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Wednesday 25 March 2020, PM

PSBs issue joint plea to government for freelancer support

The very nature of the freelance community is that they do not have a single anchor employer they work for the industry as a whole across TV and film, which makes them particularly vulnerable in current circumstances and therefore worthy of government support. We are aware of the communication that you have received from various trade bodies and unions representing the freelance sector in the UK creatives industries and we would also urge the Government to take measures to protect the long term health of the UK creative industries, by providing a package of support to freelancers. - link
Wednesday 25 March 2020, AM

Radio's response to Coronavirus and Sean Dunderdale

The radiated a program with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio the smarter way to make radio hello, we're still here. Hope you're doing all right this week on the radio Today programme OSO much tougher going to talk to Siobhan Kelly from ready. I said to find out what help they been i…

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Tuesday 24 March 2020, AM

Connected TVs get dedicated BBC Sounds app – RadioToday

The new BBC Sounds TV app is being rolled out on YouView and Virgin devices from today, with other TV platforms coming in the future. The BBC Sounds TV app will be rolling out from today on Virgin devices and YouView devices, including some Sony TVs, and is coming to some Samsung TVs later this week, plus many more connected TVs and devices in the coming weeks and months. - link
Monday 23 March 2020, AM

BBC launches kids portal within iPlayer – TBI Vision

The BBC has launched a children's version of its iPlayer. Measures introduced specifically for children include a daily education programme for different key stages, an expansion in BBC Bitesize content, an increase in education programming on the BBC iPlayer, and the creation of two new daily education podcasts. - link

ITV slashes production by $120m, suspends long-running shows – TBI Vision

The cuts come amid news that production on long-running ITV soaps Emmerdale and Coronation Street was being suspended immediately. There is one piece of good news coming out of ITV today, with its variety show Ant Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway attracting the largest-ever viewing figures of its 16 season run. - link
Friday 20 March 2020, PM

22/03/2020 Radio 4 Feedback

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts hello has schools closed exams at cancelled cities become ghost towns many confined and the country faces unprecedented challenges, what's the role of the British Broadcasting Corporation we all need to pull together we need to use all our available resource is to i…

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#132 - Pandemic Broadcasting, Remote Working and Freelance Precariousness

Hello and welcome to the media podcast Time Olly Murs lots of news, but just one story today as we reflect on the medias response to the global Corona virus pandemic broadcasters are changing their output to meet you demand and the precarity of being a freelancer plus breaks inside the Big Brother…

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#132 - Pandemic Broadcasting, Remote Working and Freelance Precariousness

Love This podcast support this show through the a car support a feature. It's up to you. How much you give and there's no regular commitment just hit the link in the show description to support now. Hello and welcome to the media podcast Time Olly Murs lots of news, but just one story today as we r…

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5 Live to simulcast Radio 4 for six hours a day – RadioToday

BBC Radio 5 Live is changing its schedule to simulcast more hours with Radio 4 because of the pressure of COVID-19. Initial changes to the BBC's news output were announced earlier this week, but 5 Live will now simulcast with Radio 4 for six hours in the evening and overnight from Monday. - link
Friday 20 March 2020, AM

Netflix to cut streaming quality in Europe for 30 days

Netflix will reduce the streaming quality of its service in Europe for the next 30 days. The move is aimed at reducing the strain on internet service providers. - link
Thursday 19 March 2020, PM

BBC Local Radio moves to standardised schedule – RadioToday

All BBC local radio stations are moving to a new schedule format with programmes in four-hour blocks every day, RadioToday can exclusively reveal. BBC Local Radio has a large number of specialist programmes which are one, two or three hours long. - link

BBC boss not ruling out further delay to end of free TV licences for over-75s due to coronavirus

The end of free TV licences for over-75s could be pushed back further due to the coronavirus outbreak. His comments come as filming of EastEnders and top BBC dramas were halted amid the Covid-19 outbreak. - link
Thursday 19 March 2020, AM

