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Updated - changes to Freeview channel numbers this week on September 19th 2012

This week you will need to retune your Freeview box or television set to get the latest changes to the channel number line-up.

This week you will need to retune your Freeview box or televisi
published on UK Free TV

As an update to the original plan (see Freeview channel numbers change on September 19th 2012) - the changes to Freeview this week will now be less extensive than planned, as two channels have appealed the changes.

The main changes are shown in this diagram below. You will need to do a "first time installation" to ensure the channel numbers are correct. See My Freeview box has no EPG ... or the channel line up is wrong if you don't know what to do. Another option is the list of retune instruction leaflets and manuals on the Freeview Retune - list of manuals page.

Freeview channel numbers change on September 19th 2012

The changes are now:

  • Dave and Yesterday swap over to 12 and 19
  • Really and Gold (subscription) swap over to be 17 and 20
  • The Food Network moves to 48 (from 49)
  • The Jewellery channel moves to 49 (from 60)
  • Local TV services are reserved 8 (England and Northern Ireland) and 45 (Wales and Scotland)
  • RTE1, RTE2 and TG4 are reserved 51, 52 and 53 - these start on a special "mini multiplex" for Northern Ireland on Wednesday 24th October 2012.
  • Argos TV starts on 55
  • Text services move to 200-224: 200 BBC Red Button; 201 Teletext Holidays; 202 Rabbit; 203 Gay Rabbit; 204 1-2-1 Dating; 205 Mail Travel; 206 Sky Text.
  • MHEG services move to 225-299: 225 VISION; 226 CCTV; 227 Sports Tonight; 228 Connect 1; 229 Connect 2; 230 Connect 3; 231 Racing TV; 232 The Space.
  • HD channels move to 101-120 The "normal" order of channels is restored to HD: 101 BBC One HD; 102 BBC HD; 103 ITV1 HD or STV HD or UTV HD; 104 Channel 4 HD; 105 S4C Cirlun. - (Not 100% sure this is confirmed)

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Friday, 2 November 2012
9:30 PM

thanks for your info but what i don't understand is my aerial has not moved and when the guy was here in sept to install freeview box he said leave aerial where it is as to move to the other transmitter would result in loss of channels which now seems too be the case

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John's 5 posts GB flag
John's: mapJ's Freeview map terrainJ's terrain plot wavesJ's frequency data J's Freeview Detailed Coverage
Dave Lindsay

9:56 PM

John: From what you're saying, your aerial must be pointing to Bilsdale rather than the local relay transmitter as it only carries PSB channels.

The COM channels (those that you've lost and which Guisborough doesn't broadcast) are on lower power from Bilsdale than its PSBs (those that Guisborough doesn't transmit). Consequently there will be some on the fringes who will only be able to receive PSBs from Bilsdale (same as the channels broadcast by Guisborough).

Some (who receive from Bilsdale) will have intermittant reception of COMs as digital is an all or nothing thing.

Your TV may tune to another transmitter (one which the aerial doesn't face) as a result of its automatic tuning function and if this is the case, then it needs addressing or you are likely to have intermittent/poor reception because you are using the aerial to receive from a transmitter it doesn't face.

Some receivers automatically tune at will when unattended and in situations where this results in being tuned to the wrong transmitter, then this is obviously a nuisance. In some cases this "function" (I use the term loosely!) can be turned off.

What you need to do is check to see what transmitter your receiver is tuned to for each signal (known as a multiplex):

PSB1 | BBC One | Bilsdale=C26 (Guisborough=C57)
PSB2 | ITV1 | Bilsdale=C29 (Guisborough=C60)
PSB3 | BBC One HD (if applicable) | Bilsdale=C23 (Guisborough=C53)
COM4 | ITV3 | Bilsdale=C43
COM5 | Pick TV | Bilsdale=C46
COM6 | Film4 | Bilsdale=C40

View the signal strength screen whilst on each of the above services (BBC One, ITV1, BBC One HD) and ensure that they are tuned to UHF/RF channel numbers 26, 29 and 23 respectively. If any are on 57, 60 and 53 then they are being received from the Guisborough relay.

If any are being received from the Guisborough relay, then run the automatic tuning scan through and unplug the aerial when it gets to 55% (or past C46 if it gives channel numbers during the scan). You will note that Guisborough uses higher channel numbers than Bilsdale which is why I say unplug the aerial so as not to have it plugged in when it scan Guisborough so it doesn't pick them up.

If, after doing this, any or all of the COMs are missing, then, if your receiver allows, go through to the manual tuning function and tune to 43, 46 and 40 (for ITV3, Pick TV and Film4 respectively).

