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By providing a full postcode (such as W1A 1AA), national grid reference (for example SE123456) or latitude, longitude pair (like 54, -0.5) this page will provide a map, terrain plot and detailed information of the location showing the UK and RoI television transmitters that it is possible you receive Freeview, Freeview HD, Youview, BT Vision and Saorview from.

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UK Free TV uniquely shows you transmitter coverage maps, aerial to transmitter terrain plots, the closest 10 mobile phone masts (for possible 4G-at-800 interference) as well as tabulated information (sorted by direction, by received signal strength, by frequency, by service names or by transmitter name).

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These predictions are based upon a rooftop aerial and depend on the suitability of the aerial, the distance to the transmitters, the power of their signals, the postcode area, and local terrain.

Sunday, 28 June 2020

6:15 PM

David McKay: It's down to money and what level of coverage each broadcaster is prepared to pay for, there is no one deciding which channels each individual town/village should receive. Broadcasting to all 1,100+ transmitters costs more than broadcasting to the around 90 transmitters that get the main commercial multiplexes, whilst the extra HD multiplex which broadcasts from 25 main transmitters costs less still. Flim4 +1 was moved from the PSB3 multiplex (which is broadcast from every transmitter) to COM5 which reaches around 90% of UK households. TBN were prepared to pay the extra costs of being on every transmitter (reaching 98.5% of UK households) and took the vacated space on PSB3.

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StevensOnln1's 2,859 posts GB

6:17 PM

David McKay:

It's not so much which programmes are transmitted from a specific transmitter, it's a case of which programmes are carried by a particular multiplex. There are 3 PSB (Public Service Broadcast) multiplexes, 3 main COM (commercial) multiplexes, and now only one temporary HD COM(7) multiplex.
There are some Local multiplexes which broadcast to a number of large urban areas generally with high population density, they carry a local channel and a handful of other commercial ones.

For technical and financial reasons COM7 is only broadcast from 25 main transmitters in the UK.
The 3 PSB multiplexes are broadcast from every main and relay transmitter in the UK.
The 3 main COM multiplexes are broadcast from just over 80 main transmitters in the UK, plus a very small number of "relay" transmitters in major urban areas.
Local multiplexes have much smaller coverage than main multiplexes.

The Broadcasters on the PSB multiplexes are covered primarily by legislation.
There's PSB1/BBCA which carries all the main BBC TV and Radio stations, and Local BBC stations in the relevant areas
There's PSB2/D3&4 which carries the main ITV, Channel 4 and Five programmes and some of their +1s
There's PSB3 which is the BBCB HD multiplex (for which your receiver must have a T2/HD tuner) carrying the PSB broadcasters' HD channels plus a small commercial space for an extra SD channel or two.

It is highly unlikely that any individual will have any influence whatsoever over which commercial broadcasters are carried on which commercial multiplex (or part thereof). It is a commercial decision between the broadcaster and the multiplex operator. It also a commercial decision about whether there would be any COM multiplexes on any given relay transmitter. In most cases, relay transmitters do not cover a large enough population to make it commercially viable to pay for such equipment at a transmitter.

A while ago Channel 4 decided they no longer wanted to have Film4+1 on the PSB3 multiplex (a commercial decision), it moved to COM5/ARQA. Also TBN negotiated to move from a COM mux to PSB3. Recently Shopping Quarter has moved to PSB3 (LCN74 in the EPG).

Unfortunately, you live at a location that is only reliably served by a relay transmitter (Ripponden). Although there is some poor reception predicted from the main Emley Moor transmitter, it would likely be quite unreliable. If you want a greater choice of channels, you would probably be best going for Freesat if you have a clear line-of-site to 28deg.E A lot of modern TVs have a built-in satellite tuner so you'd only need a dish and LNB if that was the case.

For a list of which Freeview channel are on which multiplex, see Channel listings | Freeview

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Chris.SE's 1,549 posts GB
Thursday, 9 July 2020
robert brown
1:15 PM
St. Albans

aerial is roof mounted,use to get good reception but after strong winds,channels like london live are just pixelated

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robert brown's 1 post GB

3:54 PM

robert brown:

We don't know which transmitter you are receiving from. Apart from Crystal Palace, there is a couple of "relay" transmitters that also broadcast the Local multiplex for London Live, eg. Reigate & Hemel Hempstead. None of these transmitters are listed for Planned Engineering, so it's more than likely that the bad weather has shifted your aerial or damaged it or the downlead. You are best having a look at it to see if it's still pointing the correct way (also compare to neighbours aerials) or whether the downlead is flapping around which could mean it's damaged etc.

