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Full technical details of Freeview
Saturday 10 August 2019 8:24AM

Alan Locker:

You put your full post code and house number/name into the Digital UK Coverage Checker at Digital UK - Coverage checker and select the detailed view. That will show you detai;ls of all the transmitters receivable at that location together with the compass direction and all the channels used for the range of multiplexes carrying the TV programmes.

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How digital television works
Saturday 10 August 2019 1:25PM

Sandra Wright:

You need to provide us contributors with a full post code so that we can look up the transmitters available to you and what they actually transmit - not all transmitters provide all th possible channels.

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All free TV channels in the UK
Saturday 10 August 2019 1:29PM

Nigel :

If you had bothered to follow the numerous explanations provided by Chris.SE, StevensOnln1, myself and several others, you would know that it has been moved at the broadcaster's request to the local multiplexes where they are available. Not all transmitters provide those signals so not everyone can receive True Entertainment, etc. Put your full post code into…er/, select the Detailed option and give a house name/number. That will then list the available multiplexes and indicate which, if any, are the local services.

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Sunday 11 August 2019 11:27PM

Frank Hird:

The post code for the Crystal Palace transmitter is SE19 1UE

Put that into…er/, select detailed view and press Go. That will show you all the current information for Crystal Palace.

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Ben Johnson:

Please provide a full post code so that we can look at which transmitters are potentially available to you. There could be many reasons why your are getting Yorkshire and not East Midlands services.

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Alan Alder:

Your partial post code is insufficient for us to find out what the expected reception is like at your location, only a full post code is accepted by the Digital UK Coverage Checker.

As I use Mendip, I have checked all my channels and there are no problems at all. Freesports on LCN 64 is fine.

So you may have too much signal, indicated by all other channels showing a strength of 10, or else you have a poor connection in your aerial cables that is affecting just one frequency - it does happen. So please check all your aerial connections and ensure that your signal strength is between 60% and 85% on all multiplexes.

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True Entertainment
Friday 16 August 2019 9:06PM

Roger D Morris:

If you read the many replies here on this subject you will know that True Entertainment has been moved at Sony's request onto the local services where available. If you get local TV station on LCN 7 or 8 then you may well get True Entertainmentr. If you do not get local TV services then you will not be abke to get it.

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Please put your post code into…er/, select the Detailed view, add your house number and press Go. Then look at the listings for the possible transmitters for your location. You should find that though Sudbury is the best option, it is regarded as variable for 5 of the 6 multiplexes. That shows you are in a difficult reception area and a loft aerial will definitely not help matters.

Talk with your neighbours to see what their reception is like, especially if they have their aerial on the roof somewhere.

You may need to consider having Freesat with a dish instead of Freeview. That is likely to give you better reception of more programmes.

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Alan Cefni Jones:

Where abouts is your aerial? Is it on the roof? In the loft? or are you using one in the same room as the TV set?

Ideally, you should have a good wideband aerial mounted outside above the roof so it is as far away from the traffic as is possible.

Without a full post code, we have no idea how close you are to the transmitter at Llanddona so cannot advise about signal strengths, but 67% seems a bit low if you are within eye sight.

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F Byrne:

Please provide a full post code, the website used to check expected reception only accepts full post codes. The name of an area does not help us to helop you.

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