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Freeview reception at PE3 6BZ

Terrain between PE36BZ and Freeview masts

For reliable and stable Freeview reception, you need an unobstructed path between the TV aerial on your roof and the digital TV transmitter.

The diagrams below show the transmitters you can get a signal from - in order from best to worst. The blue line tests the line-of-sight between an aerial 10 metres above ground level (the line is red if there is an obstruction in the line-of-sight). You may be able to improve reception by raising the aerial higher - for safety's sake consult a reputable aerial installer if you need rooftop access. See below the diagrams for advanced options including selecting the receiver aerial height.

The terrain information (from Ordnance Survey and GIS) does not include forestation (where leaf cover changes with the seasons) or city buildings. The line-of-sight line can appear curved as this straight line moves over the Earth's surface.

When you click on a diagram, you will see map with the location selected shown with this symbol: .Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Safari required.Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Safari required.Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Safari required.

What do the map symbols mean?

 location on line-of-sight,  Selected location,  Freeview transmitter,  Freeview light transmitter,  Engineering/fault today....


Advanced options

Show good and blocked paths from PE3 6BZ for aerial height of ...

10m20m (Angel of the North)25m30m40m56m (Hyde Park Flats, Sheffield)62m (Monument)90m (Royal Liver Building, Liverpool)107m (Meridian Quay Tower, Swansea)115m (Bridgewater Place, Leeds)127m (Glasgow Tower)143m (Guy's Hospital)158m (Blackpool Tower)170m (Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth)180m (The Gherkin/BT Tower) 193m (Tower 42)235m (Canary Wharf)310m (The Shard)(default view)

Friday, 1 September 2017
9:54 AM London

MikeP: I gave it another go last night with the original lead. I did several manual scans of the multiplex channels and had some success in picking up a few of them (about half). The TV seems to pick up channels and get signal for viewing when the aerial lead is held and positioned in specific places, then when I move the lead even slightly the signal is lost. Does this sound to you like an issue with the lead or the aerial sockets?

Why would the signal be working perfectly then suddenly I have to hold the lead at an angle?

I noticed that I have a separate aerial socket in a different room so I will give that one a go to see if it works. I will also purchase a new aerial lead.

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George's 5 posts GB
George's: Freeview map terrain plot frequency data R&TI Service digitaluk trade DAB coverage
10:52 AM


The short aerial lead from the back of the TV to the wall socket can work as a poor quality aerial and that is why you get a few channels unreliably. Replace the flylead, as MikeB suggest, and if you still have the problem then report the fault to the managers of the blockj as they are responsible for the communal aerial system. Also worth checking with your immediate neighbours in the block to see if they have a problem. If they do then it is a general aerial system fault, if they don't then it is likely a fault with the feed to your apartment. (It is not unknown for some silly people to cut aerial leads on a whim, I suspect they think it's fun!)

Let us know how using the socket in another room works. That could have a separate feed from the main aerial system compared to the one you generally use.

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MikeP's 1,577 posts Gold Gold GB
Saturday, 2 September 2017
9:32 AM

MikeP: the aerial socket in the other room was very marginally better but I still had to move the lead around to get signal, then when I dropped the lead the signal would go.

The new aerial lead that I bought couldn't get any signal at all in either room.

I managed to pick up a few more channels (itv, ch5 etc), although these were then numbered in the 800s rather than the usual 3 4 5 etc. Apparently this is because I'm picking up signal from more than one transmitter, perhaps this is why the signal is bad? I am manually retuning according to digital UK's instructions for the Crystal Palace transmitter.

Any ideas!?

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George's 5 posts GB
10:26 AM


That proves that there is a fault in the aerial system, especially the part that feeds you apartment. Contact the owner/management who are responsible for maintenance of the block to have the fault corrected.

Your new aerial flylead is clearly better screened than the 'old' one so it will be less likely to pick up signals accidentally. (The flylead should not act as an aerial at all.)

Did you speak to your neighbours? Are they having the same problem?

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MikeP's 1,577 posts Gold Gold GB
Tuesday, 5 September 2017
Andrew Land
7:31 AM

Hi, I get a Signal Strength of around 64% with a Signal Quality of 100% on my Freeview Channels in Otley, West Yorkshire via the Wharfedale Transmitter using an LG TV. Is a Signal Strength of around 64% OK? I don't get any issues with the picture at all? Many Thanks for your time, Andrew

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Andrew Land's 2 posts GB
8:52 AM

Andrew Land: 75 % is supposed to be perfect - but if your getting a good picture with 100% Quality, then thats fine.

If you put your postcode into this site, it will bring up a load of links, which should tell you what channels and signal strength you should get. If they make sense, then dont worry about it.

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MikeB's 2,226 posts Platinum Platinum GB
10:22 AM

Andrew Lands:

Further to that said by MikeB, it is typically acceptable to have a signal strength of between 50% and 85% for SD services and between 60% and 85% for HD services to get good reception. If the signal strengfth were lower or higher than these figures then you would experience some problems with pictures breaking up or some loss of sound.

Your stated signal strength at 64% is well withing the acceptable range, so no worries on that score.

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MikeP's 1,577 posts Gold Gold GB
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