If there are no visible signs of a problem, unfortunately you'll have to get someone with the correct knowledge in to check for you. Some professional installers may do that for a minimal charge unless you want/agree to them replacing/fixing the problem. If you go for an installer, try to get someone recommended or you know is ok. Lots of cowboys out there.

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Chris.SE's 1,549 posts GB
Friday, 10 July 2020
Jonathan Ellis
8:36 PM

We have an indoor aerial, that up to recently had approximately 105 channels, but we
currently only have 49 channels on the following multiplexes pointing at rowridge
CH21 8
CH22 20
CH24 17
CH27 12

Can you advise whether there have been any issues or what I can do to improve our sigoal?

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Jonathan Ellis's 1 post GB
Saturday, 11 July 2020

6:03 AM

Jonathan Ellis:

I can't find any listing of any recent/current faults at Rowridge and it's not currently listed for Planned Engineering.

Obvious things you can do is check your leads and connections. You should be getting multiplex signals on UHF channels C27 and C28 and maybe the temporary HD mux COM7 on UHF C55 and the Local mux on C37 but the latter in particular will depend upon location and we'd need a full postcode to see what your predicted reception is likely to be.

If your connections/leads are ok and the aerial is in precisely the same location as it was before. check that there hasn't been any other changes, new (metal) objects or other things nearby but especially in the "line-of-sight" to the transmitter, tree growth outside, new buildings or scaffolding being put up etc.

If there are "new" things possibly affecting reception, all you can do is try repositioning the aerial, having the rods vertical may improve reception of the 6 main multiplexes as they are also transmitted with vertical polarisation at Rowridge but you won't get COM7 or the Local mux as the are only horizontally polarised.

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Chris.SE's 1,549 posts GB
Monday, 20 July 2020
Philip Davies
2:59 PM

All Blaenplwyf Channel 25 programs are now permanently pixillated ('flying lego blocks',) and sound scrambled (squelching,, squawking, hiccuping, crunching, gulping, sneezing, squeaking noises) with a good strong signal yet only low-average to poor signal quality indicated. Also programs are appearing on different numbers after different tuning attempts (eg Horror, usually 70, can appear on 13, or even on BOTH at the same time, OR on 800; and CCTX can appear on 70 and sometimes on 13). There was work on Blaenplwyf transmitter - correct for SY24 5BT my location) a couple of weeks ago, when Channel 25 [is that multiplex 25 ?] started breaking up, and the Website warned of weak signal and possible picture breakup. However, this problem has been recurring for years now, and increasingly often, being now permanently unviewable. The 'Quality' meter on my freeview box goes up and down from average - with interference - to poor - with picture obliteration and sometimes disappearance of signal altogether (with signal strength indicating 'good' even when no picture or sound are produced !). All other Channels and programs have, and have always had, excellent signal quality and strength, with no variation, so obviously my equipment and aerial are not the source of interference, and it is the signal emanating from Blaenplwyf which is defective - yet elsewhere in the region there is no such interference ! This leads me to suspect that somewhere in the neighbourhood there may be a source of powerful electrical interference; a new Sky dish did go up next door, but only recently and the problem pre-dates that by several years. I'm told the new mobile phones can destroy freeview reception, but wouldn't that affect ALL programs ? What could possibly affect one channel, and leave all others from the same transmitter, and through the same equipment, unaffected ? And how can a strong signal be degraded on only one channel ? Any help would be appreciated.

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Philip Davies's 5 posts GB
Tuesday, 21 July 2020

4:13 AM

Philip Davies:

Hmm, you shouldn't have any reception problems with all multiplexes from Blaenplwyf, reception is predicted to be good, although the COM multiplexes aren't so high power as the PSBs.
There shouldn't be any mobile masts close enough to give you any problems, unless there's a new one sprung up and can you see it and even then it's unlikely to just affect C25.
C25 is the COM4/SDN multiplex.

It sounds as though your set's memory could do with clearing and a manual tune carried out.
Unplug the aerial and carry out an automatic tune. This should clear all previous tuning as nothing should be found. Plug the aerial back in and do a manual tune -
The UHF channels are C27, C24, C21, C25, C22, C28 that's in the order PSBs1-3, COMs4-6.
For which channels are on which multiplexes see Channel listings | Freeview
If you don't have an HD/T2 tuner you can ignore PSB3/BBCB HD C21.

