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My Sky box has a "no signal message" - what do I do?

My Sky box has a "no signal message" - what do I do?

My Sky box has a  no signal message  - what do I do?
published on UK Free TV

If you are getting the message "no signal" this would indicate that there is a problem with the signal from your dish into your box. Even without a card inserted into a Sky Digibox, if there is a signal, you will always get Sky Guide and the free channels.

Try powering off your box, remove the card, check carefully the cables, especially the connection to the dish, reapply the power and then when asked to insert your card you should then be able to see (for example) Sky News on 501 and the BBC News channel on 503.

Once you can see any channel, reinsert your card. This should, after about one minute, give you the channels you expect, such as 103, 104 and 105.

There are three ways you can attempt to reset your box. Please see What can my do when my Sky Digibox says 'No Signal' ?.

If you continue to get "No signal", you dish may have been misaligned, or there may be a fault with the cables and connectors, or a problem with the Digibox. You can see the signal strength by pressing SERVICES, then 4-SYSTEM SETUP and 6-SIGNAL STRENGTH.

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Friday, 27 January 2012

4:54 PM

jen: The only thing you can do is try swapping the box with the no signal indication over to the dish feed of another that you know is working, as either its a case of the lead that was repaired having a faulty connection, or that the box has been damaged because of its polarity switching voltage which runs through the cable at all times having been shorted out when the connection lead was chewed.

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag
Monday, 30 January 2012
3:27 PM

I have no signal with my sky box, I have carried out all the tests about re-setting, and taking out the sockets but it still does not work, also I took sky out and put in my old digal box and I could not get a signal on that, but the television was working all right.

Whats the problem please

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David's 1 post GB flag

6:00 PM

David: If the above procedures do not work, then the explanation is that you don't have a signal.

This might be because:

1) The receiver is damaged. If you can borrow another box and connect it to your existing cable, you can work this out.

2) The dish has been moved or damaged. If this is the case you will need to get it realigned or replaced.

3) Your cables are damaged. You should inspect the satellite cable - with the box's power supply off - to see if there is a problem.

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Briantist's 38,915 posts GB flag
Tuesday, 31 January 2012
6:34 PM

i have replaced a standard multiroom box with a hd box,get all hd channels through skart lead but when i use hd lead only get message THIS DISPLAY DOES NOT SUPPORT HDCP CALL 08442415161 I get picture for one second only

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peter's 1 post GB flag
Thursday, 2 February 2012
Clive Roser
2:15 PM

Have had a freesat installtion done(4xrooms) but cannot see why this was not done with a multiplexer in the loft instead of an eight way LNB.
Would there be a reason for this (also use freeview).?

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Clive Roser's 3 posts GB flag
Clive's: mapC's Freeview map terrainC's terrain plot wavesC's frequency data C's Freeview Detailed Coverage

7:54 PM

Clive the only reason to do it with an octi lnb is cost to use a multi switch amp to run to the 4 receivers could cost anything upto £1000 i think what was done was a lot cheaper

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Mazbar's 384 posts GB flag
Friday, 3 February 2012
9:51 AM

My Sony Satellite receiver shows "no signal" message, but only on certain channels (BBC1,2,3,4, Chl 4, Chl 5,5USA, 5*, 5USA+1, Film 4 & several others). Poor reception started 2 days ago, last night "lost" signal on these channels. What's happening?? Signal strength & quality are 85% or more.

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Glenn's 1 post DE flag
Sunday, 5 February 2012
al johns
11:03 AM

hi , after a power cut the sky+ hd box does not function. a message appears weak or no signal. Have tried unplug to re set no joy. Help?

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al johns's 1 post GB flag

12:31 PM

al johns: Considering the weather conditions over the last 24 hours have you had a look at the dish to make sure its not covered in snow? as a power cut as such cannot affect the box in the way you describe, although what you have mentioned is symptomatic of the reflective element of the dish being obstructed.

Should you find this the case, be careful when sweeping the snow from the arm holding the LNB, as the slightest movement will knock your signal out.

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag
Mark Agius

12:40 PM
Haywards Heath

Re: al johns
You may have snow on the satellite dish and/or dish LNB.
If you can reach your dish safely then just dust off the snow.
Otherwise you should get a signal again when the snow melts.
If you can remove the snow from the dish, make sure you don't change the dish angle.

I lost my signal last night die to snow on my dish.

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Mark Agius's 374 posts GB flag
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