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Freeview reception at RG8 8DB

For reliable and stable Freeview reception, you need an unobstructed path between the TV aerial on your roof and the digital TV transmitter. The map below shows the transmitters predicted to provide a signal at this location.

You can click on any transmitter symbol to show the coverage area as a green overlay on the map. Double click on a transmitter symbol to go to the transmitter information page.

You can also view the ten closest potential '4G-at-800' mobile phone masts within 1.5km of the selected location - these masts may be used for 4G-at-800 mobile broadband services from 2013-2015.

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There are 6 mobile phone masts within 1.5km of RG88DB (page shows closest 10)

What do the map symbols mean?

 EE,  Multiple operators,  O2,  3,  Vodafone,  location on line-of-sight,  Selected location,  Freeview transmitter,  Freeview light transmitter,  Engineering/fault today.

These icons show the potential locations for 4G-at-800MHz services that may interfere with Freeview reception at some point from 2013 to 2017 when the 4G 800MHz services start.

For actual mobile phone reception prediction (at 800-960MHz and 1710-2170MHz) see these phone operator's mapping sites: Three O2 T-Mobile EE Virgin

Predicted Freeview channel list

1BBC OneHannington SouthPSB1
2BBC TwoHannington SouthPSB1
3ITVHannington MeridianPSB2
4Channel 4Hannington MeridianPSB2
5Channel 5Hannington MeridianPSB2
6ITV 2Hannington MeridianPSB2
8LONDON LIVECrystal PalaceLW
9BBC FourHannington SouthPSB1
13Channel 4 +1Hannington MeridianPSB2
14More4Hannington MeridianPSB2
15Film4Hannington MeridianPSB2
215 USAHanningtonCOM4
24ITV4Hannington MeridianPSB2
24ITV4 +1Hannington MeridianPSB2
26ITV BeHanningtonCOM4
27ITV 2 +1HanningtonCOM4
28E4Hannington MeridianPSB2
29E4 +1HanningtonCOM5
32Sony Movie ChHanningtonCOM5
33ITV +1Hannington MeridianPSB2
34ITV3 +1HanningtonCOM4
38Quest RedHanningtonCOM5
39CBS ActionHanningtonCOM6
41Food NetworkHanningtonCOM5
42Travel ChannelHanningtonCOM6
44Channel 5 +1HanningtonCOM4
45Film4 +1HanningtonPSB3
565USA +1Hanningtoncom7
575Spike 1Hanningtoncom7
58ITV Be +1HanningtonCOM4
59ITV4 +1HanningtonCOM4
60Sony Crime Channel 2HanningtonCOM5
61True EntertainmentHanningtonCOM4
62True MoviesHanningtonCOM6
64CBS Action +1Hanningtoncom7
66CBS RealityHanningtonCOM4
67CBS DramaHanningtoncom7
70Horror ChannelHanningtonCOM4
71CBS Reality 1HanningtonCOM6
73YourTV +1HanningtonCOM6
79Dave ja vuHanningtonCOM6
80Blaze +1HanningtonCOM4
81Talking Pictures TVHanningtonCOM6
82Vintage TVHanningtoncom7
83Quest +1HanningtonCOM4
84Quest Red +1Hanningtoncom7
86More4 1Hanningtoncom8
87Keep It CountryHanningtoncom7
96Forces TVHanningtoncom8
101BBC One HDHanningtonPSB3
102BBC Two HDHanningtonPSB3
103ITV HDHanningtonPSB3
103STV HDHanningtonPSB3
103UTV HDHanningtonPSB3
104Channel 4 HDHanningtonPSB3
105Channel 5 HDHanningtonPSB3
106BBC Four HDHanningtoncom8
107BBC News HDHanningtoncom7
108Al Jazeera Eng HDHanningtoncom7
109Channel 4+1 HDHanningtoncom7
1104seven HDHanningtoncom7
113RT HDHanningtoncom7
201CBBCHannington SouthPSB1
202CBeebiesHannington SouthPSB1
204CBBC HDHanningtonPSB3
205CBeebies HDHanningtoncom8
211Ketchup TVHanningtonCOM4
231BBC NewsHannington SouthPSB1
232BBC ParliamentHannington SouthPSB1
233Sky NewsHanningtonCOM5
601BBC RB 1Hannington SouthPSB1


Advanced options

Show good and blocked paths from RG8 8DB for aerial height of ...

10m20m (Angel of the North)25m30m40m56m (Hyde Park Flats, Sheffield)62m (Monument)90m (Royal Liver Building, Liverpool)107m (Meridian Quay Tower, Swansea)115m (Bridgewater Place, Leeds)127m (Glasgow Tower)143m (Guy's Hospital)158m (Blackpool Tower)170m (Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth)180m (The Gherkin/BT Tower) 193m (Tower 42)235m (Canary Wharf)310m (The Shard)(default view)

Tuesday, 19 June 2018
12:03 PM

Hi .elderly mum ,care home .tv showing signal None! Other flats seem uneffected . London N10 area.
Communal ariel on roof I think. Can I buy a booster etc... Or will problem be ongoing .

link to this
Vincent's 1 post GB
4:57 PM


The Care Home is responsible for the communal aerail on the home. Contact them and ask them to ensure that your mother is getting the TV signals she should. Also, put the post code of the home into the Digital UK coverage checker website at That will tell you which channels are being used so you can check that her TV is correctly tuned (the channels in use are usually shown on the manual tuning page - but do not do a retune unless it is clear it is tuned to the wrong channels.

link to this
MikeP's 2,042 posts Platinum Platinum GB
Friday, 22 June 2018
Richard Thorndycroft
10:04 PM

Unfortunately, at the beginning of the century I suffered from a bad stroke that has left me badly disabled both physically & mentally. After having to endure Virgin Media (& I would like to stress 'endure', as it was costing me to nearly ?100 to be able to receive a half decent programme after having to wade through 'the best of somebody' or 'their greatest hits' - basically nothing that I'd seen before & didn't really fancy viewing them again. I am not in any way attracted to any kind of sport which virtual does nothing to me apart from putting me to sleep! I live on my own in a 2nd floor flat & am trying to see what 'freeserve' has to offer but even that has proved v. difficult to me to set up.

link to this
Richard Thorndycroft's 1 post GB
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