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My high gain aerial can't get all the Freeview channels I expected

My high gain aerial can't get all the Freeview channels I expected

My high gain aerial can't get all the Freeview channels I e
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You need a "wideband" aerial rather than a high gain one (see all about aerials). Also, if you use a signal booster in the setup, this can cause problems with digital signals.

Can I suggest that you try the following:

1. Check that all the connectors are OK, in particular that there are no stray wires and that both the outer shield and inner wire are connected;

2. If you are using any signal boosters, turn them off;

3. Check to see if you have anything like a VCR connected via a UHF fly lead - sometimes these can changed to use channels such as 68.

4. If you have a wideband aerial, if you can try raising it up an additional metre;

See also all about aerials.

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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

10:10 AM

michael green: Its impossible to assist when you havent mentioned your location (pref: post code) as its not known what transmitter you are receiving from, ITV3 on some temporarily being on low power.

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag

10:22 AM

Heidi: You are forecast as being able to receive from either Halesowen (@ 1mile) or Sutton Coldfield (@ 14miles)

If its Sutton Coldfield then your signal could be too strong which could be blocking your tuner, so for a test if you have access to a set top aerial connect into your TV and carry out a retune, if you get any results (no matter of what sort) then you will require to purchase a simple attenuator to place in line with your TV's aerial socket.

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag
Thursday, 6 October 2011
11:03 AM

Hi, have been unable to pick up sky news on Freeview for past week, have retuned numerous times on all 3 tv's we have which have separate boxes, Any advice?

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Jason's 1 post GB flag
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Scott Sanford
10:29 PM

mary: I have freeview on my new tv. I have the recommended ariel for my area and all i can receive is bbc channels! Can you please help? Thanks

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Scott Sanford's 1 post GB flag
Sunday, 9 October 2011
1:11 PM

Retuned my tv and have now lost film 4 and quest and a few musuc channels
I have tried unplugging the booster box, but makes no difference
I live in Chippenham, Wiltshire
Can anyone help

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Rodders's 1 post GB flag
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Monday, 10 October 2011
11:50 AM

i have a new lcd tv inthe bedroom which has built in freeview but i can only get a few channels on it all the ithers say 'no signal' so i bought a new ariel which is a one for all an covers all the tvs in the house (even tho i have sky downstairs) and it still doesnt work , so i plugged my freeview box back in to see if that worked with the new ariel and i can only get terrestial chanels. the ariel is on top of my wardrobe near the window and i have tried adjusting it several times. my postcode is cf236us

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sue's 1 post GB flag

4:00 PM

sue: Your nearest station is Wenvoe (@ 7mls / 233 degrees) although you are also forecast as being able to receive Mendip (@ 30mls / 131 degrees) at the same level, although I do have my doubts about that indication, that said, there is also a Freeview "Light" (limited channels) transmitter called Mynydd Machen (@ 6 mls / 16 degrees) although its indicated as being variable for reception, but because it uses low channel numbers it may be shoving the ones you want up into the EPG 800 ranges, so check up there to see if this applies.

If by the way it does, then you should blank the channels stored out by scanning without the aerial connected, (or reset box) then before reconnecting the aerial start another auto-tune whilst watching the channels rise in the progress bar, and as soon as they pass about Ch35 reconnect the aerial and that will allow Wenvoe (or Mendip) to load. This said taking it that channels can be seen in the scanning progress bar, as in some boxes they cannot!

Freeview is terrestrial, and you should in theory be able to receive Wenvoe on that aerial, but this being totally dependant on whether or not you are in a screened location.

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag
Tuesday, 18 October 2011
Pam Whittle
7:47 AM

The the Living room does not receive all the channels that the T.V. in the Kitchen
doe's. Have tried rescaning etc, cananyone offer any advice?. We live in Bolton,so I
guess Winter Hill will be our for us.

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Pam Whittle's 1 post GB flag
Pam's: mapP's Freeview map terrainP's terrain plot wavesP's frequency data P's Freeview Detailed Coverage
Thursday, 20 October 2011

7:26 AM

Pam Whittle: I would look at the Freeview reception has changed? | - independent free digital TV advice page for suggestions.

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Briantist's 38,908 posts GB flag
Tuesday, 8 November 2011
8:35 AM

My postcode is CA17 and we don't get DAVE or YESTERDAY among our allocated freeview channels. Is there any way around this? - e.g. using high gain aerial + booster and / or pointing aerial at a transmitter which does all freeview channels?

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Bill's 3 posts GB flag
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