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My Sky box has a "no signal message" - what do I do?

My Sky box has a "no signal message" - what do I do?

My Sky box has a  no signal message  - what do I do?
published on UK Free TV

If you are getting the message "no signal" this would indicate that there is a problem with the signal from your dish into your box. Even without a card inserted into a Sky Digibox, if there is a signal, you will always get Sky Guide and the free channels.

Try powering off your box, remove the card, check carefully the cables, especially the connection to the dish, reapply the power and then when asked to insert your card you should then be able to see (for example) Sky News on 501 and the BBC News channel on 503.

Once you can see any channel, reinsert your card. This should, after about one minute, give you the channels you expect, such as 103, 104 and 105.

There are three ways you can attempt to reset your box. Please see What can my do when my Sky Digibox says 'No Signal' ?.

If you continue to get "No signal", you dish may have been misaligned, or there may be a fault with the cables and connectors, or a problem with the Digibox. You can see the signal strength by pressing SERVICES, then 4-SYSTEM SETUP and 6-SIGNAL STRENGTH.

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Friday, 27 November 2015
7:23 PM

I'm hoping someone can help/ I am having some intermitent problems with my sky + HD box giving the @no signal' error message. I have noticed the stations coming up as having 'no signal' are BBC 1, 2, ITV, Ch4 and Channel5. When going into services I notice that the link2 lock indicator is showing as not Locked. If I remove both cables from my sky dish to my sky box for a frw seconds and put them back then I can receive the stations I wasn't receiving before and the two lock indicators are showing as 'locked'. I have no idea what the problem could be....Anyone?

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Dastardley's 1 post GB flag
Saturday, 28 November 2015

12:43 AM

Dastardley: Problems of this nature are nearly always caused by some problem associated with the coax feed from the dish, or even a defective port on the dish.

Although the problem has maybe cleared for the time being, the next time it happens try swapping the two inputs over and see if this rectifies the situation, as LNB1 is the main input on a Sky box used for normal viewing, LNB2 used mainly for recording, therefore if swapping the two inputs over returns the box to normal viewing, the fault has to be caused by a defect in the coax feed presently connected into LNB2 input, i.e: the ex LNB1's input.

If this is found to be the case, then unscrew LNB2's "F" connector (ex LNB1) from the box, further unscrewing same from the coax and checking that "all" strands of the braiding have been pulled back over the outer covering of the coax, as sometimes a single strand of the braiding can accidentally become wrapped around the centre core of same. If though all appears to be OK, reassemble the connector.

The problem that might now be experienced is by whether the dish is accessible or not?, as the "F" connector fitted on the LNB end of the coax (previously checked indoors) could well be the reason for the problem, as faults of the nature mentioned can be as the result of water having crept into the "F" connector on the LNB causing intermittent short circuits to occur.

Needless to say, check the connector out in exactly the same way as previously done with the one on the box.

Further advice dependant of feedback.

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag

12:27 PM

Dastardley : In addition to that already said, if the signal check referred to was carried out whilst you were actually viewing a programme and "not" when the signal had dropped out, then ignore the advice already given and check both sets of connectors at each end of the coax. The reason for this being, that if the signal check had been carried out whilst the signal was down then both LNB inputs would have indicated "not locked", as LNB2 dropping out on its own would not have any effect on normal viewing, therefore both inputs has to be defective.

As previously mentioned, the most likely reason for your problem is by water having contaminated the LNB's "F" connectors, or alternatively (albeit less likely) by defective ports on the LNB, therefore if the "F" connectors check out as being OK and your LNB is of the 4port variety, (Quad block) try swapping the connectors on the LNB over to the two spare ports. By the way, ports are not dedicated to any particular input, all ports being exactly the same.

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag
Sunday, 6 December 2015
John Bailie
11:36 PM

Iwe accidentally asked online for an engineer who is suppose to come on Wednesday. please cancel this as after going through your instructions to restore our signal we no longer require help.

Thank you for your help.

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John Bailie's 2 posts GB flag
John Bailie
11:40 PM

please cancel the engineer for Wednesday please.

also our remote has become a bit worse for wear. are we entitled to a replacement?

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John Bailie's 2 posts GB flag
Monday, 7 December 2015

12:16 AM

John Bailie: This site is not connected in any way with Sky's or anyone else's service department, therefore in order to avoid a call out charge being made against your account, I suggest that you cancel the visit via a normal phone call.

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag
Monday, 21 December 2015
Gillian Pugh
2:18 PM

Hi. We are having a problem with BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 breaking up all the time. It is very rare at the moment to be able to watch a programme without interference. The Sky channels are fine, and the channels on the other TV have no problem (not connected to Sky). Other people we have spoken to seem to have a similar problem, and we just put it down to bad weather, but we have noticed that it does it when the weather is fine!! Any ideas, please. The interference is also on the Radio.

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Gillian Pugh's 1 post GB flag
Sunday, 27 December 2015
4:52 PM

We get the no signal caption up for example when we have been watching TV on one channel four an hour or so and then decide to change.
For example just now: watching ITV3, then sent to BBC1. No signal and the same on BBC2, ITV1' CH 4, Ch5 and others.
When we switch on during the day for the first time the caption is there again on the same channels.
I then disconnect power, wait five minutes and then reconnect. Hey, it works. But this is not the service I'm paying for! Can anyone recommend a decent TV provider? This Sky box is minutes away from going out of the window

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Fromagegrande's 1 post GB flag

5:48 PM

Fromagegrande: Sky boxes in general are amazingly reliable devices, but though boxes of the older variety (should this apply?) can develop problems such as that mentioned due to a fault having developed in their internal power supplies, the symptoms of being exactly as described, i.e: works OK when first switched on, but faults some time later after the internal components (capacitors) have heated up, repeating the mains off, waiting for a short period before switching on again usually curing the problem, albeit for a short time.

Out of interest, what signal strength and quality indications are you getting?, signal levels accessed on older boxes by pressing: Services - 4 - 6, signal indications on newer boxes accessed as below.

(1) : Press "Services" on your Sky remote control, this revealing the main menu with "Options" being highlighted.

(2) : Select the "Settings" menu using the right arrow button and press

(3) : - Use the left / right arrows to scroll to "Signal" and press select, the
grey bars displayed will show you the strength of the signal being

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag
7:33 PM

my sky box is saying no signal. i have checked all the leads and it just keeps saying it is initiallizing has been for about 2 hours now,

any suggestions please


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mandy's 1 post GB flag
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