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Will an aerial booster improve my freeview reception?

Will an aerial booster improve my freeview reception?

Will an aerial booster improve my freeview reception?
published on UK Free TV

No, an amplifier won't normally help with a Freeview signal. Can I suggest the following:

1. If you can raise the aerial up by an extra metre or so;

2. Check the direction of the aerial and that the it is either "vertical" or "horizontal" as required.

3. Check that all the connectors and cables are in good condition, look especially for stray wires from the outer shielding on the cable being loose;

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Sunday, 13 May 2012
Diana Allen
12:15 PM

I have a 'No Signal' sign on BBC 1, what can the problem be?
12.15 pm Sunday 13th May

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Diana Allen's 1 post EU flag

1:49 PM

mole: Mendip (@ 25mls / 310 degrees) according to the trade reception predictor should provide good reception right across all six muxes, and although you may have already done this but you should carry out a "factory reset" or "default setting) on your TV / box to delete anything that may already be stored in the memory before manually tuning in any of the muxes, these being Ch61(BBC) - 54(ITV) - 58(HD) - 48(SDN) - 56(ArqA) - 52(ArqB) the latter two being shown in this order on DUK's trade site, albeit the reverse of the indication on this site.

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag

1:53 PM

Diana Allen: Its quite impossible to offer any advice unless your location is known, this preferably in the form of a post code or at least one from nearby (a shop etc) as signals cannot be checked without this knowledge.

You could maybe also indicate the model number of whatever you are using for reception.

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag
Monday, 11 June 2012
8:54 PM

postcode is tq4 5hy, my freeview signal can go from 10 10 to no signal at all, yet the aerial hasn't moved? Please can you suggest what the problem could be

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ashley's 1 post GB flag
ashley's: ...
Dave Lindsay

9:58 PM

ashley: I think that the most likely culprit is the Clennon Valley relay transmitter being only a couple of hundred metres from you.

What the reason is for this happening warrants further investigation. It depends on whether your aerial points to the adjacent Clennon Valley transmitter or the one on Beacon Hill:

1. If your aerial points to Clennon Valley, then it will be vertical. Check that BBC One is tuned to UHF channel 52 (this information is usually given on the signal strength screen). Likewise ITV1 should be C48 and BBC One HD should be C56. If these are correctly tuned to Clennon Valley, then I suggest that the problem is signal overload and you need to fit an attenuator inline with the aerial lead. The fact that you have high signal strength which drops to nothing at times suggests that your receiver could be being overwhelmed by the level of signal.

Clennon Valley does not broadcast the Commercial channels which include ITV3, Pick TV, Yesterday, Dave, Film 4 and others. If these are tuned in, then reception may be poor and they are coming from elsewhere.

2. If your aerial points to Beacon Hill, then it will be horizontal and pointing 34 degrees anti-clockwise of the Clennon Valley transmitter. The direction of Beacon Hill is 310 degrees.

With the aerial on Beacon, see if the receiver has tuned to Clennon Valley instead. Check the UHF channel that BBC One is tuned to by looking on the signal strength screen. Beacon is C60 whilst Clennon is C52. For ITV1, Beacon is C53 and Clennon is C48. For BBC One HD Beacon is C57 and Clennon is C56.

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Dave Lindsay's 5,724 posts GB flag
Monday, 16 July 2012
1:58 PM

We are in SE23 in London (SE23 1DL) and have just moved into a house with an aerial on the roof. It's on the highest point and looks to be pointing the same way as all others on the terrace (towards Crystal Palace).

We have just bought a Humax HDR-Fox T2 and the automatic search is resulting in only 10 channels (no BBC channels and one of the channels is "Gay Rabbit"(???)). I think the connector at the end of the aerial cable (don't know what it's called) is loose as we didn't find any channels at all until I moved the box and it pulled the wire a little taut, so this may be a problem. But repeated searches are still only delivering 10 channels. Will a booster/amplifier help us? Unfortunately I don't know what the previous occupants used to watch TV.

Also, can I change the connector at the end of the aerial without compromising the whole thing?

Thank you!

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Devsdev's 1 post GB flag
Thursday, 4 October 2012
stuart db
10:14 PM

recently I have lost signal or get really poor signal on c27 and c59. I am running on the original analogue aerial, and analogue booster, we have just moved in so I haven't had the chance to sort it out properly. Also could I have 2 aerial, into a booster or combiner, as some in the area can pick up crystal palace as well. I am currently picking up Midhurst. I could just get a freesat PVR, as the last people left the sky dish with twin outputs.

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stuart db's 1 post GB flag
stuart's: mapS's Freeview map terrainS's terrain plot wavesS's frequency data S's Freeview Detailed Coverage
Dave Lindsay

11:10 PM

stuart db: Generally speaking, aerials installed in the days of analogue for Crystal Palace and Midhurst will be fine as digital channels are within the former analogue channel groups. The booster may not be needed and it is worth trying without.

With an existing satellite dish, it is possible to add extra feeds (to other rooms). Quad-LNBs are available from online sources such as eBay.

It is possible to combine the feeds from two aerials providing that the UHF channels used by each permit. In the case of Crystal Palace and Midhurst this is possible as the former's are Group A and the latter's are Group C/D.

You need a diplexer:

Online TV Splitters, Amps & Diplexers sales

The one that "splits" at C38 should do, whlist still allowing reception of C36 should the power that be ever decide that it will be used.

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Dave Lindsay's 5,724 posts GB flag
Friday, 5 October 2012

12:10 AM

stuart db: Further to Dave Lindsay's reply, if you have poor reception on C27 this is not really surprising, as this is the frequency for D3+4 from Rowridge. The frequency for this mux from Midhurst is C56. As the content is identical from the two transmitters most receivers will have ignored the stronger Midhurst signal if it is found that C27 from Rowridge has been stored. It is worth checking that the aerial group is suitable for Midhurst - most Midhurst aerials from the analogue days would be group C/D with a green stopper in the end of the boom. If the aerial has a red stopper it would indicate that the aerial is group A and is actually pointing to Rowridge, or was originally on Crystal Palace before being re-directed! Group 'A' aerials would give poor reception on Midhurst.

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KMJ,Derby's 1,811 posts GB flag
Thursday, 8 November 2012
9:38 AM
Burgess Hill

I live in a ground floor flat RH15 , development of 4 blocks of 2storey flats and mine is the'end' one furtherest away from the communal aerial. Since 17th October I cannot get ITV3 properly, the channel which I watch more than any other,typically. When I switch on the picture either shows 'no signal' or sometimes is there but breaks up. Is this because I am last in line for the signal?

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Gill's 1 post GB flag
Gill's: mapG's Freeview map terrainG's terrain plot wavesG's frequency data G's Freeview Detailed Coverage
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