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TVs and boxes that do not support the 8k-mode

Here is the list from Digital UK of boxes and sets that will not receive Freeview after switchover is complete

Here is the list from Digital UK of boxes and sets that will no
published on UK Free TV

If you use one of these to watch Freeview, or are hoping to after switchover happens in your region, you will need to get a new Freeview box at switchover.

ONdigital/ITVdigital branded set top boxes

Nokia Mediamaster 9850T; Pace DTR730 and DTR735, Philips DTX6370, DTX6371 and DTX6372; Pioneer DBRT200 and DBRT210, Sony VTX-D500; Toshiba DTB2000.

If you have any of these you will need to recycle it and get a new box.

Freeview branded set top boxes

Fusion FRT100*, Pace DTVA-T "Wedge Adaptor", DT210F*, Samsung SIRU200i (Without M suffix).

Freeview, ONdigital and ITV branded integrated digital television sets

Alba ONdigital sets, Bush ONdigital sets.

Hitachi 28WDDODTN, 32WD40DTN and D36W840DTN; Panasonic TX-28DT2, TX-32DT2, TX-28DT30*, TX-32DT30*, TX-36DT30*, TX-36DT35* and TX-32DH40*; Philips 28DW6734, 32DW6834, 32DW9625, 28DW6557* and 32DW6557*.

Sanyo CE28DFN1-B, CE32DFN1-B, CE28DFN2-B, CE32DFN2-B, CE32DFN2BK-B, CE28DWN1-B, CE28DFN3-B-00, CE32DFN3-B-00, CE30LD3-B,CE30LD3BK-B, CE27LD3-B, CE23LD4-B, CE23LD4W-B, CE27LD4-B, CE27LD4BK-B, CE32LD4-B, CE32LD4BK-B, CE27LD5-B and CE32LD5-B.

Sony 28DS60, 32DS60, 28DS65, 32DS65, 28DX20, 32DX20, 28DX30, 32DX30, 28DS20, 32DS20, KP41DS1, KP51DS1, KP51DS2, KP41DS1, KP51DS1, KP51DS2, KD28DX40*, KD32DX40*, KD32DX100*, KD32NX100*, KD32NX200*, KD36NX200*; Toshiba 28WT98B, 32WT98B, 28ZT29B, 32ZT29B, 36ZT29B, 42WT29B, 50WT29B and 57WT29B.

All these sets can be upgraded - contact the supplier (numbers below) to add a Freeview box to the set.

Boxes that do not support both 2k and 8k modes

Some boxes are having problems during switchover supporting both modes at the same times:

  • Sharp TU-R160H
  • Humax 9200T
  • Thomson DTi 1000

The workaround appears to be to add the "8k" channel manually (C62 for Selkirk, for example) and then to do this procedure after switchover is complete: My Freeview box has no EPG, is missing Film4, Channel 4+1, no sound on ITV3 or the channel line up is wrong - - independent digital television and switchover advice, since 2002

This is on top of the boxes that could not cope with the changes to the Network Information Table (NIT): Daewoo DS608P, Labgear DTT100, Triax DVB 2000T, Portland DP100 and these VCR/STBs: Daewoo SV900, Bush IDVCR01

Helpline numbers

  • Alba 0871 230 1777
  • Bush 0871 230 1777
  • Daewoo 0870 100 2525
  • Hitachi 0870 405 4405
  • Humax 0870 247 8800
  • Nokia 0845 045 5555
  • Pace 0870 120 1910
  • Panasonic 0800 169 3012
  • Philips 0870 900 9070
  • Pioneer 0330 123 1240
  • Sharp 08705 274 277
  • Sony 08705 111999
  • Thomson 01443 220220
  • Toshiba 0115 976 6958

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Friday, 28 September 2012
5:03 PM

Hi Dave, Tv went into auto setup after power off, I removed the ariel during digital channel search after finding some channels and powered down only for it to enter auto setup again. I powered down during setup this time but it still goes to auto setup once powered on. I did not do factory reset during any of this!

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Ken's 11 posts GB flag
Dave Lindsay

5:12 PM

Ken: I wouldn't be too concerned about not having the latest firmware. Newer firmware is brought out to fix faults. It depends whether any of these "faults" are acting to your detriment.

