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From Wikipedia: edit Programming Film4 did not originally focus on broadcasting blockbusters, but nowadays broadcasts many mainstream Hollywood movies. The channel frequently has themed nights or seasons in which a number of films centred around one genre, director or actor are shown. As Channel 4 also owns a film production company, Film4 Productions, it shows many of its in-house productions. - link icon read more about Film4 on wikipedia (summary by Clipped).

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This channel carries a subtitles service for the deaf, hard of hearing and quiet environments.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011
Mike Dimmick

3:20 PM

Peter: I should add that for developer jobs, it's common for the fitter to use the cheapest possible aerial (contract type) and cables, and sometimes the developer gets the regular electrician to put the RF cables into the walls, to reduce the labour charges. RF cables should be treated very carefully, with a limited bending radius, because they are waveguides. If you kink the cable, or just bend it too tightly, it stops working properly. Power cables can be bent at much tighter angles, so electricians aren't used to taking this degree of care over routing.

You may end up having to have the whole lot ripped out and replaced by someone who actually knows what they're doing.

If the cable from the aerial terminates at a wall socket, make sure it's a properly screened type, e.g. Online Satellite/TV/FM/DAB Cable, Leads and Connectors sales. , and use a decent fly lead such as Online Satellite/TV/FM/DAB Cable, Leads and Connectors sales. .

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Mike Dimmick's 2,486 posts GB flag
8:45 PM

Peter - just to add to Mike's comment on the cable situation - MK was cabled in part due to a "terrain shadow" problem with signals from Sandy Heath.

As Mike says the system is owned by BT but administration (billing) done by Virgin under the terms of their multi million pound annual lease agreement. There are suggestions this comes up for renewal in 2012 so we could see Virgin try to force their hand over greater access to the network in return for digital TV and broadband upgrades.

Or alternatively, the lease arrangement could end with BT either discontinuing the network or upgrading it into a BT Vision style service to compete with paytv companies like Virgin.

BT won't sell the network off outright as it passes through it's own ducts and green street cabinets and everyone knows how reluctant they are to let rivals access their infrastructure, though the hope is Ofcom may finally put a stop to that...

‪Milton Keynes Cable Network And The Digital Switch Over‬‏
- YouTube

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Jason's 1 post GB flag
Thursday, 9 June 2011
9:39 AM

But we DINT use the cable system for freeview. If you read you will see I have an aerial mounted on a pole above the roof line, all new houses do. We dont use the old MK cable system for anything other than the phone lines. It's always been that way.

I have just done another retune as none of the itv channels worked and guess what, I have lost them all again. Now I have bbc1/2/3/4 and news channels and that is it, 6 channels after a retune and bbc1 is unwatchable

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Peter's 18 posts GB flag
9:42 AM

So how come the whole system
Worked for everyone I know in MK upto a couple of months ago then we ALL lost anything watchable, you are saying at the same time everyone in Mk i know in new and old houses all had their internal systems fail at the same time. I dont buy it

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Peter's 18 posts GB flag
9:49 AM

Please telle how if can be my system if last week I could only get 6 channels total, then the itv ones come back aaain all be it NO film4 and today I am back down to only 6 again. No face, no pick, now itv's, no e4, nothing at all but bbc1/2/3/4 and 2 news channels, that's my system deciding what it will tune into week by week is it

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Peter's 18 posts GB flag
Mike Dimmick

1:21 PM

Peter: I'm saying that everyone you know had systems with too much overall gain. It didn't cause a problem before as the distorted analogue signals don't cause as much damage to neighbouring transmissions as high-power digital signals do.

As for why it comes and goes, signal propogation changes over time. Sometimes it's weaker, sometimes stronger. Radio wave propogation is affected by weather and by dust in the atmosphere along the signal path, just as light is (light is just an extremely high frequency radio wave). Radio waves also reflect and refract off layers in the upper atmosphere as boundaries between colder and warmer regions form: the combination of the direct path and the reflected paths may either increase or decrease signal levels, depending on the length of the indirect paths and the wavelength of the transmission.

'Tropospheric enhancement', one reflection off the atmosphere, generally happens every night as the atmosphere cools. 'Tropospheric ducting', where signals bounce between two such layers and then exit, causes signals to travel much further, but requires rare weather conditions.

Digital UK's predictions take account of these effects, using a statistical model. It reports a 100% probability - which it is, for the PSB muxes - if the combined expected variation of both the signal from Sandy Heath, and everything else using the same frequencies, is expected to give more than 36dB of signal-to-noise ratio. The transmissions need 17.3dB of SNR to be decoded reliably, the planners added 5.7dB of fudge factor, and 12.8dB more than this is required to guarantee to cover the variation in propogation ('fading').

That's still about 7 dB less than was required for completely clear analogue reception, which required 43 dB of signal-to-noise ratio. However, when you get less signal-to-noise ratio than is required, you just got a slightly noisy picture on analogue. Digital carries redundant information used to correct the errors introduced by noise and interference, but once the signal-to-noise ratio gets too low, all of the redundancy is exhausted and the errors start to get through to the higher levels, causing sound and picture drop-outs, and eventually the inability to interpret the tables that describe the services on the multiplex.

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Mike Dimmick's 2,486 posts GB flag
Sunday, 12 June 2011
Rob Butterworth
6:12 PM

To add to the comments from those having issues, I have lost Film 4 and itv 4 in the past two weeks - they were poor quality for a while so I retuned and now don't have them at all

My ariel is roof mounted by a professional and boosted. All other channels are fine.

I am PE27, so not that close the MK but def the same part of the country. I am going to check if I am on the SH transmitter, but there is definitely something amiss, and only very recently.


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Rob Butterworth's 1 post GB flag
Monday, 13 June 2011

8:27 AM

Rob Butterworth: Bit hard to say without a postcode, but you may have to wait as at Sandy Heath: "Arqiva B will temporarily move to channel 67 (at 20kW ERP) at switchover and then it will adopt its final allocation of channel 48 on 14 Sept 2011."

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Briantist's 38,910 posts GB flag
Friday, 17 June 2011
Alfred Milton
10:46 AM

When I have recorded some of your films for eaxample Gauntlet on my Samsung freesat recorder the end exceeds the time schedueled and therfore I miss the ending.

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Alfred Milton's 1 post GB flag
Harry Pollard
8:04 PM

I live in Tring HP23 - when switchover occurred I was so pleased to receive BBC4 and a great reception over the aerial as I don't have a dish. But ........ I seem to have lost Film4 and a number of other channels. I have tried retuning and using a booster but still no luck. Any suggestions - I think we are pointed to Sandy Heath as the local BBC is Anglia.

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Harry Pollard's 2 posts GB flag
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