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Changes to feedback page

Changes to feedback page
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For the last six years, I have answered many thousands of personal emails that you have sent to UK Free TV.

Sadly, I am unable to offer this personal service at the moment.

Until I can restore this service, please can you leave any questions you have on an appropriate page, where they will be answered as soon as possible, or below, if you can't figure out where to ask.

I look forward to your questions!

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Thursday, 21 February 2013

11:12 AM

Radio Geordie: The information about that mux has not yet been posted by Ofcom. It will appear automatically when they publish it.

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Briantist's 38,915 posts GB flag
Tuesday, 26 February 2013
Bill R
4:30 PM

Hi - just moved house a couple of miles into Tring. Plugged in my TV and did the 'first time installation' bit as recommended. It's saying my signal from Sandy Heath transmitter is 'very good' but it's only installing less than half the channels - no Film4, ITV4, 4Music, 5USA etc. Tried the installation a few times. I appreciate that the obvious answer is 'buy a bigger aerial' but can't see why that would be case is signal is strong. Any help/advice welcome.

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Bill R's 2 posts GB flag
Bill's: mapB's Freeview map terrainB's terrain plot wavesB's frequency data B's Freeview Detailed Coverage
Dave Lindsay

4:54 PM

Bill R: I am not so sure that you need to buy a "bigger" aerial.

For Sandy Heath, COM channels are outside of the former analogue aerial Group A. Therefore you will need a wideband aerial for Sandy Heath.

The COM channels carry the likes of ITV3, ITV4, Pick TV, Film4 and Dave. From Sandy Heath they uses UHF channels (frequencies) that are higher up than the former analogue ones. Consequently, former analogue aerials may need replacing because they are most sensitive on lower channels only.

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Dave Lindsay's 5,724 posts GB flag

5:42 PM

Bill R: Just to add to that said by Dave Lindsay, you should also ensure that the aerial you are using is actually facing Sandy and not the Oxford transmitter which is approximately 10 miles closer, this latter station indicated as providing a slightly superior signal on the reception predictor.

The other point to note being that Sandy's commercial channels radiate on 10 Kw under the level of the PSB channels.

Sandy : 30 miles / 37 degrees.
Oxford : 21 miles / 268 degrees.

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag
Wednesday, 27 February 2013
Di Gailor
1:38 AM

I seem to have lost all the channels such as itv 3, qvc and the usa channel 5 networks. They were there ear
Ier this evening, but have now gone. I have unplugged the device, disconnected the aeriel and reconnected and re-tuned, the oxford freeview transmitter is reporting no faults. I have a freeview recorder and all the other channels seem to be fine. Any suggestions please?

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Di Gailor's 1 post GB flag
Bill R
10:17 AM

Bill R: To Dave L and jb38 - thanks for taking the time to reply. A local aerial engineer has basically confirmed what you said and is testing the signal tonight. Looks as if I'll have to shell out for a wideband aerial (for the delights the 'Jewellery Channel' 'Gems TV' etc!)

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Bill R's 2 posts GB flag
Bill's: mapB's Freeview map terrainB's terrain plot wavesB's frequency data B's Freeview Detailed Coverage

5:09 PM

Bill R: Thanks for the update, but with regards to having a new wideband aerial fitted, although this is undeniably the best thing to do (provided not of the so called high gain variety) I feel that I should say that if the channels were being received earlier on in the evening then its most likely that they still will be there, but though with them sitting at a level that's slightly under the threshold level required to resolve a picture on your receiver, and in cases like that a simple in line variable booster (such as Argos 534 / 4235 @ £11.99) should lift them up enough to restore them.

You can verify this for yourself by going into your TV or boxes "manual" tuning menu and entering Ch48 (mux used by Sandy's Film 4 etc) but do NOT press search or scan, because as soon as you enter the mux number the signal strength should be shown, make a note of the level seen then carry out the same procedure again but on mux Ch51 (ITV3 / 5 USA etc) and noting the level as before, finally use the procedure again on Ch52 (Pick TV / Dave etc), if the results of comparing the three levels only reveals fractional differences between them this is the type of situation that boosters are usually successful in.

Purely for information purposes, listed below are the mux channels used by each station.

Sandy: 27 - 24 - 21(HD) - 51(ITV3) - 52 (Pick TV) - 48 (Film 4)

Oxford: 53 - 60 - 57(HD) - 62(ITV3) - 59 (Pick TV) - 55 (Film 4).

Argos item number: 534 / 4235 (£11.99)

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag
Thursday, 28 February 2013
Gareth Lewis
3:47 PM

On the sky HD box there are slots for USB and satta but they do not appear to be connected.Is there a way to be able to record onto a sum memory stick or a satta hard drive or do we need to wait till sky deem us to use this facility.Thanks .

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Gareth Lewis's 1 post ES flag
Peter Heath
5:28 PM

I have a Toshiba TV that receives all channels correctly with the exception of Channel 24. In spite of re-tuning the channels it does not appear on the list. Two other sets in the house(working from the same aerial)receive Channel 24 without any problem. Any Advice?

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Peter Heath's 1 post GB flag
Friday, 1 March 2013
Richard Baguley

2:32 PM

Posted this via another page but it doesn't appear here so here goes again.

BBC FM Radio from Tacolneston ceased stereo transmissions about 30 minutes ago - and just came back.

Any idea why?

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Richard Baguley's 85 posts GB flag
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