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By providing a full postcode (such as W1A 1AA), national grid reference (for example SE123456) or latitude, longitude pair (like 54, -0.5) this page will provide a map, terrain plot and detailed information of the location showing the UK and RoI television transmitters that it is possible you receive Freeview, Freeview HD, Youview, BT TV and Saorview from.

(Don't know your postcode? Find it at Post Office Postcode finder).

UK Free TV uniquely shows you transmitter coverage maps, aerial to transmitter terrain plots, the closest 10 mobile phone masts (for possible 5G-at-800 interference) as well as tabulated information (sorted by direction, by received signal strength, by frequency, by service names or by transmitter name).

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These predictions are based upon a rooftop aerial and depend on the suitability of the aerial, the distance to the transmitters, the power of their signals, the postcode area, and local terrain.

Friday, 25 April 2014
Terry Brennan
10:52 AM

Hi All,
Finally discovered a way to pose a question on this site! I have posed a question in the past but couldn't remember how I did it, old age creeping in!
I live in Newhaven East Sussex and my nearest transmitter is in Newhaven, just down the road as a matter of fact, the problem is the Newhaven transmitter is a "light " one so I have to point my aerial towards Whitehawk Hill in Brighton, since I don't want a tall pole attached to my chimney (It gets windy here on the coast) and I live in a bungalow so the pole would be a long one! my aerial is in the attic, I can receive most of the Freeview programmes but not all, is there any possibility that Newhaven will ever change to a full supplier?

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Terry Brennan's 4 posts GB flag
Ray McEvoy
2:48 PM

We have had Freeview for a number of years through a roof aerial but recently the channels have been reduced. An installation seems to get varying results with some channels appearing at reduced strength or not at all. At the moment we seem to have full strength on ITV/C4 channels but BBC and others weaker or gone. Adding channels has sometimes found further channels but usually they are watch ale for a short time before returning to"no signal" or disappearing after the next installation. Nothing has changed in respect of the aerial or set up other than possibly physical deterioration. I've tried the reset and re-installation but to no avail. Any ideas?

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Ray McEvoy's 1 post GB flag
Ray's: mapR's Freeview map terrainR's terrain plot wavesR's frequency data R's Freeview Detailed Coverage
Sunday, 27 April 2014
Clive Pollard
5:25 PM

Have lost several channels including itv4 have tried other digibox still no luck is there a problem at transmiter

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Clive Pollard's 1 post GB flag
Clive's: mapC's Freeview map terrainC's terrain plot wavesC's frequency data C's Freeview Detailed Coverage
Monday, 28 April 2014
Chris Rankin
12:37 AM

And my missing Freeview HD channels have now returned as mysteriously as they disappeared. And it wasn't my shiny new 4G aerial filter that did it, either! (If it were then I'd have had the channels back last Thursday evening rather than tonight).

So it's a happy, although unsatisfactory, ending...

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Chris Rankin's 15 posts GB flag
Chris's: mapC's Freeview map terrainC's terrain plot wavesC's frequency data C's Freeview Detailed Coverage
John Candler
8:46 PM

My freeview signal is ok for most of the time, but goes through short periods of freezing, loss of signal. It appears to occur mostly in the evenings/night and is worse on the higher channels, 58 & 60

I have a wind farm with 4 windmills about 1 mile away across the line of sight to the Sudbury transmitter. Could this be the cause?

My postcode is CO16 8DT

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John Candler's 1 post GB flag
John's: mapJ's Freeview map terrainJ's terrain plot wavesJ's frequency data J's Freeview Detailed Coverage
9:27 PM

John Candler:

We are having exactly the same problems as John Candler. It has been happening for weeks.

Most evenings between 8pm to 9pm the picture starts to pixillate then the signal goes completely and we get a blue screen.

It's nothing in our house causing the problem but we do have a lone windmill about a mile away from us.

Is there any way we can trace what is actually causing the problem?

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P.Snow's 1 post GB flag
P.Snow's: mapP's Freeview map terrainP's terrain plot wavesP's frequency data P's Freeview Detailed Coverage
Tuesday, 29 April 2014

12:03 AM

John Candler: When you say that your signal is mostly OK, it really depends on what this represents as far as the "strength" and "quality" of the signal is concerned, especially the quality!

Therefore you should carry out a signal test during daytime hours followed by one later on in the evening / night time whilst on these (Sudbury's) higher channels, namely (11) Pick TV mux Ch60, (10) ITV3 mux Ch58, making a note of the levels seen on both occasions for comparison purposes later on.

The reason for requesting the two sets of checks is because that the problem you are complaining of is inclined to suggest that although the picture might well appear to be OK during the daytime the actual levels involved are not that terribly high, whereby should they fall off slightly in the evenings due to naturally occurring atmospheric reasons, they might then be hovering at not too far above the minimum threshold level required for reception and which can cause problems of the nature described by yourself.

Although another possible reason does exist connected with the fact that three mobile phone masts are seen to be positioned in your area, because "if" one of these masts happens to be radiating a 4G signal then this can affect the reception of the high channels (Ch60 downwards) due to its powerful signal having a swamping effect on your receivers tuner, the effect of obviously being greater if the Freeview signal is falling off during night time hours.

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag
M. Archer
3:23 PM

My post code is DH7 9FW. I have a roof top aerial group CD. I am having problems with reception of the new HD service on com 7 which includes BBC news HD. There is blocking and drop out of signal The other channels are working ok. Will i need a new wide band aerial or should i receive the HD service through my existing CD group aerial. The transmitter is Pontopike. Thanks for your help.

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M. Archer's 1 post GB flag
M.'s: mapM's Freeview map terrainM's terrain plot wavesM's frequency data M's Freeview Detailed Coverage

8:00 PM

M. Archer: As the new COM7 channel is transmitted on Ch33 then your present C/D aerial will be inefficient when receiving this much lower frequency due to the active element of the aerial being too short, therefore yes! you would be much better to change the aerial to such as a Log36 as can be seen on the undermentioned link.

Online FM DAB TV Aerial sales

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