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Hope you are enjoying the BBC programmes :)

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John Hunt:

Assuming that you are roughly central to Eglingham and you made a typo with the spelling (a full postcode could have been useful, however) then your aerial should be pointing pretty well due N at the Chatton transmitter about 7km from you, with its rods (or squashed Xs) horizontal.

The HD channels are carried on multiplex BBCB HD/PSB3 which is on UHF channel C47 at Chatton.
If you retuned when there was no signal on C47 it will have just cleared your correct tuning. It's never advised to retune when you have no signal or badly pixellated pictures.

Try a manual retune on UHF C47. If that doesn't restore the channels, then look in your TV tuning section for Signal Strength and Quality (or Error/BER) figures for each multiplex's UHF channel and post the figures, this may help give us a clue as to what is happening.

UHF channels as follows, in the multiplex order PSB1/BBCA, PSB2/D3&4, PSB3/BBCB HD, COM4/SDN, COM5/ArqA, COM6/ArqB for Chatton are C41, C44, C47, C29, C31, C37

Have you looked at your aerial to make sure it's still pointing correctly and that the downlead is secure and not flapping in the wind?

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DAB transmitter | free and easy
Tuesday 29 March 2022 9:53PM

Stephen Jones:

A lot of commercial stations do now use DAB+, but there are no commercial multiplexes transmitted from the Ogmore Vale DAB transmitter, only the BBC National multiplex on Block 12B.

Unfortunately you are about half way between two Main commercial transmitters, one slightly N of due West of you at Kilvey Hill near Swansea, the other being Wenvoe roughly to the SW of you. You are not predicted to get indoor coverage from either! There is a relay transmitter a bit closer at Eglwysilan fractionally N of due E of you, but again not predicted to get indoor reception.

Whilst the information that a DAB+ radio will receive more commercial stations is correct, did you give your postcode so whoever advised could check local reception? Does the radio you've got have any provision for an external aerial? An easy check would be if you or any neighbours or friends have DAB+ in their car and can get reception outside your house, if so it may be worth investigating if an external aerial would get reliable reception (if your radio is suitable) - do your neighbours have any external DAB aerials?

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Anthony Bartlett:

Hi Anthony. I'm not sure where you reported it but it wasn't here, this is an independent technical helpsite, if you reported it on the Freeview website you probably wasted your time!
The BBC don't seem to be reporting any problems with the multiplex but obviously if you have several customers with the problem, there is one. The transmitter isn't currently listed for Planned Engineering either.

Try using Problems with Freeview reception? | Help receiving TV and radio and follow it right through to needing more help etc. giving details,
and/or this page Tell the BBC | Help receiving TV and radio
You could also try following up by phoning the BBC Reception Advice on 03700 100123.

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Ian Davidson:

There's been no announcements about what will happen to any of the channels currently on COM7. Most of us are expecting a lot of them will just close. There is very very limited space on other multiplexes for SD channels and the carriage fees will be higher, some broadcasters will not bother. There MAY be space on BBCB HD/PSB3 but whether the BBC will choose to put one of their COM7 HD channels there remains to be seen.

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Mike Freeman:

It will depend on which way your aerial is pointing Mike. Whilst your most likely transmitter is Waltham which is Central (East) region, you're predicted to be able to get two other main transmitters in your locale - Belmont, which is Yorkshire region and Sandy Heath which is Anglia.
For Waltham, your aerial should be pointing at a compass bearing of 306 degrees, that's fractionally W of NW. Have you looked at your aerial to see which way it's pointing?

None of the transmitters have any faults recently listed, and only Belmont is currently (or recently) listed for Planned Engineering.

A couple of weeks ago, weather conditions were causing interfernce to some viewers. There was also some programme channel (EPG LCNs) on Monday.
Now if you happened to retune a couple of weeks ago if you had no signal or pictures were badly pixellated then you could have got incorrectly tuned to another transmitter.

If you post back which way your aerial is pointing (as best you can), which regional news you normally receive and which you are currebtly getting, and when you last retuned - Do NOT retune at the moment, it could just clear any correct tuning.
Also check your aerial downlead isn't flapping in the wind.
We should be able to advise further with that information.

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Friday 1 April 2022 5:16PM


Well things like iPlayer aren't supposed to work outside the UK. So thanks for an interesting post - not - nobody forces you to read or post here, there are plenty of people who value the help that they get on here. Bye.

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Ian Price:

Posts unfortunately take an inordinate amount of time to appear sometimes on this site, so it's best to wait several minutes to see if they appear before trying again, even if you get an error message!

Winter Hill will be around compass bearing 59 degrees from Kirkby Liverpool. It might vary a fraction depending on exactly where you are in the area, but the beamwidth of your aerial should take care of that.

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Steve diggle:

EX16 is a large area, and it may depend on exact postcode as to which transmitter you are receiving.
In the general area you might get one of 3 transmitters, the Tiverton Relay, or main transmitters Stockland Hill or Mendip.

Your most likely transmitter is Stockland Hill if you normally receive all 6 multiplexes (over 100 channels).
Which way is your aerial pointing?
For Stockland Hill it should be roughly at compass bearing 114 degrees - 24 degrees S of due E, that's pretty much ESE.

I can't find any faults listed for any of those 3 transmitters and Stockland Hill is currently listed for Planned Engineering with "Possible Pixelation or flickering on some or all channels".

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Peter Robinson:

Is your receptionOK now?
I can only assume that is could have been some "passing" interference as the BBC are normally very good at reporting any problems that affect their channels and I can't find any reports affecting BBC channels on the BBCB HD / PSB3 multiplex on C35 from Mendip, or COM7 HD on C55.

I am currently having no problems either and I'm a bit further away than you. Your aerial pointing rowards Bristol is abour right, it should be compass bearing 171 degrees, that's 9 degrees E of due S at your locale.
You are predicted to to get excellent reception of all multiplexes from Mendip (and also Wenvoe!).

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