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By providing a full postcode (such as W1A 1AA), national grid reference (for example SE123456) or latitude, longitude pair (like 54, -0.5) this page will provide a map, terrain plot and detailed information of the location showing the UK and RoI television transmitters that it is possible you receive Freeview, Freeview HD, Youview, BT Vision and Saorview from.

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UK Free TV uniquely shows you transmitter coverage maps, aerial to transmitter terrain plots, the closest 10 mobile phone masts (for possible 4G-at-800 interference) as well as tabulated information (sorted by direction, by received signal strength, by frequency, by service names or by transmitter name).

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These predictions are based upon a rooftop aerial and depend on the suitability of the aerial, the distance to the transmitters, the power of their signals, the postcode area, and local terrain.

Thursday, 3 August 2017
5:42 AM

StevensOnln1: Hi other group of channels that can also drop signal quality is the itv group checked cables everything ok lost quality about 6 last night but back to full quality at 9 last night maybe going to have to get ariel checked but would have thought if out of position quality would be low all of the time thanks dawn

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dawn's 4 posts GB
Friday, 4 August 2017
james jenkins
8:13 PM

lost my bbc channels this afternoon while trying to go into 24 hr bbc news.aerial is in roof but another tv is working ok off of it.

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james jenkins's 1 post GB
Tuesday, 8 August 2017
12:47 PM

Since retuning on Aug 2nd I have lost ITV3 and Drama from my set top box, ( Channels 10 and 20) but it is working fine from the ( much newer) TV freeview tuner direct. However I would ike to record from these channels and have tried turning of, tuning without aerial as suggested many times now without result. Can you suggest anything?

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sue's 1 post GB
Wednesday, 9 August 2017
Richard J Cooper

7:27 AM

I have an old Topfield PVR feeding my Wharfedale HD-ready 19 inch flat screen tv. It all worked fine until the 2nd August retune. My problem since has been that the epg does not update when a tv programme or show ends: my epg display listing starts at the top with the programme that has just ended rather than the new programme or show that has just started. This happens regardless of the epg view I choose. I've tried turning the pvr off at the plug socket and carrying out a second retune and I've deleted all the old pre-aug 2nd. channel numbers for children's channels, news channels, streamed channels, etc., but the problem remains. Could it be that the Topfield PVR has become corrupted since I retuned on 2nd. august? I have signal strength of 87% and quality 97% and the pictures and sound are fine on all channels. I've also tried changing the clock time, also to no avail. I'm at NR2 2EF, house no. 55; 10 miles NE of Tacolneston, but don't think there's anything wrong with the signal, but rather, the Topfield PVR, which is 11 or 12 years old.

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Richard J Cooper's 453 posts GB
E. Allen
2:28 PM

freeview CHANNEL 8 9 Lodon Live ), I get continual loss of signal on this channel, it has never been perfect although when the signal is there the picture and sound are perfect. What is wrong ? No other freeview channel is affected in this way.

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E. Allen's 2 posts GB
E. Allen
2:32 PM

My aerial is in the roof space. When th signal is lost my receiver says NO SIGNAL. I have a Panasonic receiver with built-in satellite receiver,

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E. Allen's 2 posts GB

10:51 PM

E. Allen: Check your signal level - is it very high or low? Lodon Live is a local channel and might be on a low power at your location, but you seemingly have a problem with your system anyway, hence the 'no signal'. Check the aerial system starting from the TV and working back - most likely problem is a loose connection or dodgy cable.

Your freesat is entirely seperate from your freeview - if you getting no signal on freeview, then freesat should be uneffected, unless you are unlucky enough to have a problem on both.

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MikeB's 2,566 posts GB

10:54 PM

Richard J Cooper: Could be the tuner (in which case just buy a cheap new one - ?25 for Freeview, ?37 for Freeview HD), or its locked onto the wrong transmitter. There seems to be loads of mistunes after the retune. Even my Manhattan box has switched transmitters, and will need a manual retune at some point.

You can always test the box by finding out what its tuned into. If its Talcneston and its still playing up, then its the box.

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MikeB's 2,566 posts GB
Thursday, 10 August 2017
Michael Martin

11:20 AM

I'm confused by the use of 'channel'. I and, I think,most people think of it as in 'Channel 4' but on this site it seems more often to mean something else. How am I supposed to understand which of the Channels 21 to 60 used by Freeview broadcast which of the Channels in the Channel 4 sense? I'm at M469PE (Winter Hill in line of sight) and for some reason ITV4 on the Humax (but not the TV) EPG has started to show 'Quest Red+1 is back ..' and I want to know how to correct it with the least effort. Some of the children's channels have also started to pixelate.
And I might as well ask here if it's normal to need several presses of the red button to bring up the text.

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Michael Martin's 33 posts GB
Maie Richards
4:11 PM
Haywards Heath

I'm very very keen to get access to TALKING PICTURES channel, which I had at other residences. We have an HD tv and a Freeview HD receiver. But I haven't seen the TALKING PICTURES channel noted on this site. Can you explain why it's not available?

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Maie Richards's 1 post GB
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