Return of the expert

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts from BBC Radio 4 in these extraordinary times the need to hear from experts has never been greater but we are largely Reliant of course on journalist to help us with that be at the TV producers who put them on are all the reporters who summarise message so today. I …

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Wednesday 18 March 2020, AM

BBC Studios suspends filming on continuing dramas | News | Broadcast

EastEnders cut to two episodes a week - link
Tuesday 17 March 2020, PM

Health Info Radio and remote broadcasting

The radiated a program with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio the smarter way to make Stuart Clarkson it's a packed podcast this week will hear from Duncan Barkes about health information radio new DAB service has gone live this week's report the facts found coronavirus bro…

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BBC Planning To Ditch Audiences Press On With Big Studio Shows During Coronavirus

The BBC is drawing up plans to persevere with some of its most famous studio shows during the coronavirus crisis — even though it will have to sacrifice a live audience to make them happen. - link
Monday 16 March 2020, AM

Lord Hall: Why the BBC matters

Independent research shows that there is an exceptionally high correlation between places where people are aware of the BBC and places where people think positively about the UK. More than that, the BBC helps UK trade. Already we have announced more of BBC News and BBC Sounds will be based in Salford, up to 150 new roles in Bristol and a brand-new tech hub in Newcastle. - link
Friday 13 March 2020, PM

13/03/2020 Radio 4 Feedback

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts the BBC's coverage of the Corona virus epidemic or pandemic has the world Health Organization has certainly been extensive but has it sometimes being from the reporting of absolute numbers without giving adequate context by also reporting relativities is in my view …

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Thursday 12 March 2020, PM

Government stand-off with BBC over free TV licences costs it extra £600m

Government stand-off with BBC over free TV licences is costing it an extra 600m A YEAR, as over-75s rush to claim pension creditFree TV licence perk to be axed in June for over-75s not claiming pension credit. It is calling on the Government to carry on funding free TV licences for over-75s, to prevent the BBC or pensioners having to shoulder the cost. - link

Freesat 4K TV Recorder Review

For those without an aerial or suffering poor reception, Freesat has been able to provide an alternative way to get free-to-air TV - although its set-top boxes have always lagged behind Freeview units for features - but the Freesat 4K TV Recorder aims to redress the balance. Freesat has launched two products a smaller 4K TV box without recording facility and a larger 4K TV Recorder that I'm reviewing here. - link
Wednesday 11 March 2020, PM

Panic and the truth

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts from BBC Radio 4 withhold the truth, it's a concept that goes against everything out trade stands for but the spread of coronavirus is posing some huge ethical questions for journalism. Let me give you one specific example the weekend the newspaper corriere della Se…

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Wednesday 11 March 2020, AM

ARIAS 2020

Hello, I'm Stuart Clarkson it's a podcast packed with radio people this week as we take you to the London Palladium for the audio and radio industry Awards 2020. We've got arya's red carpet chat with the likes of Scott Mills Jeremy Vine and Matthew Wright and the late here are the winners of 20 of…

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Monday 09 March 2020, PM

Former BBC Radio 1 DJs join NOW 70s TV channel – RadioToday

A number of former BBC Radio 1 presenters are hosting programmes on the new NOW 70s television channel on Freeview, satellite and cable. NOW 70s is available across the UK on Freeview channel 78, as well as Sky 373, and Virgin 348. - link sits down with mobile big four to formalise plans for rural shared 4G network The Register

UK ministers are meeting the heads of O2, Three, EE and Vodafone later today to formalise plans for a Shared Rural Network, which would improve coverage in rural black spots. The infrastructure will jointly owned by the four carriers under the banner of Digital Mobile Spectrum Limited. - link
Monday 09 March 2020, AM

We Own It Channel 4

This success is linked to Channel 4’s public service broadcasting remit – producing innovative and quality content. Many people do not realise that Channel 4 is publicly owned. It is commercially run which means it funds itself through advertising and doesn’t cost us a penny. In fact, Channel 4 makes up to £2 billion for the economy each year. Profitable and high quality – what’s not to like? - link
Friday 06 March 2020, PM

