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Will an aerial booster improve my freeview reception?

Will an aerial booster improve my freeview reception?

Will an aerial booster improve my freeview reception?
published on UK Free TV

No, an amplifier won't normally help with a Freeview signal. Can I suggest the following:

1. If you can raise the aerial up by an extra metre or so;

2. Check the direction of the aerial and that the it is either "vertical" or "horizontal" as required.

3. Check that all the connectors and cables are in good condition, look especially for stray wires from the outer shielding on the cable being loose;

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Tuesday, 16 July 2013
2:09 PM


My postcode is st13 8ts.
I have 2 T.V's with FREEVIEW built in, Most of the time the signal is perfect but every now and again certain channels go off (DAVE is one and SKY NEWS). It comes up on screen NO signal, when I check the signal quality it is not that low but quality is at the "NO Signal" Times. Gets happens most after 12:30 (mostly 2:am - 9am).

any help please, thanks


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jon's 1 post GB flag
jon's: ...
Wednesday, 11 December 2013
Barbara Hynes
5:47 PM
Church Stretton

I have recently moved from Worcestershire to Shropshire.. About 12 months ago I bought a Panasonic freeview recording system and whilst in Worcestershire everything worked very well. It is a different story in Shropshire. There is a tv Ariel which appears to be pointing south wards. There is also a sky dish, which does, thanks to my keeping my old sky box..just in my main tv.
I had a tv engineer out to check the freeview signal and when he came he picked up a 40db signal from the terrestrial aerial, so promptly set up the second tv in the bedroom with my Panasonic recorder. He put new wiriing where appropriate and the tv worked and I was able to record material. However, about 10 days later the screen prompted me to retune, which I did...only to find that there is now signal whatsoever. I am irritated that neither my tv or my recorder no longer work. it was an expensive item, but I am also puzzled as to why it worked brilliantly for a while and then suddenly stopped. The same tv engineer has since been back and has been unable to record any signal strength better than 3db. I am told that my most likely transmitter would be Sutton Coldfield, but I personally doubt it as I live in the Shropshire hills. I don't believe the current aerial is pointing at Sutton, but I am not certain.. My nearest transmitter is actually Whittingslow, but. there is little or no line of sight, . Can anyone suggest why I no longer seem to be able to rx Freeview and whether there is any chance it might be restored ever???
I really didn't want to be throwing my recorder away.

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Barbara Hynes's 1 post GB flag
Barbara's: mapB's Freeview map terrainB's terrain plot wavesB's frequency data B's Freeview Detailed Coverage
Dave Lindsay

7:36 PM

Barbara Hynes: The primary service area of Whittingslow transmitter is the Marsh Brook valley along which the A49 runs. The signal is beamed out from the 12 o'clock position (north) of the transmitter to the six o'clock position (south) - so it's not equal in all directions. Those in the valley are not sufficiently served by Sutton Coldfield because of the low-lying terrain and the higher ground in the way.

There is a two-tier terrestrial television transmitter network. Around 90% of the population can receive all channels, whilst the other 8.5% who can receive Freeview can only get the Public Service Broadcaster (PSB) channels; these are: BBC standard definition TV, BBC national radio, BBC One HD, BBC Two HD, BBC Three HD, CBBC HD, ITV, ITV HD, ITV+1, ITV2, Channel 4, Channel 4 HD, Channel 4+1, E4, Film4, More4 and Channel 5.

For that reason, even where reception may be easier from a local relay transmitter like Whittingslow, use of the main full-service transmitter like Sutton Coldfield might be preferred if there is a chance.

There are no available transmitters to your south. To get your bearings, the satellite dish points a little anti-clockwise of south.

I think that your aerial is most likely to point to Sutton Coldfield which is slightly anti-clockwise of east with the aerial set horizontally (elements flat).

If your aerial points to Whittingslow transmitter then it will be vertical (elements up/down).

If the engineer measured the strength of the signal from the aerial then why did he not look to resolve the issue, or at least offer a suggestion as to the problem?

