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Ian Green:

Hi. I'd noticed this a while ago and assumed it was a "passing" glitch. Obviously not. I'll see if we can get the site owner's attention to fix this.

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Andy :

According to Antiference's data sheet the Group K has 0.7dBi more gain which is practically insignificant, but it should also help with rejection of interference from any unwanted mobile signals unlike the Group B which goes above C48 to C53. Mobile operators can now use frequencies above C49.

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David Ritchie:

You shouldn't have any problem with BBC Radios 1-4 and BBC Radio Newcastle on FM.
Don't know whether you'd get any FM reception from the Fenham transmitter which has -
Classic FM: 101.0 , Capital FM (North East): 105.6 , Heart FM (North East): 96.2 , Metro FM: 103.0 , & Smooth Radio (North East): 107.5

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Full technical details of Freeview
Monday 13 March 2023 3:04PM


Well looking at the latest picture after Storm Eunice repair March 2022, the new receive antenna is suggested pointing at Caradon Hill.
If this self-help relay is now just a (active?) transponder, try Caradon Hill's UHF channels.
If it's still a transposer, no idea which UHF channels might be used as the ones previously mentioned are unlikely to be licenced.
As previously suggested, try a manual tune for every UHF channel starting at C21 and work upto C48 and see what you pick up.
This all assumes that if it's active, it's actually powered at present.

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J G Lobb:

Do you really mean 130m? That's an extremely long distance - more than the length of a 100m drum of cable!
I assume you maybe in a bit of a valley, and the aerial is mounted up on top of a nearby hill if so.

You will need a Group A aerial BUT the rest will depend on the rest of the installation and what you intend replacing, if anything.

I assume you have a masthead amplifier. What type/model is it? (I'd be thinking about something like the LABGEAR KIT125VK which has 5G filtering as well as variable gain upto 25dB)

You should have the filtering as there is at least one mobile phone mast nearby and future upgrades may give you a problem with interference due to mobile use of the 700MHz band.
If interference is something that's started recently and this is what has prompted you to think about replacing the aerial not realising what the issue is, then you should be able to get a free filter from (put that into your web browser for information).

What coax are you currently using? You really should use CT100 type cable (double screened copper coax).

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Steve Cook:

I can find no current reported faults for the transmitter BUT as per the post immediately before yours, the Transmitter is listed for Planned Engineering.

I'm afraid the last thing you should do when you have no signal is to retune as this will usually just clear the correct tuning. It's more than likely that only one multiplex was transmitting at the time you retuned (probably BBCA/PSB1).

You will need to retune again and if signals are back to normal then hopefully you will have all the channels back.
If signals are not back to normal, you may well have to try several times as, because the tuning of any missing multiplexes has been cleared, you won't know when they are back to normal!

If this is unsuccessful, check all your connections behind the TV etc, check that your aerial looks intact and is still pointing in the correct direction. Check that your downlead is secure and not flapping in the wind.

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A lot of people are expecting some of the regions to get the HD update on the 22nd.
It's anticipated that the South - S & SE, SW, W, and E England may not be complete until the next week.

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Tony Yates:

This is due to positional errors on the mapping of Analogue transmitters, I think due to a misread of auto-scanning of OS map data. The site owner doesn't seem to have had time to resolve such errors.

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All free TV channels in the UK
Monday 20 March 2023 11:18PM

Teresa Burns:

Are you talking Freeview (via an aerial) or Freesat (via a dish)?
I take it you may have an Irish postcode rather than a Northern ireland (UK) one?
If Freeview, do you know which transmitter your aerial points at?
Divis and Strabane transmitters are both listed for Planned Engineering so there could be interruptions to service.
If you have simply lost signal and there are no other problems - aerial not fallen down! do NOT retune as it'll clear your correct tuning.
Wait until signals return.

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Ross Trotter:

It's already been mention that there's some sort of bug that the site owner has yet to fix.
There are no changes (yet) at Emley, BUT it is listed for Planned Engineering with possible effect "Pixelation or flickering on some or all channels"
The only upcoming changes are here
Updates and alerts | Freeview
Looks like Emley is having to wait until the 26th April for the HD update.…land

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