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Digital UK on Freeview HD channel numbers: "we can not do that, sorry"

In a recent consultation, Digital UK asked which channel numbers they would like the Freeview HD channels to appear on. The answer was as easy as one, two and three...

In a recent consultation, Digital UK asked which channel number
published on UK Free TV

As I am sure you will know, if you have purchased yourself a Freeview HD box or TV, the actual HD channels are all sat together at the end of the guide, starting on channel 101.

This compares somewhat favourably to the seemingly random numbers provided on some other digital platforms.

However, when the public were asked "where would you like to find HD channels", the answer came back a resounding "on the normal channel numbers please".

So, is Digital UK going to do this? No.

The problem is that the existing Freeview HD services are not directly replacements for the standard definition channels, as I covered recently in I've got an HD TV ... why can't we have high definition channels in place?.

BBC One HD currently existing in three versions that are suitable for "substitution", the versions for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

BBC Two HD is currently the English version, so can be substituted only in England.

ITV has 17 standard definition versions, only four of which are in HD: Granada, Central West, Meridian East and London. Outside these areas in England, no substitution could be made.

STV has 4 standard definition variants, but one HD service: Central West, so only Glasgow could be switched automatically.

UTV is OK; it has one SD version and one HD version.

Channel 4 has 6 SD versions, but one HD version: the London (advertisements) service.

Digital UK will reconsider the introduction of substitution late 2014 or early 2015.

For more, see Statement on proposals for the Freeview HD genre and on amendments to Digital UK's LCN Policy Published: 7 August 2013.

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Sunday, 11 August 2013
Ian from notts

1:32 PM

David- cheers for getting the sarcasm ha ha

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Ian from notts's 253 posts GB flag
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Ian from notts

1:37 PM

Rob, David- the general idea of HD is for the best picture quality, To get that an then stretch it so it fits the screen defeats the object?
Also, You can put HD on as often as you wish but, If it was filmed in SD (or black n white)It will be screened in SD (or black n white)

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Ian from notts's 253 posts GB flag
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2:41 PM

Ian not understanding, movie film is HD quality I would have thought.

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David's 306 posts GB flag
Monday, 12 August 2013
Ian from notts

7:29 AM

David- I don't know the film "the French line" or how old it is but if it wasn't in widescreen for TV showing then HD should revert it to 4/3 scope. BBC2 SD should do the same if the TV picture settings are set at "auto" rather than 16/9

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Ian from notts's 253 posts GB flag
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Brian Wright

7:39 AM

Ian ,not quite.

Any quality transmitted on the HD system will be better quality than the transmitted poor bit rate on Freeview SD. The motion smoothness and the edges when panning shots are present is so much better especially human faces.
Older Film & VT programs recorded the last 20 years which are classified as SD when it leaves the studio will look great when transmitted on HD but when viewed on Freeview SD large screen TV quite poor.

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Brian Wright's 77 posts GB flag
9:12 PM

Can BT sports chns 58/59 be transmitted with a youview box without BT infinity,but with copper wired broadband. Thanks

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Drew's 20 posts GB flag
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Tuesday, 13 August 2013
Mike Dimmick

1:46 PM

Drew: No. BT are only offering it to Infinity subscribers on YouView. Infinity still uses copper cables from the roadside cabinet to the home, but the fibre connection is extended from the phone exchange to the roadside cabinet. This means that the run of copper is much shorter, so much higher speeds can be offered.

The channels are being broadcast over-the-air for old BT Vision boxes, for those who aren't in an Infinity-enabled area. Those boxes have a slot for a decoder card that decrypts the transmissions. YouView deliberately left the decoder card slot out of the specifications - the intention is that over-the-top pay services will all be delivered over the Internet.

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Mike Dimmick's 2,486 posts GB flag
Friday, 16 August 2013
5:26 PM
Whitley Bay

Woodface: Sorry for the delay been on nights.

I have a Panasonic DMR-HW100 Freeview+HD box.

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Stoddy75's 2 posts GB flag
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Wednesday, 6 November 2013
Martin H
11:08 PM

Sorry I'm late in finding this thread, going back to David's post regarding the film "The French Line", according to IMDB this film was released in a ratio of 1.66:1 or, in figures we might use for TV these days, 15:9.

Freeview SD despite being nominally Widescreen format is in fact a 4:3 (or 12:9) ratio picture stretched to 16:9 (rectangular pixels), the Freeview system was designed to accomplish automatic switching of ratios within your TV or set-top box in response to a flag in the digital transmission nominating the signal as either 4:3 or 16:9 as appropriate.
The HD specification, however, is a native 16:9 format (with square pixels) and only ever intended to be shown on a 16:9 screen, any source material not in 16:9 would need to have curtain bars (usually black) added before transmission.
The end result might be subtly different pictures being transmitted.

I've had a look using a BBC internal resource and compared the two transmissions made on 8/8/2013 (SD and HD) and I have to say both appeared to be transmitted in 4:3 ratio.

One possible explanation for the difference David saw might be how David's SD receiver was set to switch aspect ratios on that day such as to overscan a 4:3 picture, the HD receiver would simply show what was transmitted on the HD channel.

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Martin H's 2 posts GB flag
Friday, 20 February 2015
5:57 PM

I have just bought a Freeview HD receiver which I have connected to my computer monitor.My monitor is full HD 1080p and I can now receive all the Freeview HD channels.All well and good. But can anyone tell me why I cannot watch, for instance, Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid which is currently showing on Film4, in HD? It is advertised in my TV guide as being braodcast in HD yet my receiver is only showing SD.
Forgive me if this is a naive question as I am totally new to this HD/SD business.

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David's 1 post GB flag
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