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Mendip transmitter - January 11th retune required

If you use the Mendip transmitter (but not the relays) for your digital television reception, you will need to retune - again - on January 11th.

If you use the Mendip transmitter (but not the relays) for your
published on UK Free TV

At the moment, viewers using the Mendip transmitter are unable to subscribe to Sky Sports 1 and 2 via BT Vision and/or Top Up TV - see BT Vision, TUTV, Sky Sports 1+2 and the Mendip transmitter -

To deal with this, on 11th January 2011, Multiplex D will change from being broadcast on C59+ in 16QAM mode, and switch to be the "normal" Arqiva B multiplex (10kW ERP) on C67 in 64QAM mode.

It will stay there until it moves to C52 on 28 September 2011. This date also sees Multiplex COM4/SDN move from C62+ to C48 and COM5/ARQA move from C56+ to C56.

In summary - if you use Mendip - even if you don't use Sky Sports, you must retune again on 11th January 2011.

When you retune - use a "first time installation" or do this - My Freeview box has no EPG, is blank on FIVE, ITV3, ITV4, ITV2+1, has no sound or the channel line up is wrong

Note: This event is not part of the digital switchover process, and is not being managed by Digital UK, but by Arqiva and ITV.

If you have any questions, please call ITV on 0844 881 4150.

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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

9:35 PM

Gareth Smart: You do tend to get almost as good reception from behind a Yagi aerial as you do from in front, and as Wenvoe signals are stronger at your location, why not try C49 for multiplex COM6/D?

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Briantist's 38,915 posts GB flag
Gareth Smart

11:15 PM

OK Brian I will give it a go. Thanks Brian! I will let you know!

Also thanks so much for this site, as without it I feel I would be getting nowhere at all with my freeview problems.

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Gareth Smart's 43 posts GB flag
Gareth's: mapG's Freeview map terrainG's terrain plot wavesG's frequency data G's Freeview Detailed Coverage

11:23 PM

Gareth Smart: Always happy to help.

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Briantist's 38,915 posts GB flag
Wednesday, 12 January 2011
2:41 AM

Please can someone help me?? I dont understand anything that you guys are talking about but have done the ariel out, retune and that but still cant get most of the channels is it my box thats broken or something else??? its just freeview+ I have, please?????

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Kathryn's 1 post GB flag

7:00 AM

Kathryn: It is hard to say without knowing which channels you are missing and your postcode.

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Briantist's 38,915 posts GB flag
9:41 AM

After retune now have the Sky channels which I will not be watching, but I have lost Russia Today channel. Any one else have the same problem?

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Ryland's 2 posts GB flag
Ian Booth
1:11 PM

According to Ofcom, in it's guidance notes "The post-switchover transmission mode for all multiplexes except BBC B is 64QAM
modulation, coding rate 2/3, & 8K FFT." Any idea when this might be happening?

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Ian Booth's 1 post GB flag
Ian's: mapI's Freeview map terrainI's terrain plot wavesI's frequency data I's Freeview Detailed Coverage
Douglas Smith
1:21 PM

Will these DDTV guys (and girs) EVER get this right?
I like the majority was getting all of the MUX D (or is it COM 6 - as even on this web site they appear to have some trouble with naming the carriers!) channels with good service and quality before this change over.
Now I only get some of the channels and those I do get are of very poor quality and intermittant service.
The ITV customer service telephone number listed was hopeless, suggesting that I write to ITV with my complaint.
Snail mail it is then...
I would have thought that their time would be better spent in planning/testing/implementing these network "upgrades" rather than responding to written complaints.

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Douglas Smith's 3 posts GB flag
Douglas Smith
3:20 PM

Copy of Complaint sent to ITV
Viewer Services
Gas Street
B1 2JT
Dear Sir/Madam,
I would like to register a complaint with regard to the recent change in COM6/ARQ B service delivery from the Mendip Transmitter,
My location postcode is SN15 xxx and I would confirm that prior to 11-01-2011, I experienced no problems in receiving the COM6/ARQ B multiplex, with channel signal strength 'ok' while channel signal quality 'good'.
However today 12-01-2011 this is not the case.
I have completed a factory reset of my digital receiver, erasing all channels and then re-installation of the equipment.
Unfortunately although COM6/ARQ B has been located and some of the channels identified there are some channels missing. Those channels correctly identified have intermittent signal strength and 'poor' signal quality, resulting in both picture and sound breakup.
I would like to offer some observations:
* There was insufficient marketing / notification regarding this service change. (I was unaware that any change was being implemented, until I lost Film 4 service yesterday. Only by searching the internet today did I find Mendip transmitter - January 11th retune required | - independent free digital TV advice .
* The ITV contact 0844 881 4150 did not appear to have any knowledge regarding the service alteration and indeed any solution to my service reception issue. The suggestion was that I write to ITV with my complaint with reference CL1...
* Arqiva were aware of the service change but unable to offer any advise other than contact my local ITV Regional Office.
* Initially it would appear that this service change is only of benefit to BT Vision & TUTV, Sky Sports viewers and potentially ITV1+1 viewers.While detrimental to viewers and listeners of: Yesterday,Film4,4Music,VIVA,Ideal World,ITV4,Create & Craft,Rocks & Co 1,Sky Sports 1,Sky Sports 2. Russia Today,Al Jazeera Eng,TV News,ADULT smileTV2,ADULT Babestn,ADULT Section,ADULT Section,The Hits Radio,Smash Hits!,Kiss,heat,Magic,Q,SMOOTH RADIO,Kerrang!
* It should be reasonable to expect that ANY service alterations are planed, then tested, then tested AGAIN, before being implemented. This should ensure that this type of problem, where end user customers lose existing services when new services are being introduced, does not occur.
I would ask, when will 'Normal Service be Resumed' that is when will the issue with COM6/ARQ B detailed above be resolved?
The web site details yet another Mendip multiplex service change scheduled for 28-01-2011 can you confirm the detail of this service change and are you going to tell your customers?
Please advise, kind regards, Douglas Smith
I will post any response received.

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Douglas Smith's 3 posts GB flag
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