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Aims to speak to everyone in the UK through programming that celebrates the richness and diversity of life in new and surprising ways.

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How to Watch: BBC One (SD)

Below is a list of all the television and radio channels that you can watch in the UK using one of the free services: DAB (for radio), Freeview, Sky No Card - Sky without a viewing card (Freesat from Sky (or fSfS)) and Freesat.. Where a channel can be watched for free, the channel number is listed below. In addition, if you can watch (or listen) immediately online, press the button in the "web" column.

As some channels are exclusive to one service alone, you may need to get receive more than one service to get all the channels you want. The coverage for Freeview differs too - those channels not provided by the public service "Freeview Light" transmitters the current coverage shown thus (54%), taken from Connected Nations Report 2017: Data analysis'

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Regional content: BBC nations and regions TV network - 14 English regions plus Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland - for regional news. See BBC nations and regions - overview map - interactive maps. . For full details of broadcaster contacts, see the link icon BBC One (SD) page.

Official site: See the link icon BBC One (SD) website.

From Wikipedia: The channel's annual budget for 2011/12 is 1,166.6 million.3 Along with the BBC's other domestic television stations, and many European broadcasters and some in Asia, it is funded principally by the television licence fee, and therefore shows uninterrupted programming with no commercial advertising at any time. It is currently the most watched television channel in the United Kingdom, ahead of its traditional rival for ratings leadership, ITV1. This system used a vertically-scanned image of 30 lines just enough resolution for a close-up of one person, and with a bandwidth low enough to use existing radio transmitters. - link icon read more about BBC One (SD) on wikipedia (summary by Clipped).

Freeview multiplex: BBC One (SD) is on multiplex PSB1 in england flagscotland flagnorthernireland flagwales flag.

About BBC One (SD)

Free channel of the day: BBC One

Freeview 1, Freesat 101, Sky 101 and watch online.

Freeview 1, Freesat 101, Sky 101 and watch online.
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How is the free channel paid for?

The £1,402m BBC One budget is funded by the £3,596m Television Licence Fee, and represents 39% of all BBC spending - that's about £1.11 per week per person.

Is the channel live, pre-recorded, new content or repeats?

BBC One has live presentation, and both national and regional are broadcast live. In addition the daily The One Show (7pm) is live, as are sporting events. All other programmes are pre-recorded and are almost always commissioned by the BBC and having their first showing.

What's the channel's unique selling point?

The channel is customized for viewers in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, as to a lesser extent in the English regions, and has the most extensive television regional news service in the UK.

The programme schedule highlights

Weekdays has national news from 6am-9am, 1pm, 6pm and 10pm and regional news at 1:30pm and 6:30pm. There's a daily soap, Doctors at 1:45pm, and EastEnders (Mon/Fri 8pm, Tue/Thurs 7:30pm) and Holby City (Wed 8pm).

The rest of the schedule is mixed, with factual (Mon 7:30pm, 8:30pm) and entertainment and factual/entertainment mix shows (such as Motorway Cops). Thursday night has politics from 10:35pm onwards, Friday night being entertainment only.

The bits to avoid

The morning schedule of Cash In The Attic, 11:30am and Bargain Hunt, 12:15pm are formalistic.

This channel carries a subtitles service for the deaf, hard of hearing and quiet environments.

Friday, 28 September 2012
11:40 PM

Hi again Dave
Tried pulling the arial lead for 30% and it has worked. It has now defaulted back to channel 44 and Yorkshire.
I had a look at the signal strength of channel 22 and it wasn't good at all, so that is a no goer.
So again my thanks for getting me back.
Kind regards Geoff

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Geoff's 4 posts GB flag
Sunday, 30 September 2012
Brian Fowler
8:42 PM

Hi Geoff
Using Technomate and following the 28 Sept switch I have low signal in BBC HD on 10.487 which will not allow the tune to pick up these channels. ITV HD is fine on Video but no sound. Possibly a PID setting problem?

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Brian Fowler's 1 post GB flag

9:36 PM

Brian Fowler: Its Freeview that Geoff is having problems with and not Freesat, regarding the HD transponder frequency it uses 10.847 GHz. (you accidentally reversed 8 & 4)

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag
Monday, 8 October 2012
rosalyn thew
9:27 PM

i live in morpeth my post code is ne611uj im currently recieving all freeview channels with no problems apart from bbc1 and bbc2 , the channels are stuttering and pixceling, ive tried retuning a few times but nothing seems to fix it i have two other televisions and all the freeview channels work perfectly on their can anyone suggest what could be the problem?

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rosalyn thew's 1 post GB flag

10:57 PM

rosalyn thew: Although the Morpeth relay is very low powered its still possible to suffer from slight signal overloading problems when located at just over 1 mile away from the transmitter, and the fact that the other TV's work OK could just be because their tuners aren't quite so sensitive hence can cope with that type of problem.

You haven't mentioned anything about your aerial, but if you can borrow a set top aerial then you should try a test using that, although when you mention you are using two other TV's then is a powered splitter being used? if it is then try by-passing it whereby the aerial going into it is coupled directly onto the problem TV's aerial lead.

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag
Thursday, 1 November 2012
clare ballantine
10:15 AM

my mum can only get bbc channels during the day. her postcode is bn3 3ga. any idea why?

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clare ballantine's 1 post GB flag
clare's: mapC's Freeview map terrainC's terrain plot wavesC's frequency data C's Freeview Detailed Coverage
Thursday, 8 November 2012
11:11 AM

My post code is M28 1SG which is about 10 miles from Winter Hill transmitter ( I can see the mast from my roof) and about 40 miles from the north wales moel-y-parc transmitter. Since the digital change over I have experienced random signal loss for periods up to 3 seconds on BBC1. (All other channels are rock solid). I replaced the aerial and the problem remained, I have purchased a new Full HD ready tv and the problem remains, I have since had another aerial installed (high gain 32 element) and the problem remains. Cost to me so far c £800. BBC denies any transmitter problems, aerial fitters can offer no solution. Can anybody help. Perhaps I have a multi channel tuning issue as has been described in the notes I have read on this site so far.


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mark's 3 posts GB flag
mark's: mapM's Freeview map terrainM's terrain plot wavesM's frequency data M's Freeview Detailed Coverage
Dave Lindsay

11:22 AM

mark: If you can see the mast from your roof, then I don't understand why on earth you would have a high-gain aerial installed, let alone have it replaced!

Have you tried attenuating the signal?

Freeview signals: too much of a good thing is bad for you | - 10 years of independent, free digital TV advice

For example (other models and suppliers are available):

TV Aerial Attenuator Variable 0-20Db Freeview Digital | eBay

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Dave Lindsay's 5,724 posts GB flag
Friday, 16 November 2012
5:01 PM


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NSKKKD.'s 1 post GB flag
Thursday, 3 January 2013
andy f
10:00 PM

we have just moved into TQ72TJ area with a Freeview Light Transmitter present within 3 miles of the property.

We have no BBC TV/radio channels at all.

Please can you inform me whether this would be expected?


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andy f's 1 post GB flag
andy's: mapA's Freeview map terrainA's terrain plot wavesA's frequency data A's Freeview Detailed Coverage
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