#131 - Free Speech; ARIA Awards; Coronavirus Spitting Image

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#131 - Free Speech; ARIA Awards; Coronavirus Spitting Image

Love This podcast support this show through the a car support a feature. It's up to you. How much you give and there's no regular commitment just hit the link in the show description to support now. Hello and welcome to the media podcast. I'm only man on today's show Toby young, put your money wher…

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06/03/2020 Radio 4 Feedback

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts and welcome to a coroner virus-free program apart from noting that cabinet minister, Today programme we started mentioning the Menace again instead we're off to Hambridge to explore the recent child sex abuse storyline which has been much acclaimed has also left one…

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Wednesday 04 March 2020, PM

The Barclay Brothers, bugs, and The Telegraph

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts from BBC Radio 4 Secret Millionaire allegations of listening devices at The Ritz and a Daily Telegraph about the extraordinary family feud playing out in the High Court between relatives of David and Frederick Barclay it's a British version of my favourite TV show H…

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Wednesday 04 March 2020, AM

RadioToday Roundtable March 2020

The radiated a program with broadcast bionics working with the world's leading broadcasters and equipment suppliers to transform in technology and workplace welcome to the Round Table from Radio today with guilt free post in Soho which should always be your studio of when you're around this neck o…

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Friday 28 February 2020, PM

28/02/2020 Radio 4 Feedback

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts like just about every BBC News Bulletin for the last 2-weeks with coronavirus and some criticism. I think the BBC should temperate language and remember that some people are very easily frightened by the thought of the spread of disease and infection as the virus sp…

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Thursday 27 February 2020, PM

Small Screen: Big Debate | Small Screen: Big Debate

- link

Transforming TV by going back to the future

Today, technology, platforms, and behavior put consumers in control of TV in an entirely new way - whether that is through installing ad-blocking software, cutting the cord, downloading, streaming, buying, sharing, personalizing, or commenting on content in real time on social media. There's certainly potential for greater integration of TV content and interactive games. - link

Cable future may not include TV, as Cable One shows

One cable company you may have never heard of - Cable One - is proving that moving away from TV can be good for investors. As a result, Cable One has been shedding cable TV stations for years, refusing to pay increased programming costs on certain channels it has deemed replaceable. - link

Why Traditional TV Is in Trouble - The New York Times

The fanfare will kick off weeks of negotiations, with networks aiming to get advertisers to commit to billions of dollars in spending for the year ahead.But beneath the sparkle and the canaps, the networks are also navigating a serious advertising upheaval. The hottest shows on TV networks - which command the highest ad prices - are attracting older viewers, which is a challenge for brands that want to reach millennials and teens. - link

The Death of TV: 5 Reasons People Are Fleeing Traditional TV

Will anyone care if traditional TV watching goes the way of radio before it - used to watch a select few programs a couple of times a week With all the options available to watch time-shifted programming, I sit down and watch all my favorite shows when I want. - link

Television is dying and it’s our fault

In 2007, Netflix turned its attention to streaming services rather than mail-order DVDs. It was a brilliant business model as it changed the lives of those who frequently miss their favorite TV shows, but it unknowingly changed the course of the television industry. Slowly but surely, Hulu came onto the scene, as did HBO NOW and FOX NOW. However, Netflix was merely just a medium for the majority of the world’s favorite TV shows. - link

Dish Network Is Dying a Very Slow Death

As part of this mega-merger deal, Dish would take over Boost Mobile, Sprint's prepaid cellular service and build out a 5G network. Can Dish transform itself into a twenty-first-century telecommunications giant I would argue the foundation is there, but the big question that hangs over the company is what to do with its struggling satellite business. - link

I Worked for a Cable Television Company for Over a Decade. Here’s Why They Might All Soon Disappear.