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Dave Lindsay's 5,724 posts GB flag
Dave Lindsay

9:58 PM

John: Knowledge of the model of your TV or set-top box might be useful, especially if I can find its user manual online.

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Dave Lindsay's 5,724 posts GB flag
Monday, 5 November 2012
3:02 AM

Dave:Thanks For The Info
tried all tha settings that you sent to no avail had my wife up on the roof moved aerial about still nothing i can't climb ladders these days so its a bit fusterating now looking like i will need too get a est from someone to put this mess wrightbut thanks for all your effort i know more now than i did but the more people i ask it seems i am not the only one in this area too suffer this problem and we are all not happy about it still things could be worse glad i hung onto my cable a little longer was on the verge of terminating contract

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john's 5 posts GB flag
Dave Lindsay

10:04 AM

john: Did you ever have your Group A aerial replaced? In the days of four-channel analogue, aerials were usually installed that were sensitive over the "Group" of frequencies that the transmitter in question used. Each Group is a third of the band and Group A is the bottom third.

The channels you have lost are on higher channels/frequencies which are in Group B (middle third). Whilst aerials aren't sensitive to absolutely nothing out of their designated Group, they are less sensitive (how much varies by model).

Group A aerials have red tips, widebands have black tips and Group K have grey tips.

Group K can be thought of as a "semi-wideband" aerial as it combines Group A and Group B which would obviously be suited to the signals from Bilsdale (providing they are sufficiently strong at your location).

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Dave Lindsay's 5,724 posts GB flag
john galls
5:05 PM

still get my radio channels missing when i turn box back on,retune it get them back,now always get the retune after 17th oct,done that so many times now iv'e lost count.
box is a Bush BU11FVZ82,starting to annoy me now.

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john galls's 3 posts GB flag

9:33 PM

john: On reading your initial posting the thing that intrigues me is by you stating "as from yesterday" (Nov 1st) you lost about 20 channels, because as far as I can see this date was not a significant event in the technical sense suggesting that the "OK one day and not the next" problem was possibly caused closer to home like for example your box having carried out an automatic channel update, as although this dubious feature can be disabled on some devices unfortunately though on others it cannot, this creating tuning problems for viewers in certain area's such as yours where reliability of reception from a main station is not guaranteed, albeit that the main station is the one required and not a local PSB only relay. (Guisborough just over 1 mile away)

The point I wondered about was when you were previously receiving these channels were they always stable? or were they prone to suffering from glitches in the signal now and again resulting in intermittent problems like the picture freezing etc?

My reason for asking is because I suspect that these commercial channels although having been previously received "might" have been at a signal level not that terribly far above the reception cut off threshold and that your box has carried out an internally programmed automatic channel update, and unfortunately whilst doing so has bypassed the commercial channels because of them being received at too low a level to be locked onto during the auto-tune.

Taking these facts into account you should scrub everything stored in the box by auto tuning "without" the aerial being connected, then as mentioned by Dave Lindsay (Fri 2nd Nov @ 9.56pm) have a study at your boxes tuning menu to see if it offers a "manual" tuning facility, and if it does then enter Bilsdales mux channels one at a time, storing the results before passing onto the next channel to be scanned, as manual tuning will frequently be found to capture a channel that has been passed by on an auto-tune, as when a channel being scanned in manual tune its "not" being pulled by the channel hopping circuitry such as happens during an auto-tune.

By the way do you use a booster?

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag
10:57 PM

I have the same problem and I live in CHELTENHAM GLOUCESTERSHIRE.
I first thought the retune was the same as the rest.
Was I wrong.
I have lost half of my channels and the picture has differant coloured pixels all over it.
As for asking why you have to retune .
If enough people think the T.V. has packed up due too a loss of channels after the retune they go and buy another,good for sales or what.
In the future if it still works ,I will leave it alone.
I have tried all the above ideas and still have a cr*p picture

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Phill's 5 posts GB flag
Wednesday, 7 November 2012
1:19 PM

Getting intermittent pixation. Some days fine, others unwatchable.
I have retuned several times.
Have Freeview box and digital roof mounted aerial.
Any ideas?

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Sara's 2 posts EU flag
Sara's: mapS's Freeview map terrainS's terrain plot wavesS's frequency data S's Freeview Detailed Coverage

2:20 PM

Sara: When you retune, does this restore stable reception, or does the problem persist? Which channels/muxes are giving trouble? It is worth checking that the channels being stored are on the correct frequency for the transmitter that the aerial is pointing to. The Digital UK postcode checker shows that reception is possible from more than one transmitter, in particular you could have channels stored from Sutton Coldfield with the aerial pointing to Sandy Heath, or for that matter S/H if the aerial is set on S/C.

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KMJ,Derby's 1,811 posts GB flag
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