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My analogue and DAB radio transmitters at W1A1AA

Note: under development. To help you to work out which DAB, FM and AM radio stations you can get, we have just traced your location to all of the transmitters within hundreds of miles. We use groundwave for AM broadcasts. For those you have access to, only the ones sending a strong enough signal are shown. DAB radio stations are grouped before transmission into 'Muxes' (multiplexes) which then broadcast on one frequency. The radio stations you can get are listed below the map.

On the following map, yellow house shows where you are and all the possible DAB (white), FM (blue) and AM (green) transmitters: You can single-click on the mast locations to show their calculated coverage area. You can also use the buttons below the map to choose transmitter name with a colour-coded Mux.

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Click these to show them on the map:

 DAB,Alexandra Palace 11B 11D 12A 12B 12CBT Tower 11ACroydon 11B 12A 12CHarrow Weald 11DHonor Oak Park 9AKenley 12BRichmond Hill 11DSouthwood Park Highgate 9AWrotham 11A 11B 11D 12A 12B 12C FM,Croydon 100.0 102.2 105.4 106.2 95.8 97.3Crystal Palace 105.8 88.8 91.0 93.2 94.9 98.5Guys Hospital Tower 104.4Hammersmith - Kings St 92.2Wrotham 100.9 89.1 91.3 93.5 98.8 MW/LW,Bow 1332Brookmans Park 1089 1458 909Chingford 1305Crystal Palace 558 720Dartford Marshes 1413Duxhurst 1107Glade Lane 1035 1602 972Heathrow 1413Lea Bridge Road 963North Looe 1305Saffron Green 1152Tonbridge 1053

List of radio stations you can listen to

Radio Station Best DABBest FM or AM
ABN Radio UKAlexandra Palace 11B
Absolute 70sAlexandra Palace 12A
Absolute C RockAlexandra Palace 11B
Absolute Rad 80sBT Tower 11A
Absolute RadioAlexandra Palace 11D
Absolute Radio 90sAlexandra Palace 12C
Ahomka Radio UKAlexandra Palace 11B
Asian FXAlexandra Palace 12A
Awesome RadioBT Tower 11A
BBC Asian NetworkAlexandra Palace 12B
BBC Radio 1Alexandra Palace 12BFM 98.8MHz Wrotham
BBC Radio 1XtraAlexandra Palace 12B
BBC Radio 2Alexandra Palace 12BFM 89.1MHz Wrotham
BBC Radio 3Alexandra Palace 12BFM 91.3MHz Wrotham
BBC Radio 4 (FM)Alexandra Palace 12BFM 93.5MHz Wrotham
BBC Radio 4 ExtraAlexandra Palace 12B
BBC Radio 5 LiveAlexandra Palace 12BAM 909kHz Brookmans Park
BBC Radio 5 Live Sports ExtraAlexandra Palace 12B
BBC Radio 6 MusicAlexandra Palace 12B
BBC Radio LondonAlexandra Palace 12AFM 94.9MHz Crystal Palace
BBC World ServiceAlexandra Palace 12B
BFBS RadioAlexandra Palace 11D
CapitalAlexandra Palace 12CFM 95.8MHz Croydon
Capital XtraAlexandra Palace 11D
CDNXHonor Oak Park 9A
ChillAlexandra Palace 11B
Chris CountryAlexandra Palace 12A
Classic FMAlexandra Palace 11DFM 100.9MHz Wrotham
Crackers RadioHonor Oak Park 9A
Desi RadioAM 1602kHz Glade Lane
Fun KidsAlexandra Palace 11B
GaydioAlexandra Palace 11B
GoldAlexandra Palace 12C
Greatest Hits RadioFM 105.8MHz Crystal Palace
HeartAlexandra Palace 12CFM 106.2MHz Croydon
Heart DanceAlexandra Palace 11D
heat radioBT Tower 11A
IBC TamilAlexandra Palace 11B
Jazz FM LondonAlexandra Palace 12A
Jazz FM StereoBT Tower 11A
Kerrang!Alexandra Palace 12A
KISSAlexandra Palace 11DFM 100.0MHz Croydon
KISS FRESHAlexandra Palace 12C
LBCAlexandra Palace 11DFM 97.3MHz Croydon
LBC NewsAlexandra Palace 12AAM 1152kHz Saffron Green
LGRHonor Oak Park 9A
Lyca Dil SE 1035Alexandra Palace 11BAM 1035kHz Glade Lane
Lyca Radio 1458Alexandra Palace 11BAM 1458kHz Brookmans Park
MagicAlexandra Palace 11DFM 105.4MHz Croydon
Magic ABBAAlexandra Palace 12C
Magic ChilledBT Tower 11A
Matryoshka RadioAlexandra Palace 11B
Mellow MagicBT Tower 11A
Mi-SoulAlexandra Palace 12A
Nomad RadioFM 92.2MHz Hammersmith - Kings St
NuSound RadioHonor Oak Park 9A
PlanetRockBT Tower 11A
Polish Radio LdnAlexandra Palace 11B
Premier GospelAlexandra Palace 11B
Premier RadioBT Tower 11AAM 1332kHz Bow
Punjabi RadioAM 558kHz Crystal Palace
Radio SputnikAlexandra Palace 12A
Radio XAlexandra Palace 11D
ReprezentHonor Oak Park 9A
ResonanceHonor Oak Park 9A
Resonance FMFM 104.4MHz Guys Hospital Tower
RINSE FMHonor Oak Park 9A
Share RadioAlexandra Palace 11B
Smooth RadioAlexandra Palace 12CFM 102.2MHz Croydon
Solar RadioHonor Oak Park 9A
Sout Al KhaleejAlexandra Palace 12A
Spectrum RadioAlexandra Palace 12A
Sunrise RadioBT Tower 11AAM 963kHz Lea Bridge Road
talkRADIOBT Tower 11A
talkSPORTAlexandra Palace 11DAM 1089kHz Brookmans Park
TalkSPORT LondonAlexandra Palace 12A
talkSPORT2BT Tower 11A
The Arrow - RockAlexandra Palace 12A
The WirelessAlexandra Palace 11B
UCB 2Alexandra Palace 12A
UCB BibleAlexandra Palace 11D
Virgin RadioBT Tower 11A
VOIslamAlexandra Palace 11B

More radio stations on digital TV

There are three other popular ways to receive radio broadcasts: using Freeview, using Sky or using Freesat. There are over 30 radio stations on Freeview, almost 60 on Sky and about 40 on Freesat. You will need an aerial and digital TV for Freeview, a satellite dish and decoder box for both Freesat and Sky. If you use a screen with these services you also need a TV Licence, which isn't required at all for DAB or FM. You can see a full list of the radio stations here: Showing the free channels on Radio stations on digital TV.

Coverage areas shown

Because analogue signals fade over distance (and over time on the AM band) the shown coverage areas are for optimal reception, including FM stereo. It is often (and sometime occasionally) possible to get more stations than listed on AM and FM, but with poorer quality.

Sunday, 26 November 2023

5:36 PM

Phil Smith: Poole and the wider Dorset area has had DAB and DAB+ stations available for many years. Put your postcode into the link below and it will show which stations are predicted to be available.

Postcode checker - Digital Radio UK

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