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If you have several TVs at home do you need separate decoders for each set or is

If you have several TVs at home do you need separate decoders for each set or is there a way of connecting them?

If you have several TVs at home do you need separate decoders f
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If you want to watch different programmes on different TVs, you need a decoder for each.

With satellite, you will also need a "Quad LNB" on the dish, as each satellite decoder requires a separate "LNB" connection for each.

For digital cable and Freeview, the incoming cable can be split and shared.

There are a few options (such as the Pace Twin PVR) that can be used as a decoder for a second room, using only a standard connection for the second TV.

If you simply want to be able to watch the same programme in a second room, this can be done using a standard TV "UHF" cable.

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Monday, 2 January 2012
ross walker
8:13 PM

the red light doesnt stay on.only stays on if its connected to the soon as i take it out the light goes out. i just have the cable going direct from rf2 to sky eye and in to tele.only 1 join wher i ran out of cable.

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ross walker's 20 posts GB flag

8:54 PM

ross walker: The eye shouldnt need to be connected into the TV to stay on, try it into the Sky boxes RF2 output and see if it stays on doing that "without" coupling the co-ax into its output.

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag
ross walker
9:02 PM

so what can be the cause for this?it goes out either way if i disconnect it fom the tv or i keep it in the tv and disconnect the coaxial only stays on if its all connected together.sorry for being a pain

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ross walker's 20 posts GB flag
Tuesday, 3 January 2012

8:05 AM

ross walker: Well the 9 volts or so that operates the LED light simply gets this via the Sky boxes RF2 output socket and so it does "not" require anything to be plugged into the eyes output for the light to work, so if its not lit then there has to be either a short or open circuit in evidence, this is why the standard test is always to try it straight into the Sky box to make sure its working in the first place, as these are notoriously erratic devices. (what name / model is printed on the device?)

That said I would forget about that side of it just now, as your main concern is not being able to pick up (or tune it) the signal from the Sky box and which "might" be caused by a problem with your extension cable, this why by far the easiest way of verifying if this applies (or not) is to temporarily site your Sky box near to the LG and use a co-ax jumper lead between both devices aerial sockets, then carry out an auto-tune on the TV whilst its on its "TV" input, this selected via its remote controls TV/RAD button, and if it does pick it up making sure you select "store" or it will vanish again when the TV is turned off.

Remember, if you do try the Sky box next to the LG you do "not" require any dish input, just press services so that if the LG picks it up something will be seen on the screen.

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag
Wednesday, 4 January 2012
ross walker
11:16 AM

hiya.relised that the cable goin in to the sky box wasnt connected i now get a light on the sky eye without it bein connected to box.still cant get it tuned.unfortunately i cant get my sky box near my tele.but if i disconect the sky eye and run the coaxial from the rf2 straight to the 2nd tele.should it pick up freeview?i also tested the sky eye in to back off box and the light came im presuming its just a tuning issue

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ross walker's 20 posts GB flag
Friday, 6 January 2012

5:21 PM

ross walker: The second TV will not pick up Freeview unless you are in a Freeview reception area and have a normal aerial feeding into the Sky box aerial input socket, as the Freeview signal will pass through the Sky box and out the RF2, then travel along your extension cable and into the second TV, and which has to be a Freeview capable TV and not an analogue only one. (albeit this OK for the Sky boxes RF2 signal)

But though, if the second TV is Freeview capable it has to be set on "analogue" to pick up the RF2 signal from the Sky box, as its not a digital signal.

In other words, the cable is carrying a digital Freeview signal as well as an analogue one from the Sky box and you having to set the second TV accordingly or it wont pick one or the other up, this aspect being the area I think you are going wrong in.

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag
Friday, 20 January 2012
7:15 PM

Hopefully someone can help!

Ive ordered a sky eye and the necessary cable etc to fit it and have researched how its done, so hopefully all goes to plan! I will be running a coax cable from the back of the sky box in the living room up to my bedroom and into the sky eye etc. My samsung TV has freeview built into it, so i was wondering if when i plug my sky eye in will i only be able to watch the 'sky channels' or will i have an option to flick to sky or just the normal tv channels? Example: If my parents are watching sky downstairs and im unable to watch sky, will i be able to still watch my freeview channels that are built into the TV? ITV2 & E4 etc. If so, what way does this work?

Thanks in advance! James

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James's 1 post GB flag
Monday, 23 January 2012

8:11 AM

James : You can watch the channel that the Sky box is showing on the main set, plus any Freeview channel you want (via Freeview), as long as you have a connection to a rooftop aerial.

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Briantist's 38,910 posts GB flag
Saturday, 10 March 2012
Old Gadgee
1:25 PM

I have four televisions connected to a outside high gain ariel on roof via a boosted splitter box. On Hannington changeover on 8th.Feb and 22nd. Feb all went well. However on 9th. March I have lost ITV3 both on epg and screen formerly listed No.10 on epg and transmitted on channel 41. This has only affected one room with Technica digi recorder and Hitachi digital TV both connected by scart. All four are connected to the same box.Why is only one affected?

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Old Gadgee's 1 post GB flag
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Dave Lindsay

1:54 PM

Old Gadgee: From the splitter towards the TVs there are variables. They are:

1. Cable and connectors. The longer the cable the more loss along its length and therefore the lower the level of the signal will come from the output end for the same level of input signal.

2. Differences between tolerances of tuners such as signal level needed to work, level of noise/poor signal that they will work with.

The reason some work and some don't could be one or the other or both to a certain degree.

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Dave Lindsay's 5,724 posts GB flag
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