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TVs and boxes that do not support the 8k-mode

Here is the list from Digital UK of boxes and sets that will not receive Freeview after switchover is complete

Here is the list from Digital UK of boxes and sets that will no
published on UK Free TV

If you use one of these to watch Freeview, or are hoping to after switchover happens in your region, you will need to get a new Freeview box at switchover.

ONdigital/ITVdigital branded set top boxes

Nokia Mediamaster 9850T; Pace DTR730 and DTR735, Philips DTX6370, DTX6371 and DTX6372; Pioneer DBRT200 and DBRT210, Sony VTX-D500; Toshiba DTB2000.

If you have any of these you will need to recycle it and get a new box.

Freeview branded set top boxes

Fusion FRT100*, Pace DTVA-T "Wedge Adaptor", DT210F*, Samsung SIRU200i (Without M suffix).

Freeview, ONdigital and ITV branded integrated digital television sets

Alba ONdigital sets, Bush ONdigital sets.

Hitachi 28WDDODTN, 32WD40DTN and D36W840DTN; Panasonic TX-28DT2, TX-32DT2, TX-28DT30*, TX-32DT30*, TX-36DT30*, TX-36DT35* and TX-32DH40*; Philips 28DW6734, 32DW6834, 32DW9625, 28DW6557* and 32DW6557*.

Sanyo CE28DFN1-B, CE32DFN1-B, CE28DFN2-B, CE32DFN2-B, CE32DFN2BK-B, CE28DWN1-B, CE28DFN3-B-00, CE32DFN3-B-00, CE30LD3-B,CE30LD3BK-B, CE27LD3-B, CE23LD4-B, CE23LD4W-B, CE27LD4-B, CE27LD4BK-B, CE32LD4-B, CE32LD4BK-B, CE27LD5-B and CE32LD5-B.

Sony 28DS60, 32DS60, 28DS65, 32DS65, 28DX20, 32DX20, 28DX30, 32DX30, 28DS20, 32DS20, KP41DS1, KP51DS1, KP51DS2, KP41DS1, KP51DS1, KP51DS2, KD28DX40*, KD32DX40*, KD32DX100*, KD32NX100*, KD32NX200*, KD36NX200*; Toshiba 28WT98B, 32WT98B, 28ZT29B, 32ZT29B, 36ZT29B, 42WT29B, 50WT29B and 57WT29B.

All these sets can be upgraded - contact the supplier (numbers below) to add a Freeview box to the set.

Boxes that do not support both 2k and 8k modes

Some boxes are having problems during switchover supporting both modes at the same times:

  • Sharp TU-R160H
  • Humax 9200T
  • Thomson DTi 1000

The workaround appears to be to add the "8k" channel manually (C62 for Selkirk, for example) and then to do this procedure after switchover is complete: My Freeview box has no EPG, is missing Film4, Channel 4+1, no sound on ITV3 or the channel line up is wrong - - independent digital television and switchover advice, since 2002

This is on top of the boxes that could not cope with the changes to the Network Information Table (NIT): Daewoo DS608P, Labgear DTT100, Triax DVB 2000T, Portland DP100 and these VCR/STBs: Daewoo SV900, Bush IDVCR01

Helpline numbers

  • Alba 0871 230 1777
  • Bush 0871 230 1777
  • Daewoo 0870 100 2525
  • Hitachi 0870 405 4405
  • Humax 0870 247 8800
  • Nokia 0845 045 5555
  • Pace 0870 120 1910
  • Panasonic 0800 169 3012
  • Philips 0870 900 9070
  • Pioneer 0330 123 1240
  • Sharp 08705 274 277
  • Sony 08705 111999
  • Thomson 01443 220220
  • Toshiba 0115 976 6958

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Monday, 12 March 2012
8:51 PM

My post code is S71 3BB, not sure of the model number
i have these on the instuction manuel

529/6015 BTVD91186B
529/6022 BTVD91186P
529/6974 BTVD91216B
529/8185 BTVD91216P
529/6981 BTVD91216W

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Joanne's 8 posts GB flag
Joanne's: mapJ's Freeview map terrainJ's terrain plot wavesJ's frequency data J's Freeview Detailed Coverage
Dave Lindsay

9:16 PM

The instruction manual for Joanne's TV can be found here:….pdf

Joanne: Do you have any channels tuned in?