An engineer on-site is best-placed to find the reason for the problem, and much better so than someone unconnected on an internet forum.

The most common reason for little or no signal is that there is an amplifier (booster) connected and which does not have mains electricity going into it.

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Dave Lindsay's 5,724 posts GB flag
Tuesday, 17 December 2013
9:42 PM
Bourne End


As this seems to be the font of all knowledge, I have just moved to SL8 5TQ and don't seem to have many freeview channels. Digital freeview website suggests Hannington may be best but I think my aerial (and everyone else's) is probably pointing to crystal palace (maybe!)

I'm guessing, like the house, the aerial is old. Would an upgrade (or visit something else) get me more channels?

Thank you.

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Andrew's 2 posts GB flag
Andrew's: mapA's Freeview map terrainA's terrain plot wavesA's frequency data A's Freeview Detailed Coverage

10:15 PM

Andrew : To be perfectly honest about it I don't see anyone in your area being able to enjoy a stable signal level (especially quality) from either Crystal Palace or Hannington as the signal path from both transmitters is obstructed from approximately 6 to 8 miles prior to your location, this as seen by opening the attached terrain indications.

With regards to whether or not a booster would help the situation can be determined by carrying out a signal quality check on the following channels, 1-3-10-11-18 and any HD channel, because if the quality is seen to be reasonably stable then a booster would certainly help, however if its observed to be constantly diving up and down then it wouldn't as you cant compensate for poor quality.

Terrain between ( m a.g.l.) and (antenna m a.g.l.) - Optimising UK DTT Freeview and Radio aerial location

Terrain between ( m a.g.l.) and (antenna m a.g.l.) - Optimising UK DTT Freeview and Radio aerial location

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag

10:31 PM

Andrew : By the way, Hannington is indicated on the reception predictor as being particularly bad and with three of its six muxes not being receivable, whereas on the other hand Crystal Palace is not indicated as being poor for reception, although I would be inclined to take this with the proverbial pinch of salt as signal obstructions of the magnitude seen on the terrain indicator generally results in the summer / winter effect on reception coming into the equation.

You can observe the reception predictor by clicking on "Digital UK tradeview" at the right hand side of your posting.

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag
Thursday, 19 December 2013
7:36 PM

Thank you. I seem to have stable and good signal on 1 & 3 but no 10, 11 or 18!

I seem to get 1 - 7, 9, 13 - 15, 28, 33, 70, 71, 73, 80, 81, 101 - 105, 200, 301, 302 + radio. The reception on all of these send to be good.

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Andrew's 2 posts GB flag
Wednesday, 1 January 2014
Richard Parsons
6:04 PM
Dinas Powys

I am able to receive all BBC and similar Freeview programs on C41 but all other channels are either very weak and break up or non existent.
TVs show very strong signal levels on C41 and very weak or no signal on all other channels, even all ITV Wales programs.
I have bought an amplifier but this has had no effect.
This problem is recent, only in last few weeks.
Any suggestions?

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Richard Parsons's 1 post GB flag
Richard's: mapR's Freeview map terrainR's terrain plot wavesR's frequency data R's Freeview Detailed Coverage
Tuesday, 14 January 2014
9:43 AM

Hello, I just bought a new Samsung F7000 and have no BBC 1 or BBC 2 despite having retuned automatically and manually. I can pick up the BBC HD channels but they become heavily pixillated every couple of minutes. My 6 year-old samsung telly picks up non-HD BBC 1 and 2 with no problem at all.

My post code is SE24 9NU.

Any suggestions? Would an earial booster help?

Many thanks

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Michel's 2 posts CH flag
Michel's: mapM's Freeview map terrainM's terrain plot wavesM's frequency data M's Freeview Detailed Coverage

10:17 AM

Michel: Would a better aerial help? A carefully aligned new high gain wideband aerial and fresh cabling would probably improve it somewhat particularly if your aerial has been up for a number of years i.e. corrosion/water in cable etc.

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Anthony's 70 posts GB flag
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