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If you have several TVs at home do you need separate decoders for each set or is

If you have several TVs at home do you need separate decoders for each set or is there a way of connecting them?

If you have several TVs at home do you need separate decoders f
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If you want to watch different programmes on different TVs, you need a decoder for each.

With satellite, you will also need a "Quad LNB" on the dish, as each satellite decoder requires a separate "LNB" connection for each.

For digital cable and Freeview, the incoming cable can be split and shared.

There are a few options (such as the Pace Twin PVR) that can be used as a decoder for a second room, using only a standard connection for the second TV.

If you simply want to be able to watch the same programme in a second room, this can be done using a standard TV "UHF" cable.

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Friday, 16 January 2015
9:28 PM

Lynne Knight: By the way, if you do require to change the Sky boxes RF modulator output channel, then do not forget that you will have to rescan the TV used in the conservatory (whilst its set on analogue not DTV) to pick up the Sky boxes new RF output channel.

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jb38's 7,173 posts Platinum Platinum GB
Sunday, 1 February 2015
Rose Dentith
8:42 PM

my house has aerial points in several rooms, however none of them work. I have digital TV's and am currently using set top aerials which are not very successful. I have sky in one room and want to use a roof aerial to provide a signal to my other tv's. how can I connect it to all aerial points please

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Rose Dentith's 1 post GB
10:51 PM

Rose Dentith: A postcode would be a help, since we'd know what sort of signal you should get, what the best type of aerial, etc. A roof top (or possibly) loft aerial might be fine, and then a splitter of some kind (powered?) down to each socket in each room.. There is loads of useful information here: A.T.V (Aerials And Television) FM DAB TV Aerial, plus poles and brackets

You could also think about the Sky dish - if you have extra LNB's available you could use them as well.

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MikeB's 1,939 posts Gold Gold GB
11:07 PM

Rose Dentith: Its very unusual for a property to have three aerial points which do not work, and so the question has to be whether or not the property referred to is a house exclusively occupied by yourself, or possibly an apartment block which in most cases will be connected into a communal aerial system.

If though the former should apply, then have a look around to check if a powered distribution amplifier is seen anywhere, hall ways being a favourite location, because if it is then the power supply to the amplifier has possibly been switched off.

As far as the sockets in various rooms are concerned, is said sockets of the normal coaxial "push in" female type?, or are they of the threaded male variety as used for satellite reception?

It would also be of assistance as far as giving advice appropriate to the situation if your location was known, this in the form of a post code or one from somewhere nearby such as a post office.

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jb38's 7,173 posts Platinum Platinum GB
Tuesday, 13 September 2016
kenneth azever
10:10 PM

how do i connect 4 tvs to 1 decoder

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kenneth azever's 1 post NG
10:29 PM

kenneth azever: You can, but you can only watch the one channel....

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MikeB's 1,939 posts Gold Gold GB
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