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Saturday 26 November 2011 11:26AM

Bobbie Cox: Are there channels numbered 800 and over?

Look at those channels (800 upwards) and see if there is an ITV3 in there.

If so, you might be tuned to another transmitter.

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Saturday 26 November 2011 11:53AM

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Floyd: Belmont was previously a Group A transmitter (in the days of four-channel analogue). The use of C53 and C60 make it a wideband "group" one (or a Group A diplexed with a Group C/D).

Have your group A aerial replaced? You may have had it replaced in order to get Channel 5 on analogue or some of the pre-switchover digital services as they were not in Group A.

See here:

Belmont TV Transmitter

For an explanation about aerial groups see here:

Aerials, TV Aerial and Digital Aerial

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floyd: When I wrote the above I'd assumed that the power had been increased. I've just read the Digital UK installer's newsletter on the Belmont switchover:….pdf

At the top of page 4 it says that the power for these muxes is due to be increased on 28th November.

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This week's commercial multiplex changes
Saturday 26 November 2011 7:31PM

theoldun: If you're receiving from Sandy Heath (118deg from your location), then try manual tuning to Ch52 (if your receiver allows you to).

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John: If the problem with your uncle's TV is caused by a filter, then it might be worth considering what channels previous services were on and whether your uncle every successfully received those services.

Ch 44 and Ch 41 were used for analogue and are now used for digital. Ch49 and Ch 54 were used for digital pre-switchover. Ch 63 can't be picked up by many people.

Did your uncle have digital before switchover? If so, then 49+ was used for BBC and 54 was used for what it's used for now.

For the friend's house, try carrying out the procedure outlined at the top of this page on the M&S box. Then take it to another TV aerial socket that feeds one of the other TVs and try it.

Also, is this an old box? Could it be on the list of those that fall victim to the mode changes at switchover?

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