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5th June 2013 retunes for Devon and Cornwall

As part of a rolling programme in the regions that experienced the early digital switchovers, some viewers on the Cornwall, South Devon and parts of Dorset will need to retune on Wednesday. However, viewers of some relays must not retune.

As part of a rolling programme in the regions that experienced
published on UK Free TV

The original plan for digital-only television services had created a set of cleared (unused, for resale as 4G) frequencies in the range C31 to C40, and a smaller one in the C63-C68 range. However, to align the frequencies with the rest of Europe and to provide the mobile internet companies with more desirable frequencies the allocations were changed - see Digital Dividend - changes to the 800MHz band.

In the regions that switched-over after the decision was taken, the new frequency plan has been used. In the regions that switched before, viewers will have to perform one more retune.

This week, on Wednesday 5th June 2013, viewers of the Beacon Hill, Caradon Hill and Redruth transmitter groups will see another minor Freeview change.

Beacon Hill, Caradon Hill and Redruth transmitter and transmitter group

There are no channel changes at the main transmitters (Beacon Hill, Caradon Hill and Redruth) except Beacon Hill where PSB1 moves only from C60+ to C60.

The PSB1 (or BBCA) multiplex carries: 1 BBC One South West, 2 BBC Two England, 7 BBC Three, 9 BBC Four, 70 CBBC Channel,71 CBeebies, 80 BBC News, 81 BBC Parliament, 301 301, plus 12 others.

At the relay transmitters listed below, the following changes will happen during the day.

PSB2 has 3 ITV (West Country), 4 Channel 4 South ads, 5 Channel 5 Part Network ads, 6 ITV 2,13 Channel 4+1 South ads, 14 More 4, 28 E4, 33 ITV +1 (West Country); PSB3 carried the Freeview HD service which is 101 BBC One HD (England no regional news), 102 BBC Two HD (England), 103 ITV HD (ITV Meridian Southampton), 104 Channel 4 HD South ads.

Beaminster: PSB1 C62- to C50 3.8W to 15W PSB2 3.8W to 15W PSB3 3.8W to 15W
Beer: PSB1 C62- to C50 3W to 4.8W PSB2 3W to 4.8W PSB3 3W to 4.8W (afternoon)
Bincombe Hill: PSB1 C62- to C50
Brixham: PSB2 C50 to C40 (midday)
Budleigh Salterton: PSB1 C60+ to C60-
Crediton: PSB3 C50 to C40 (afternoon)
Dawlish: PSB1 C62- to C48 PSB2 C59 to C52 (afternoon)
Helston: PSB2 C61 to C49 (midday)
Ivybridge: PSB2 C49+ to C40 (midday)
Kingskerswell: PSB1 C62- to C50 (midday)
Liverton: PSB1 C62- to C50 (afternoon)
Looe: PSB3 C50 to C40 (midday)
Lostwithiel: PSB3 C50 to C40 (midday)
Mevagissey: PSB3 C50 to C40 (afternoon)
Modbury: PSB1 C62- to C50 (afternoon)
Newton Abbot: PSB2 C50 to C40 PSB2 C50 to C40 (midday)
Newton Ferrers: PSB1 C62- to C50 (afternoon)
North Hessary Tor: PSB1 C62- to C50 (afternoon)
Pennsylvania: PSB2 C61 to C56
Penryn: PSB1 C62- to C50 4.4W to 11W PSB2 4.4W to 11W PSB3 4.4W to 11W
Plymouth Weston Mill: PSB3 C49 to C39 (afternoon)
Plympton: PSB2 C61 to C49
Port Isaac: PSB1 C62- to C50 (afternoon)
Praa Sands: PSB1 C62- to C50 10W to 25W PSB2 10W to 25W PSB3 10W to 25W
Preston: PSB1 C61 to C52 (afternoon)
Rampisham: PSB3 C50 to C40 (afternoon)
Slapton: PSB1 C60 to C60- (afternoon)
Southway: PSB1 C62- to C50 (midday)
St Austell: PSB1 C62- to C50 (midday)
Truro: PSB2 C61 to C49
Widecombe In The Moor: PSB2 C50 to C56 (midday)

Notes about retuning

If you are not on the list, you should scan your box from around 6am.

When you now rescan, you MUST do a "first time installation" or "factory reset" scan (sometimes called "shipping state"), not a simple "add channels". Do the procedure you did on "national retune day", September 30th 2009, see Freeview Retune - list of manuals.

If you can't recall the procedure or find the manual, please see generic clear and rescan procedure.

Some people may find problems with the newly allocated frequencies - if so, please see Single frequency interference.

Cable and satellite

Cable (Virgin Media) and satellite (Sky, Freesat, fSfS) viewers are not affected by the changes. Remember, however, that you may be using analogue TV to watch on a second or third set and it might need a Freeview box.

