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By providing a full postcode (such as W1A 1AA), national grid reference (for example SE123456) or latitude, longitude pair (like 54, -0.5) this page will provide a map, terrain plot and detailed information of the location showing the UK and RoI television transmitters that it is possible you receive Freeview, Freeview HD, Youview, BT Vision and Saorview from.

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UK Free TV uniquely shows you transmitter coverage maps, aerial to transmitter terrain plots, the closest 10 mobile phone masts (for possible 4G-at-800 interference) as well as tabulated information (sorted by direction, by received signal strength, by frequency, by service names or by transmitter name).

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These predictions are based upon a rooftop aerial and depend on the suitability of the aerial, the distance to the transmitters, the power of their signals, the postcode area, and local terrain.

Tuesday, 29 October 2019
Roger Livesey.
3:33 AM

Your winter hill freeview transmitter frequencies are showing to be moved from what they were two weeks ago. I am still receiving my freeview programs on channels 31,37,49,50,54,55.58 & 59. I no longer receive the programs that were on RF channels 56 & 57 possibly due to reduced signal level.
These RF channels are not as shown on your web site for the winter hill transmitter ( They are shown as RF channels 29, 31, 32, 34, 35, 37, 56, & 57. I do not get any signal on these channels except 31 & 37, which have been the usual winter hill frequencies for some time now. Is the web site wrong with regard to my indicated program frequencies or are they the intended ones after the next transmitter's retune.
Kind regards from Roger Livesey.

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Roger Livesey.'s 3 posts GB

9:40 AM

Roger Livesey.:

It has been stated many, many times on this website that the channels indicated has not been updated due to the pressure of work on the site owner, Briantist. Again, we contributors always suggest you look at the channel allocations given by the Digital UK Coverage Checker that is run on behalf of the transmitter operators and is the most accurate source for such information.

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MikeP's 3,055 posts GB
Sunday, 10 November 2019
Bert Leslie
9:30 AM

I live in Canterbury and have an indoor aerial in the loft and our current reception is from Dover.
Dover doesn't transmit COM8 programmes and my questions are:
Will Dover be upgraded to provide COM8 programmes? If so when?
Is there an alternative transmitter that covers Canterbury that provides COM8 programmes?
If there are no terrestrial options what is the simplest and cheapest alternative?

Many thanks

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Bert Leslie's 1 post GB

2:45 PM

Bert Leslie:

The Dover transmitter (nor any other not transmitting COMs 7&8) will never be upgraded to transmit them. They are temporary multiplexes currently scheduled to be closed by 2022 but that will depend on the auctioning of the small frequency band in which they sit for 5G SDL services. The frequencies immediately above and below are already allocated to 5G (hence the current 700MHz clearance program).

Whilst Dover doesn't serve all parts of the Canterbury area, eg. towards Chartham which has a Relay transmitting only the PSB muxes, there's no other major transmitter officially covering Canterbury.
The only (Meridian) transmitter in the region that I can think of that carries COMs 7&8 is Bluebell Hill. There is also Crystal Palace (London region) but you are going to need to be quite high up (and most likely N of locations like Tyler Hill, Blean, Rough Common etc) to even stand a chance of getting them. In essence it depends on location and a full postcode would be needed to look at the predicted reception. Even them you will need a really clued up aerial installer to provide you with an installation that'll give reliable reception.

The best alternative would be Freesat. If you have a very modern HD (UHD even) TV, it may already have in in-built satellite tuner so you would only need a dish and LNB. But watch any planning conditions, parts of the area will be "Conservation" areas and there can be restrictions.

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Chris.SE's 1,539 posts GB
Wednesday, 13 November 2019
gary mckenzie
8:15 PM
Newcastle Upon Tyne

Retuned as requested on 13/11/19 in postcode NE3.
Now freeview 101 - 105 are all missing...the 5 main channels no hd.

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gary mckenzie's 2 posts GB

8:49 PM

gary mckenzie:

What time did you retune? The HD mux may still have been off-air at the time. Try again, but first of all, unplug the aerial and do a full retune which should clear all existing tuning. Then plug it back in and retune again, hopefully this will restore all channels. If you are still having problems, post back with a full postcode.
I assume you are getting your signal from Pontop Pike.

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Chris.SE's 1,539 posts GB
Tuesday, 19 November 2019
Nicholas Anderson

2:16 PM

I have noticed whilst staying in the area of Minehead on the north Somerset coast that the freeview signal meant for South Wales is received instead of for the south western region of England. Can nothing be done to block the signal coming from South Wales in this area?

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Nicholas Anderson's 93 posts GB
Nicholas Anderson

2:18 PM

Can anything be done to stop the freeview signals from Wales being received on the north Somerset coast in the region of Minehead instead of the services for south western England?

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Nicholas Anderson's 93 posts GB

5:11 PM

Nicholas Anderson:

First point is in answer to your question - No! The radiation pattern of any transmitter is generally done to provide coverage to a particular area. That means that sometimes you can pick up the signal outside the intended area because with the transmitter location and the area it has to serve, it means the signal goes in that direction.

If you want a West Country transmitter, you need to point your aerial in the direction of that transmitter and not a South Wales. If both happen to be in the same direction from your particular location then it's best to do a manual tune to the UHF channels used by the wanted transmitter's multiplexes.

There is one exception that I know of however, and that's in the Carhampton area, where the channels that Kilvey Hill in South Wales were moved to back in the summer, are the same channels as Carhampton. Kilvey Hill is readily receivable on parts of the North Devon Coast. This appears to be a major blunder by DigitalUK, Arqiva and OFCOM!

Second point, I've noticed that several of your posts are appearing twice. When you make a post here, it does not appear immediately, you need to wait a short while. Please don't repeat post because you don't see your post immediately.

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Chris.SE's 1,539 posts GB
Sunday, 24 November 2019
Tom Richardson
10:24 AM

Morning Chris
Our aerial is on the roof/chimneystack.
I've re-turned our 8yearold Ferguson on 'Autotune at least ten times (although not this morning - 24/11/19)channel 4, ITV, and channel5 are all almost completely intermittent/breaking up
I'm going downstairs to have another retune/autotune go and will let you know if everything puts itself right (???)
Tom Richardson

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Tom Richardson's 1 post GB
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