I made my living selling people cable TV, internet and phone services for over a decade. I knew the end was near. - link

I Tried to Sign Up for Verizon Fios TV Service. My Experience Proves Why Cable TV is Dying a Quick Death.

She asked me to call Verizon, with her permission granted during the call to speak for her-knowing my years in this field-to see what sort of deal I could get for a bundled service of cable TV, high-speed internet and home phone service. The rep explained a tier of cable channels we could choose from along with HD channels, the same speed of internet along with unlimited phone service with a free DVR. The rate was locked for two years, as it was protected since a two-year agreement was required, at least at the time. - link

Turn Off the TV: Why Cable and Satellite Companies Like Xfinity, Fios and Dish Network Are Dying

Yes, streaming services, constant price increases, poor customer service and many other factors are killing classic cable TV and dish providers. At the core of this shift in TV viewing habits is the difference in time someone 18-34 years old spends in front of their TV as opposed to someone who is 65 and older. - link

The Death of Linear TV: Streaming, Writers Strike, Cord-Cutting More

Blu-rays replaced DVDs with their HDTV quality much like DVDs overthrew the VHS. Now, it is linear television's turn to be bludgeoned by a younger, more efficient upstart. To compete in a digital Peak TV era, many of the major players have invested in their own streaming services. - link

Producer Shawn Levy addresses 'dying experience' of appointment TV

Levy's production company, 21 Laps, is in the midst of a multi-year overall deal with Netflix to produce TV shows. The experience might not be shared at the same time. - link

Proof Cable TV Is Dying: Comcast Lost 732,000 Customers Last Year. Now They Are Raising Prices?

In a sign of just how badly managed one of the biggest telecommunications companies on the planet is, Comcast, who lost nearly three-quarters of a million customers last year, is now planning once again on raising prices. They don't seem to understand the threat presented by cord-cutters who have embraced streaming services as well as cable nevers who have never subscribed to cable TV. Knowing they face a generational shift on how people consume content, Comcast does not care for some reason, and seems hell-bent on trying to maximize profits by soaking the customers it still has. - link

The Fence, Issue 3, Politics: Off Grid

While the BBC was busy failing to change its structures and work practices with whiteboards, the most complex and unorthodox period of politics in a generation simply blew past the one group of people who were supposed to shine a light on it. The truth of the matter, seen in production meetings and panicked late night broadcasts, is that the BBC currently possesses very little idea of how to present politics at all. - link
Thursday 27 February 2020, AM

Apple does not 'let bad guys use iPhones on screen'

Film director Rian Johnson has lifted the lid on a secret in the world of product placement - Apple will not allow its kit to be used by a villainous character on screen. Apple has long cultivated an immaculate brand image and strictly controls how its products are used on the big and small screen. - link
Wednesday 26 February 2020, PM

The new wave of political magazines

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts from BBC Radio 4 magazines yes, you heard that right years of talk about the death of print from those nattering nabobs of negativism as President Nixon speech writer William safire have been disproven well for some there is a Resurgence for magazines that deal with…

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Wednesday 26 February 2020, AM

Jazz FM's 30th birthday

Ok, we're recording. How can I just get your name and position for the type my name is currently standing next to Nick Pitts is going to be on to tell us about plans for the stations 30th birthday next week and have a look back at its history and a David Lloyd's radio moments frequency changes for…

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Friday 21 February 2020, PM

21/02/2020 Radio 4 Feedback

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts, not much to report since we went off at Christmas the director-general is standing down as is the editor of the programme Saracens the chairman has been told he will not be given a second term John Pienaar is off to a x radio startup and to create the Sunday Times …

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#130 - Ofcom’s Online Oversight; BBC’s Future Fight; Hollywood Stars Make A Beeline For Berkshire

Hello and welcome to the media podcast I'm only man on today's show the government's latest Salvo against the BBC ofcom's new powers over online harms and Caroline Flack the nature of online discourse into sharp relief plus the million-pound movie studio coming to Reading and future of multilingua…

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