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My analogue and DAB radio transmitters at PGSTART20

Note: under development. To help you to work out which DAB, FM and AM radio stations you can get, we have just traced your location to all of the transmitters within hundreds of miles. We use groundwave for AM broadcasts. For those you have access to, only the ones sending a strong enough signal are shown. DAB radio stations are grouped before transmission into 'Muxes' (multiplexes) which then broadcast on one frequency. The radio stations you can get are listed below the map.

On the following map, yellow house shows where you are and all the possible DAB (white), FM (blue) and AM (green) transmitters: You can single-click on the mast locations to show their calculated coverage area. You can also use the buttons below the map to choose transmitter name with a colour-coded Mux.

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Click these to show them on the map:


List of radio stations you can listen to

Radio Station Best DABBest FM or AM

More radio stations on digital TV

There are three other popular ways to receive radio broadcasts: using Freeview, using Sky or using Freesat. There are over 30 radio stations on Freeview, almost 60 on Sky and about 40 on Freesat. You will need an aerial and digital TV for Freeview, a satellite dish and decoder box for both Freesat and Sky. If you use a screen with these services you also need a TV Licence, which isn't required at all for DAB or FM. You can see a full list of the radio stations here: Showing the free channels on Radio stations on digital TV.

Coverage areas shown

Because analogue signals fade over distance (and over time on the AM band) the shown coverage areas are for optimal reception, including FM stereo. It is often (and sometime occasionally) possible to get more stations than listed on AM and FM, but with poorer quality.

Sunday, 14 August 2016
Brian Gregory

1:20 AM

Why does submitting a message here (radio prediction page) take me to a Freeview prediction page?!

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Brian Gregory's 22 posts GB flag
Brian's: mapB's Freeview map terrainB's terrain plot wavesB's frequency data B's Freeview Detailed Coverage
Brian Gregory

10:35 PM

Actually it seems to be IMPOSSIBLE to view old comments on the /radio/prediction page since even trying to do that takes you to the FREEVIEW prediction page!!!!!!!!!!!

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Brian Gregory's 22 posts GB flag
Brian's: mapB's Freeview map terrainB's terrain plot wavesB's frequency data B's Freeview Detailed Coverage
Thursday, 18 August 2016

7:30 AM

Brian Gregory: This page wasn't registering with the comments system correctly. It does now so the sub-pages now work,.

Sorry about that.

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Briantist's 38,915 posts US flag
Wednesday, 5 October 2016
Thursday, 6 October 2016
Richard Cooper

9:59 AM

Aidan Lunn: Yes, you're right, Aidan. Having read your post I had a look for myself. When Brian first added this new 'My Radio Reception' facility, it showed all of my analogue radio possibilities and frequencies on both medium wave and VHF, nut sadly, these are now missing. Perhaps Brian can add the MW and VHF back in when he has a few free spare moments?! Richard in Norwich.

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Richard Cooper's 466 posts GB flag
Richard's: mapR's Freeview map terrainR's terrain plot wavesR's frequency data R's Freeview Detailed Coverage
Monday, 10 October 2016
9:01 AM


1) I live in Leics. city centre. My DAB signal is normally very strong. This morning suddenly - it's terrible. I assume the transmitter is down.

2) On your page 'British Isles: DAB Radio transmitters', if I click on 'Leicester Cardinal 3', I end up back at the overall map. But clicking on 'Houghton-on-the-Hill 2' brings to detailed coverage, here.

Any comments??


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mike's 3 posts GB flag
mike's: mapM's Freeview map terrainM's terrain plot wavesM's frequency data M's Freeview Detailed Coverage
Tuesday, 11 October 2016
Richard Cooper

8:43 PM

FAO: Briantist. Thanks for fixing the lack of analogue fault on 'My Radio Reception', however, the FM stations available from Stoke Holy Cross are not listed for me. These stations are 95.1 MHz: BBC Norfolk, 99.9 Radio Norwich, 102.4 Heart (FM East Anglia, Norfolk & N Suffolk transmitter)) and106.1 Kiss (Norwich FM filler). Furthermore, Future Radio, the Independent Community Radio Station for Norwich, is also transmitted on FM as well as DAB from Markham Tower on the Mile Cross Council Estate. Perhaps you could add these data to your My Radio Reception pages for people whose locations are Norwich, East Norfolk & North Suffolk when you get a few more of those 'scarce but valuable free moments'? Thanks, Brian! Richard in Norwich.

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Richard Cooper's 466 posts GB flag
Richard's: mapR's Freeview map terrainR's terrain plot wavesR's frequency data R's Freeview Detailed Coverage
Thursday, 10 November 2016
10:44 AM

I understand that instead of Quainton getting DAB added there is now a DAB transmitter on the roof of the Aylesbury BT exchange but I can't see this on the maps. The 2016 rollout data on the BBC site <> is stuck at 30th June with no updates since so I can't confirm anything. Does anyone have any updates or confirmation on this?

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JeepUK's 12 posts GB flag
JeepUK's: mapJ's Freeview map terrainJ's terrain plot wavesJ's frequency data J's Freeview Detailed Coverage
Cathy Bowen
2:56 PM

I live in Gloucestershire and have on many occasions now retuned my freeview tv but still cannot get Channel 74. Why is this?

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Cathy Bowen's 1 post GB flag

4:09 PM

JeepUK: Aylesbury BT Exchange was reported to be on air from 31st October with BBC National, D1 National and Herts, Beds & Bucks local mux. The BBC's DAB transmitter listings are in deed out of date but hopefully will be updated at some point. A516digital are generally good at reporting new transmitters when announced by Ofcom - see
Digital Radio Updates - a516digital

Cathy Bowen: True Christmas on Channel 74 is not broadcast from most of the transmitters that cover Gloucestershire, although if you are within range of either Mendip, Oxford or Wenvoe you may be able to receive it. Ridge Hill (the main transmitter covering Cheltenham, Gloucester and surrounding areas) does not broadcast this channel, nor do any of the numerous relay stations.

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StevensOnln1's 3,653 posts GB flag
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