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Andy: You mentioned that some channels appeared in the 800 range. This happens when they are duplicated because the reciver has picked up the same channel twice. This occurs where signals from more than one transmitter are picked up. For example, ITV1 is picked up and put on logical channel number 3. Your receiver finds another and puts in the 800s.

Crucially what this tells me is that you're in a location where you can pick up more than one transmitter. Unfortunately receivers don't always pick the right transmitter.

The fact that you are getting break-up and no signal suggests that your receiver has picked the wrong transmitter. It could be that it's picked the wrong transmitter for some channels or for all channels.

If you are conversant with manual tuning, then try it if your receiver allows.

If you would like some help with this, then I'm happy to help you. If so, then can you post your receiver's model number and your post code. The post code will help with pinpointing what other transmitters you could be picking up which might help with the composition of a workaround.

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Steph Harris: What is the signal strength showing on the channels you have?

If you have a signal booster, remove it.

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Andy: You need to see which UHF channels your TV has tuned to. These are usually shown on the screen that shows signal strength/quality.

If they are not correct, you will have to do manual tuning. It varies between models as to how easy this is (if at all).

In some cases the auto-tune scan can be run with the aerial lead unplugged where the unwanted channels are on one part of the TV spectrum.

Unfortunately Sudbury and Tacolneston's multiplexes are all mixed in together:

41 Sud D3&4
42 Tac SDN
44 Sud BBC A
45 Tac ArqA
47 Sud BBC B (HD)
49+ Sud SDN
50 Tac ArqB
54 Sud ArqA
55- Tac BBC A
59- Tac D3&4
62 Tac BBC B (HD)
63 Sud ArqB

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Diagnostics - old version
Saturday 26 November 2011 3:27AM

Allen Stuart: Could it be your aerial lead that is at fault? Can you swap it for another?

So your communal aerial system provides you with sockets in two rooms?

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Jim: When you connect the Magic Eyes directly to the Sky box, are you plugging them into RF Out 2 (rather than RF Out 1 or Aerial In) ?

When you connect the Magic Eye directly to the box, don't connect the cable that serves other rooms and try it.

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J Dagless: Prior to switchover, different channels were transmitted at different powers, which meant that the different signals reaching your comunal aerial were at different levels.

It is possible the aerial system has been setup to amplify those weaker ones more so as to bring them up to the same sort of level as the stronger ones.

For example, Channel 5's analogue signal was lower than the other four analogue ones and perhaps the system was setup to amplify this one more than others. Clearly such a system needs attention now that the broadcast signals are of the same level.

On 9th November the frequency that previously carried BBC2 analogue was replaced by the BBC digital signal. Only on Wednesday 23rd did the multiplex you're having difficulties with appear on the scene.

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Johnc: Neither of those devices have HD tuners in!

The Humax PVR-9150T does not even have a HDMI socket on the back which is a bit of a giveaway.

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