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Dave Lindsay's 5,724 posts GB flag

9:48 PM

Joanne: (Dave Lindsay) As you are only located at 8 miles away from the high powered Emley Moor transmitter you should beware in case you are suffering the effects of an excessively strong signal, so should you have access to a set top aerial plug that in and carry out another re-scan "if" you don't have any channels stored, as if you have then carry out another scan first without the aerial being connected, this followed by another same "after" having plugged the set top aerial in. (should you have access to one!)

Dave Lindsay: Thanks for the manual link, unfortunately though as you will no doubt see that the manual is up to the usual Bush standards, that is of leaving the technical spec that really matters out, so I wont be able to find this out until tomorrow.

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag
Dave Lindsay

10:04 PM

Joanne: Page 12 of the manual talks about "regional" options. To select Emley Moor, it (Secondary Region, I believe) should be set to "Yorkshire".

Basically which one you select changes which transmitter it is tuned to (where multiple transmitters can be received). You may find that your TV has picked up Belmont and it is identified by the region "E Yorks & Lincs" (as its primary service area is East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire). Due to the fact that E comes before Y, it could have defaulted to Belmont which is why you have poor reception on some channels and others being non-existant (if that is indeed the case).

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Dave Lindsay's 5,724 posts GB flag
Tuesday, 13 March 2012
Mark Fletcher

1:09 AM

Joanne.Barnsley S71 3BB.Parts of Barnsley is covered by both Emley Moor (already switched) and Bilsdale (due to switch Wed 12/26 Sep 2012).It is possible you may have picked up Bilsdale instead and as Bilsdale is still broacasting both analogue and lower powered pre-DSO signals,their latter especially is more prone to pixellations,picture break ups and no signal mode plus it is also more distant.Im not sure about Bilsdale whether it uses the region "Teeside and North Yorks",but if you prefer Emley Moor transmissions instead tune in to this region "Yorkshire" instead.If however you prefer Bilsdale transmissions more so once this transmitter switches to high powered DSO signals come 12/26 September 2012 then if your signals are weak now try come digital switchover.One possible other scenario is that Belmont instead of Bilsdale might have been picked up instead.

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Mark Fletcher's 673 posts GB flag
Mark's: mapM's Freeview map terrainM's terrain plot wavesM's frequency data M's Freeview Detailed Coverage
10:48 AM

i have rescan several times, my region is set to yorkshire. i am a little baffled with all this. i really am not sure what to do as it wa working one min then not the next. i have deleted all the channels and started from fresh. i do not understand why it is onlt my tele that is doin this in the house.

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Joanne's 8 posts GB flag
10:54 AM

dave... i do have some channels tunned in yes. the ones i am missing are itv, channel a and 5 itv2, e4, dave and a few others.....

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Joanne's 8 posts GB flag
Dave Lindsay

11:12 AM

Joanne: For the following programme channels, bring them up and go to "Signal Information" (see page 16, figure 3).

Hopefully it will tell you the UHF channel (frequency) that it is tuned to for each one of the following.

BBC One should be 47 (could be 22 or 34)
BBC One HD should be 41 (could be 28)
ITV3 should be 51 (could be 30 or 31)
Pick TV should be 52 (could be 53 or 27)
Yesterday should be 48 (could be 60 or 42)

For each of those programme channels, let us know which UHF channel it is tuned to.

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Dave Lindsay's 5,724 posts GB flag
11:48 AM

bbc 1 is channel 47
network yorkshire
modulationb 64QAM
quality 99
strengh 26
pick tv is 52 strengh 30
same as above
yesterday is 48
strengh 26

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Joanne's 8 posts GB flag
Dave Lindsay

12:05 PM

Joanne: Are those strengths out of a hundred? They are very low and perhaps suggest that jb38's comments above about too strong a signal might be right.

Too strong a signal is often reported by receivers as too weak a signal. It's a bit like someone shining a bright light in your eyes; you would tend to close them and therefore not see anything.

See here:

Freeview signals: too much of a good thing is bad for you | - independent free digital TV advice

If you have a booster, then you should remove it.

Are you using a roof-top or external aerial?

If you are using an outdoor aerial, try removing the aerial plug and holding it close to the aerial socket, observing the signal strength meter. Give it ten seconds or so to adjust but see if it increases when you do this.

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Dave Lindsay's 5,724 posts GB flag
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