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I have now lost all signal can you tell me what the problem might be?

I have now lost all signal can you tell me what the problem might be?

I have now lost all signal can you tell me what the problem mig
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The problem could be one of:

- the aerial has been moved or damaged;

- the cables or connectors that connect the digibox to the aerial are damaged;

- the digibox has broken.

If you have a "spare" digibox you use this to test the aerial connection. Can you still watch analogue TV OK?

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Thursday, 11 April 2013
Dale Martin
1:33 PM

can anyone help me ive lost all the bbc channels on my freeview box after updating on the 10th april 2013

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Dale Martin's 5 posts GB flag
Howard Evans
7:54 PM

Over the last few days(9-10-11/4/13) I have had bad reception on freeview boxes with 2 TV sets. Today (11/4/13) I have lost channels 1-9 so no BBC 1,2 ITV,Ch4, five etc. Ariel on roof. All remaining channels good picture and reception. Any ideas as to what has happened here in Stevenage

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Howard Evans's 2 posts GB flag
Howard's: mapH's Freeview map terrainH's terrain plot wavesH's frequency data H's Freeview Detailed Coverage
Thursday, 18 April 2013
2:13 PM

No signal. Was working fine first thing this morning, now nothing, so no it isn't the aerial. Checked on Freeview website, St Just transmitter is supposedly working fine. So why no signal ?

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Cath's 1 post GB flag

2:57 PM

Cath: The St Just relay transmitter is shown as off air since 08.30 today 18th April 2013.

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KMJ,Derby's 1,811 posts GB flag
Monday, 22 April 2013
Philip Smith
9:51 AM

I live in the NW of Coventry in Nunts Lane. there are two freeveiw tv's in the house both working off a different arial but neither is working now. The aerials are both situated on the roof, one is about 18 month old the other has been up for some years.
I have retuned my set and the usual small box that appears on the screen will let me know which channel I'm on, but no sound or picture, the box disappears after a few moments and I'm left with a black screen.

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Philip Smith's 2 posts GB flag
Philip's: mapP's Freeview map terrainP's terrain plot wavesP's frequency data P's Freeview Detailed Coverage
12:42 PM

My freeview box was working perfectly this morning and now there is a lot of interference and can watch a singal channel it keeps coming up saying 'no video' I did a rescan and it seems to show only 31% signal strength? I have tried unplugging everything but not making any difference. If anyone knows of something that may help please let me know. I am in london sw6.
Thank you very much

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SJ's 1 post GB flag
SJ's: mapS's Freeview map terrainS's terrain plot wavesS's frequency data S's Freeview Detailed Coverage
Saturday, 4 May 2013
10:33 AM

I have 2 televisions with built in freeview and since Monday 29th April am getting a No Signal message on both screens. Have checked aerial and cables and no apparent issue there. I am based in SW19 in London and cannot see on any website any information relating to ongoing work on transmitters. I have rescanned after removing aerial and picking up no channels on either television?

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Kevin's 1 post GB flag
Dave Lindsay

1:27 PM

Kevin: How are the two TVs fed? Is it from one aerial and a powered amplifier/splitter? Normally I would suggest that suggest that the first suspicion is that the amplifier may have failed. However, a 800MHz 4G test started that day, which I wonder if it might affect you:

at800 West London 4G tests

If you are using an amplifier, don't assume that just because the light is on that it is functioning as it should. The light being on only tells you that there is power to the device.

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Dave Lindsay's 5,724 posts GB flag
Thursday, 9 May 2013
8:58 AM

Hi,PO5 3HP
TV not picking up any signals from yesterday 08-may-2013 20:00. I tried reset procedure and lost all the channels. Is there any issue with transmission with this particular region?

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Duke's 1 post GB flag
Duke's: mapD's Freeview map terrainD's terrain plot wavesD's frequency data D's Freeview Detailed Coverage
Dave Lindsay

10:13 AM

Duke: It would appear that you are receiving from Rowridge which does not have any reported issues and no one else has posted about having any issues.

If you are using an aerial system which has an amplifier (powered booster) then the amplifier may have failed or its power supply cut. This may apply to a communal aerial system.

In such circumstances you should generally avoid retuning. You can't retune the TV until the signal comes back and you won't know the signal has come back until you have successfully retuned. Had you not retuned then the set would be tuned and you would simply turn on your set. Retuning in such circumstances is akin to shooting oneself in the foot.

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Dave Lindsay's 5,724 posts GB flag
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