Next to change

The next changes are on 24th July 2013

Collafirth Hill: PSB3 C49 to C39+
Keelylang Hill: COM6 C49 to C39+ PSB3 C50 to C40+
Scalloway: PSB1 C62- to C50
Swinster: PSB1 C62- to C50
Weisdale: PSB2 C61 to C49

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Thursday, 6 June 2013
4:12 PM

We are in the Beaminster area of Dorset and have not had any BBC chanels since yesterday...have spoken to DigitalUK..they said there was a probelm reported..that was last night at 7.30pm...have been trying to call Radio & television Investigation services all day at 1/2 hour intervals..the wedsite just says an 'issue' with relay station at Beaminster..getting angry now!

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John's 10 posts GB flag
John's: mapJ's Freeview map terrainJ's terrain plot wavesJ's frequency data J's Freeview Detailed Coverage
Dave Lindsay

5:43 PM

John: Thanks for sharing your anger with us. This is an independent technical advice site which is aimed at helping viewers to resolve issues.

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Dave Lindsay's 5,724 posts GB flag

5:53 PM

John: R+T says the mast was off air for 20 minutes yesterday for a scheduled upgrade.

The power increased from 3.8W to 15W and BBCA moved from C62- to C50 which means YOU HAVE TO RETUNE.

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Briantist's 38,910 posts GB flag
Tuesday, 11 June 2013
Andy Fraser

9:01 AM

Will a retune be necessary for Beacon Hill where PSB1 moves only from C60+ to C60?

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Andy Fraser's 53 posts GB flag

9:35 AM

Andy Fraser: No retune is required.

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Briantist's 38,910 posts GB flag
Wednesday, 12 June 2013
11:58 AM

We did all the retunes we could...default etc..still says only 21%signal now on chanel 50 which BBC is supposed to have changed to!Have managed to actually speak to someone at the BBC and they have started an inquiry into the matter!If it is our communial ariel..who pays for it to be retunred to ch50 as it is BBC that have 'sold' ch62 to G4?Seems unfair that we would have to pay..I am also contacting the licence people as we must be due a refund too as it has been over a week now...until monday it did state that there was a problem with the Beaminster relay station!getting really fed up with only 8 ITV channels!!

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John's 10 posts GB flag
John's: mapJ's Freeview map terrainJ's terrain plot wavesJ's frequency data J's Freeview Detailed Coverage

12:14 PM

John: If you have a communal aerial it may need to be adjusted by the owner, especially if others on the same aerial are having problems picking up the BBC channels - check with neighbours if you can.

You won't get a refund on your TV licence as you have still been operating television receiving equipment to watch live TV.

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Michael's 358 posts GB flag
Dave Lindsay

12:17 PM

John: As you have said, you are using a communal aerial system. You have therefore identified what needs to be done: contact the party responsible, e.g. landlord. It has been a week now and if no one has bothered to do this the result may be nothing gets done.

Moaning to the BBC is a waste of your time and its time and therefore a waste of Licence Fee payers' money. The BBC has not "sold" the spectrum, that was done by the Government.

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Dave Lindsay's 5,724 posts GB flag
Monday, 15 July 2013
1:47 PM

Near enough every day our tv signal goes off for 2,3 or even 4 hours or more. my mother inlaw is disabled and sits in front of the tv for 10 hours a day and relies on tv to eleviate her boredam. It always goes off at a cruitial moment in the middle of a long awaited programme with no warning. this is not acceptable. when digital tv first started we were told all crutial updates and maintenance repairs would be made after midnight to avoid daytime distruption. yet for the past 2 months we have experienced bad distruption, during the day and for hours on end. As we hardly ever have a tv signal, i think its about time we all got licence refunds.

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M.Gibson's 1 post GB flag
M.Gibson's: mapM's Freeview map terrainM's terrain plot wavesM's frequency data M's Freeview Detailed Coverage
Dave Lindsay

2:34 PM

M.Gibson: The symptoms would seem to suggest some local interference. In cases where the start and end times are always the same then a device that is electronically timed may be the cause.

If you are interested in resolving the issue then it might be worthwhile making enquiries with neighbours, to see if their Freeview reception is affected in the same or similar manner. I emphasise that this probably won't be affecting those who view TV via satellite (Freesat/Sky).

Payment of the TV Licence permits television receivers to be used in the applicable property. It does not give any guarantees of reception, nor does it provide for assistance resolving reception issues.

On this site we look to offer help to work to resolve issues. Speak to your neighbours and see what they say. You can always come back here with your findings and we may be able to make some suggestions as to how to proceed.

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Dave Lindsay's 5,724 posts GB flag
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