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By providing a full postcode (such as W1A 1AA), national grid reference (for example SE123456) or latitude, longitude pair (like 54, -0.5) this page will provide a map, terrain plot and detailed information of the location showing the UK and RoI television transmitters that it is possible you receive Freeview, Freeview HD, Youview, BT Vision and Saorview from.

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UK Free TV uniquely shows you transmitter coverage maps, aerial to transmitter terrain plots, the closest 10 mobile phone masts (for possible 4G-at-800 interference) as well as tabulated information (sorted by direction, by received signal strength, by frequency, by service names or by transmitter name).

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These predictions are based upon a rooftop aerial and depend on the suitability of the aerial, the distance to the transmitters, the power of their signals, the postcode area, and local terrain.

Wednesday, 29 July 2020
Stuart Swaine
5:35 AM

Chris.SE: I have had problems with my Freeview since last March when they changed all the channels for 5G. I get no local channels, HD is up and down and sometimes goes off. Signal Quality is weak. Amplifier does not work. It's just rubbish reception at the moment. I am supposed to receive BBC Yorkshire but my communal aerial now picks u more North East channels.

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Stuart Swaine's 13 posts GB

10:05 AM

Stuart Swaine:

If you are on a communal aerial, you need to get on to the building management who are responsible.
From some of your more recent comments, it's unclear as to which aerial you are using. You've talked about "your own" as well as this "communal" aerial.
Which way are each of them pointing (compass bearing as accurate as you can be)?
Are the aerial rods vertical or horizontal?
Which way are other aerials in the neighbourhood pointing? Have there been any changes that you can see to other aerials since the 12th February?

In your TV's tuning section, exactly which UHF channels is it tuned to for each multiplex?
You say the HD channels are "up & down", are these numbers 101-105 in the EPG or are you talking about 106/107?

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Chris.SE's 1,538 posts GB
John Williams
10:18 PM

Many free view channels, including bbc1, become heavily pixilated with loss of sound many times a day. The aerial is on the chimney of our bungalow. There is a large house within 25ft 100deg (E) of us.
We have had no reception problems before this year. We have been here for more than 50 yrs.

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John Williams's 2 posts GB
John Williams
10:32 PM

The aerial is set in horizontal orientation, the televisions have been re auto tuned many times in frustration with the poor reception. The aerial has been taken down and serviced with new coax cable with very little improvement.

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John Williams's 2 posts GB
Thursday, 30 July 2020

5:06 AM

John Williams:

I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that there will be quite a few spots around Saundersfoot where Freeview reception could be "troublesome". Depending on location you might be able to receive several transmitters or have a very limited choice!

So we need to know which way your aerial is pointing - the fact that it's horizontal polarisation is good information. Is it pointing at ~ bearing 76 degrees (~ENE) or nearer ~bearing 101 degrees (fractionally S of due E), or even a couple of degrees E of due N. I'm assuming you are picking up a Welsh transmitter and not an English one from Devon or elsewhere.

Also, to look at the predicted reception we need a full postcode.
If you know what aerial you have and whether it's a wideband or "grouped" (does it have a coloured bung in either end), roughly how old it is? You mention an amplifier, is it a splitter serving several rooms as well? Is it a mast-head or an internal one?

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Chris.SE's 1,538 posts GB
Tuesday, 4 August 2020
Steve H.
7:16 PM

I've returned Ariel is on the roof., reset and updated software but to no avail. Cannot get com7 channels BBC News HD, BBC4 HD.
Postcode is TS15 9RU & signal is saying its strong. I take it its out of my control and my location thsts the issue?

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Steve H.'s 1 post GB

11:42 PM

Steve H.:

Your location is fine, you even have a choice of two Tyne Tees main transmitters!
I would expect your aerial to be pointing at the Bilsdale transmitter fractionally S of SE (bearing 144 degrees) and getting a Local multiplex on UHF C30 with the Middlesbrough local station at LCN7 in your EPG.

If however it's pointing fractionally N of NW (bearing 324 degrees) at the Pontop Pike transmitter, you'd get the Newcastle local station, multiplex on C33. Also Pontop Pike was on Planned Engineering last week with "Possible weak signal".

It's possible your set's memory needs clearing, I'd suggest you do a retune as follows -
Unplug the aerial and do an automatic retune which should clear all previously stored channels as nothing should be found. Switch the set off for at least 10 minutes.
Plug the aerial back in, switch on and don't let it do an auto-retune if you have a manual tune option.

If you're getting Bilsdale, the UHF channels are C27, C24, C21, C43, C46, C40, C55, C30
If it's Pontop Pike, the UHF channels are C39, C42, C45, C32, C34, C35, C55, C33
both in the order PSBs 1-3, COMs 4-7, Local.

For which programmes/channels are on which multiplex, see

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Chris.SE's 1,538 posts GB
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