In any case, I'd be surprised if there is anything that can be done with regards updating it, officially at least.

It appears that you "may" be able to pick up signals from the relays at Shotleyfield and Newton. These use low channels and Pontop Pike uses high ones, so they could potentially be picked up and your TV might decide to use them as the "main" ones instead of Pontop Pike.

To avoid this possibility, run the automatic tuning scan with the aerial unplugged for the first 50%.

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Dave Lindsay's 5,724 posts GB flag
Dave Lindsay

5:17 PM

Ken: Whenever working on a problem like this, it is important to change something. Perhaps carry out a factory reset and then do it again.

This time, now we know that you are receiving from Pontop Pike, have the aerial unplugged for the first 50%, then plug in and unplug once it's found the first one.

If it still performs a retune on startup, then do a factory reset again, but this time attempt to get all Pontop Pike's channels tuned. Again, avoid Newton and Shotleyfield by unplugging the aerial for the first 50%, then plug in and leave it in.

If that doesn't fix it, then I'm all out of ideas. Others more knowledgeable than myself will hopefully be along soon.

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Dave Lindsay's 5,724 posts GB flag
5:24 PM

Dave it is only the last 45 - 50 % of the tuning that picks up the channels also my ariel points to Pontop Pike (not sure if that matters?)and always thought Shotleyfield stopped.... We live in a valley and always had Shotleyfield as transmitter but for digital our ariel had to be turned to Pontop (I can see Shotley transmitter from my house yet Pontop is quite a bit further away).

Most times on setup it does not find "Dave", sometimes when it does we don't receive BBC1 or 2 however, after a couple of tunes we can get them all BUT regardless of whether we get all channels or not it contimues to go to setup on power on!

I have tried removing ariel after factory reset yet it still adds channels as "Unknown".... I will try as you suggest with the ariel unplugged for the last part of search.
Thanks again.

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Ken's 11 posts GB flag

5:27 PM

Ken: I assume you have tried "shipping condition" in the setup menu?

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Michael's 358 posts GB flag
Dave Lindsay

5:39 PM

Ken: If it is only picking up channels during the last half of scanning, then it isn't picking up Shotleyfield so there is probably nothing to be gained from unplugging the aerial (as there is nothing to avoid).

The fact your aerial is pointing the opposite way and opposite polarisation is probably enough to mean that Shotleyfield is not picked up.

If you have a set-top aerial and you can site it in site of the Shotleyfield transmitter, then you could perhaps, as a test, see if it will tune in to that.

Shotleyfield is a small relay and like many others only broadcast analogue prior to switchover. Those who could not re-align their aerials on Pontop Pike would have had no Freeview until switchover.

After switchover these relays only carry Public Service (PSB) channels, so you will probably want to keep with Pontop Pike if you can. Thus, those who cannot receive from anything other than one of these relays get only PSB channels.

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Dave Lindsay's 5,724 posts GB flag
6:06 PM

Hi Dave and thanks again, I really appreciate your help. I have done a factory reset and left ariel out on first part of search but once again upon power on setup is started. I have done as above with the ariel out during last part of search but channels are found as Unknown. It is only the latter 50% of search which collects channels!

Leaving ariel out for first part of search got me all channels but again upon power on starts searching again.

It's been a fantastic tv but at £2,500 you would expect it to be, sad that it does not see me through the digital changeover and will certainly think twice about spending that much on a tv again!

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Ken's 11 posts GB flag
6:10 PM

Hi Michael yes I am making a habbit of doing that before anything just in case. Sorry I have been calling it factory reset but it is in fact Shipping Condition!

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Ken's 11 posts GB flag
6:15 PM

Habit* I have seen posts regarding Software update which have fixed problems with missing channels on this model, although nobody mentions the auto tune at power on. Can only hope an update helps.

Thanks again for all the help.

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Ken's 11 posts GB flag

11:54 PM

Ken: Although I have not had any dealings with your model its to my belief that this constant auto tuning is a feature (albeit dubious!) of this model and cannot be turned off, ie: not one of Panasonic's best idea's as it shows a decided lack of foresight with regards to how their equipment is used in real life situations.

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag
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