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Freeview modes - a simplified explanation | Freeview news
Sunday 13 November 2011 12:54PM

John Stubberfield: You might need to move the aerial to a better spot. I have a loft aerial myself and I can honestly say that I had never experienced break-up before switchover. For a number of years I only ever watched digital transmissions.

Since then, I've moved it so that it is further away from the roof felt with quite a degree of success. I should point up that my signal strength on my Sony is very good.

I can appreciate that this sort of thing is frustrating because it happens so infrequently. You get the stepladder out and go up into the loft, move it and it looks fine. Then days later it plays up!

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C21 (474.0MHz) after switchover
Sunday 13 November 2011 4:15PM

Jamesh76: If it's in the bedroom and there's a socket in another room, such as the lounge, then I'd take the TV to it and tune it in.

Can you ascertain as to whether there is a TV aerial connected to the socket in question? Perhaps trace where the cable runs and check that it is connected properly within the socket.

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Diagnostics - old version
Sunday 13 November 2011 5:40PM

Katie Flavin: Please provide your post code as it will help suggest a possible solution. Also, is the aerial on the roof? Are there other TVs or set-top boxes that do work in the house?

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Freeview reception - all about aerials | Installing
Sunday 13 November 2011 5:50PM

mike: Which channels are you missing?

The switchover was only BBC channels. The rest switch on 23rd.

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Mandy: Have you managed to tune in the other Freeview channels? Are you using a rooftop aerial?

When manually tuning the HD channels, it is C63.

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Mandy: Assuming you're using a rooftop aerial, then disconnect all other items from the TV. If the aerial goes into the Sky box and then out, for example, to another box and then out of that into the TV then do the following: Connect the TV's aerial connection straight to the incoming aerial lead so it doesn't go via the Sky box and anything else you may have under your TV. Then try tuning the TV.

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jason: That multiplex that carries ITV3 among others is on lower power than the rest. On 23rd November its power will be increased to its final level so try retuning on or after then.

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anne: What do you have connected to your aerial? A TV maybe? A digital box (recorder/PVR).

What are the makes and models of these devices?

I am thinking that the reason could be that your device is tuned to the wrong transmitter. An explanation of this is here:
Digital Region Overlap | - independent free digital TV advice

If you say what models you have, I might be able to pull up the instructions for them and guide you as to how to check they are tuned correctly.

Also, what transmitter is your aerial pointing at? A quick look of your road on Google Streetview shows most on Emley Moor. (DN31NJ)

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Site colour code improvements
Sunday 13 November 2011 10:00PM

Richard: I had a look around on Google Streetview at Church Road and Stow Road and well, you appear to be in a bit of a regional TV no man's land!

I found a number of houses on Waltham (Central), some on Sandy Heath (Anglia, but not local Anglia) and some on Belmont (Yorkshire/Lincolnshire). Some houses have two aerials, each on different transmitters.

When I saw that it said "King's Lynn" below your name, I thought that the answer's easy because there is a relay of Tacolneston in King's Lynn. However, you're 12 miles away from it!

I suspect (and I'm not an aerial installer and I don't know the local terrain), based on what I've just seen, that what you can and cannot get might vary house by house.

Putting your post code into the Digital UK predictor doesn't give really sparkling results on any transmitter, although from what I understand this might be some sort of average over the whole area that that post code covers:

Postcode Checker - Trade View

So you might be best advised to put in your house number in as well and see what you get.

If you're lucky, you *might* be able to get Tacolneston (or King's Lynn). Certainly for BBC after switchover, KL looks good. (It's a predictor...what you can actually get depends on what you can actually get!) But really they're the only two that will give you the news you want.

It is also the case that Tacolneston is now taller and the equivalent digital signal is stronger than the analogue one was (is).

I note that there are quite a few bungalows which by their nature have lower rooves which will obviously mean the aerial will be lower, probably reducing the choice.

As I say, I not an aerial installer. That's my six penith as a technical bod. (DN31NJ)

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