week's worth available, not just the last 24hrs.

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Frank Barrow:

Yes, it's current weather conditions providing some Tropospheric Ducting/Temperature inversion which allows interfering signals from distant transmitters in Europe or the UK to be received which degrade your own signal if you are in a weaker signal area.

I'm afraid it's the last thing your should do, trying to reset everything/retune when you have pixellated pictures or no signal - whether it be due to transmitter faults/maintenance or weather conditions. In most cases it will just clear your correct tuning and as you won't know when signals become adequate/normal you may have to retune several times to restore normal tuning.

If your aerial has its rods (or squashed Xs) horizontal pointing at compass bearing 114 degrees (~ESE) for the Stockland Hill transmitter, then the commercial multiplexes may be weaker than the main BBC/ITV/C4/C5 ones, but it all depends where the interference comes from, it's usually frequency dependent and doesn't often affect all multiplexes.
if the rods are vertical pointing at compass bearing 230 degrees (~SW) at the Tiverton relay, you may not be as vulnerable but will only get the main PSB multiplexes and not the commercial ones as those aren't broadcast from this "light" relay transmitter.

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Petronella Ellis:

Classic FM is carried on the D1 National Commercial multiplex Block 11D: 222.064MHz but that is not transmitted from the Poole transmitter, but from the Nine Barrow Down transmitter near Studland.
As you haven't given a full postcode, it's difficult to give definitive reception advice, but it could most likely be current weather conditions that sometimes comes with high pressure and is periodically affecting Radio and TV reception across different parts of England and Wales at present.
For an explainer, see…sure
If it's a transmitter fault or maintenance, I'm afraid little to no information is available for commercial multiplexes.

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Durris (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) DAB transmitter
Friday 10 February 2023 12:00AM

Rob Wraith:

Hi. Although you've posted on the DAB page rather than the Freeview transmitter page, there are no warnings or faults listed there, nor can I find any listed elsewhere.

All 3 PSBs are broadcast with the same power, 100kW at Durris. The 3 COM multiplexes are broadcast at slightly lower power 50kW.
For which TV channels are carried on which multiplex, see Channel listings for Industry Professionals | Freeview

Whilst you are in a slight valley with a hill between you and the transmitter, you are still predicted to get good reception of the 3 PSB multiplexes, but poor/variable reception of the 3 COMs. There is a Local multiplex but you are not predicted to receive it.
Your aerial should be pointing at compass bearing 200 degrees (almost SSW) with its rods (or squashed Xs) horizontal.

You mention a masthead amplifier which is maybe because you are in a slightly awkward spot but if you get too much signal this can have a similar effect to not enough.
How old is the installation?

Can you check in your TV Tuning section and look for Signal Strength and Quality (or BER/Error) figures, where you find them varies from set/brand to brand, you might find them under Signal Test or Manual Tuning etc.
Post the figures for each multiplex's UHF channel.

Check you are correctly tuned to the UHF channels for Durris, the 6 main multiplexes are on UHF channels C28, C25, C22, C23, C26, C30 that's in multiplex order -
A group "A" aerial would best to receive all those but the Local multiplex is on C41 and you'd need a group "K" (a Group T or wideband might do) if you were to stand any chance of getting the Local multiplex (which I doubt).

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