It might be worth you checking that your aerial seems intact and pointing in the correct direction and that your downlead looks undamaged (especially if it is old). Also check all your coax plugs, connections, flyleads etc, unplug connectors check for corrosion or other problems and reconnect them. Flyleads are a common problem, try swapping/changing them. See what signal strengths and quality you are getting for the multiplexes (groups of channels) shown in your TV's tuning section. It should be pretty much the same for all the PSBs and maybe only fractionally less for the COMs.
Problematic connections, water ingress etc. can seem to affect reception of just an individual or several multiplexes.

Also make sure you don't have any HDMI leads near unscreened/poorly screened flyleads/aerial leads as that can cause interference.

If you have any amplifier/splitter, does it have a variable gain control? If so, turn it down a touch, too much signal can also cause the sort of problems you've seen. Be aware that when there is too much signal it is possible for the strength reading to show less - it doesn't mean the signal is less!! Problems can of course occur with certain weather conditions, interference from distant transmitters - tropospheric ducting - see also

Let us know how you get on.

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Chris.SE's 1,549 posts GB
Tuesday, 28 July 2020
Philip Davies
12:54 PM

Chris.SE: Thanks for your detailed and interesting response to my problem with mux 25 (that's Com 4 I think), on Blaenplwyf. All you say is to the point and valid. However, I have eliminated the possibility that it is my local situation - reception, equipment, local interference - which is the source of the problem: I can say this definitively because a friend 4 miles up the road with only Freeview has the exact same interference on all the mux 25 programs ! So it can only be a problem at the propagation end of the signal, i.e. the Blaenplwyf mast itself. I have done a full factory reset and retune also - no difference. I fear they have messed up this mux good-and-proper by taking bandwidth from Freeview to make way for mobile phone services in future. Of course nobody I write to or phone for help wants to admit this because Freeview is very much the 'poor relation' where broadcasting is concerned, it seems to me. Anyway, it seems mux 25 is a write-off and nobody in authority is bothered - except I got sent a 4g filter by 'at800' - which just made the picture worse and anyway then I was told there isn't any 4g or 5g coverage around here at present in any case ! No wonder almost no-one I know bothers with Freeview, but prefers to pay for cable or internet streaming.

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Philip Davies's 5 posts GB
Wednesday, 29 July 2020

2:02 AM

Philip Davies:

There's been no bandwidth "taken away" from Freeview in the way you've put it. All that's happened is that UHF channels used by some transmitters have moved to lower UHF channels. BlaenPlwyf was not affected in this way.
There've been no 700MHz clearance changes to this transmitter, no changes since 2013.
I'd suggest that we don't "give up" at this point. If someone 4 miles away has similar issues, we need to find the "common" reason for this.
Is this friend closer or further away from the transmitter?

It seems to me that there's 3 possibilities to consider. 1) A transmitter fault 2) Some widespread source of interference (yes it is possible) 3) Some problem with your installation that's similar to your friend.
(As far as transmitter problems go, there is Planned Engineering to two of the local relay transmitters listed for this week - Dolybont & Bow Street - both are relays off BlaenPlwyf both within a couple of km of you. Unfortunately the relays do not transmit the COM4/SDN multiplex, otherwise any issue would almost certainly be discovered. But if you happen to see any Arqiva vehicles around you could try asking the engineers if they could possibly check if there is an issue with COM4 at BlaenPlwyf.

To try and find out what's going on, we're going to need some more detail.
When you say your friend has "only Freeview", don't you have "only Freeview"?
You haven't mentioned whether you have any amplifier/splitter for signal to more than one set/box/device.
When you say the programmes are "permanently" pixellated, is this 24/7 or is it only occurring between certain hours? Is your friend finding exactly the same?
How old is your aerial and coax? What about your friend's aerial and coax?
Are you having any problems at all with programmes like Yesterday, Sony Movies, Talking Pictures TV or PBS America?

You said that putting in the new At800 filter caused your COM4 programmes to be worse. As there will be some "insertion loss" with the filter in circuit, this suggests the possibility that the COM4 signal may be weaker than others. Are the programmes Yesterday, Sony Movies etc affected in the same way at all?

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Chris.SE's 1,549 posts GB
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