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Want to know which transmitters will carry extra Freeview HD?

Details of the new Freeview HD transmitters to come on air next year

Details of the new Freeview HD transmitters to come on air next
published on UK Free TV

I am working on integrating this information into UK Free TV. Note there are a number of sites with restricted radiation patterns. This information may take a couple of days to generate coverage maps for.

I have used the "Nominal ERPs" (the power levels most likely to be employed in practice by the licensee).

Taken from Ofcom - Award of the 600 MHz spectrum band - it's bad news for The Wrekin and Sudbury, but good news for:

Angus com7: C31 4500W at 230m
Angus com8: C37 4500W at 230m
Beacon Hill com7: C33 4300W at 100m
Beacon Hill com8: C34 1000W at 100m
Belmont com7: C33 15400W at 342m
Belmont com8: C35 15400W at 342m
Bilsdale com7: C31 5000W at 296m
Bilsdale com8: C37 5000W at 296m
Black Hill com7: C32 9400W at 264m
Black Hill com8: C35 12500W at 264m
Bluebell Hill com7: C32 1400W at 49m
Bluebell Hill com8: C34 1400W at 49m
Caldbeck com7: C32 5400W at 331m
Caldbeck com8: C35 3600W at 331m
Caradon Hill com7: C31 10500W at 234m
Caradon Hill com8: C37 2500W at 234m
Craigkelly com7: C33 2300W at 131m
Craigkelly com8: C34 3000W at 131m
Crystal Palace com7: C33 15600W at 212m
Crystal Palace com8: C35 13500W at 204m
Darvel com7: C31 2600W at 110m
Darvel com8: C37 2600W at 110m
Divis com7: C33 4400W at 148m
Divis com8: C34 3400W at 148m
Durris com7: C32 12500W at 315m
Durris com8: C35 12500W at 315m
Emley Moor com7: C32 16700W at 279m
Emley Moor com8: C34 16700W at 279m
Fenham com7: C31 80W at 51m
Fenham com8: C37 80W at 51m
Fenton com7: C32 140W at 50m
Fenton com8: C34 140W at 50m
Hannington com7: C32 10000W at 142m
Hannington com8: C34 5500W at 142m
Mendip com7: C33 17500W at 192m
Mendip com8: C35 17500W at 192m
Moel-y-Parc com7: C32 7300W at 236m
Moel-y-Parc com8: C34 5000W at 236m
Oxford com7: C31 5800W at 161m
Oxford com8: C37 5800W at 161m
Pontop Pike com7: C33 9500W at 145m
Pontop Pike com8: C34 9500W at 145m
Ridge Hill com7: C32 4200W at 162m
Ridge Hill com8: C34 4200W at 162m
Rowridge com7: C31 25000W at 156m
Rowridge com7: C31 25000W at 156m
Rowridge com8: C37 25000W at 156m
Rowridge com8: C37 25000W at 156m
Sandy Heath com7: C32 8400W at 220m
Sandy Heath com8: C34 8400W at 220m
Sheffield com7: C31 200W at 48m
Sheffield com8: C37 200W at 48m
Sutton Coldfield com7: C33 6400W at 264m
Sutton Coldfield com8: C35 8300W at 264m
Tacolneston com7: C31 10000W at 200m
Tacolneston com8: C37 10000W at 200m
Waltham com7: C31 1400W at 260m
Waltham com8: C37 1400W at 260m
Wenvoe com7: C31 4200W at 258m
Wenvoe com8: C37 12200W at 258m
Winter Hill com7: C31 14000W at 237m
Winter Hill com8: C37 14000W at 237m

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Thursday, 18 July 2013
Mike Dimmick

12:11 AM

The reason for the low power levels is in part because Arqiva are going to reuse old assets as far as possible. The nominal ERPs match their latest Reference Offer. They're based on whatever the available antennas can handle, and what power the available transmitters can provide.

So, for example, Crystal Palace C33 will be from the PSB antenna at the top of the mast, using the transmitter previously used for pre-switchover Mux 2, while C35 will come from the COM antenna just below, and use the pre-DSO Mux B transmitter. Meanwhile, the former backup transmitters from Croydon will be travelling to Winter Hill, where they will drive the pre-switchover digital array, which has to be rotated so its null points in a different direction.….pdf for the details.

As far as which sites have been selected: "the list of 30 sites has been chosen based on indicative population coverage and ease of implementation." You have to remember just how many people the top few transmitters serve. The whole point of this is to get a cheap service serving as many people as is feasible, as soon as possible.

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Mike Dimmick's 2,486 posts GB flag
david parker

1:18 PM

I have crack it now thankyou

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david parker's 86 posts GB flag
Saturday, 20 July 2013
Charles Stuart

11:49 AM

If it becomes apparent that existing frequency allocations to mobile communications are sufficient for the foreseeable future, will COMs 7&8 be extended to cover other transmitters, with existing transmitters being given additional power?

This question is really curiosity. At the moment everyone seems to worship the mobile phone and mobile data. What if the growth in demand ends and the level of demand plateaus at a quantity that can be served by existing available bandwidth, either as is or by using new technology to utilize it more efficiently? Just because demand for mobile communications seems to have grown exponentially up until now, surely that doesn't mean it will necessarily continue so?

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Charles Stuart's 159 posts GB flag
Charles's: mapC's Freeview map terrainC's terrain plot wavesC's frequency data C's Freeview Detailed Coverage
2:47 PM

How likely are these muxes to come to other transmitters and for what (technical) reason are some main transmitters left out? In my case I'm served by Knockmore, which according to this site has both C33 and C34 free, so why aren't they being used to carry these muxes? Thankfully we have a dish set up in addition to the aerial, so we should be able to get the new channels that way. We won't however be able to use them on our YouView DVR.

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Alphathon's 4 posts GB flag
Tuesday, 23 July 2013

3:43 PM

I see that ofcom are saying that Crystal Palace and Sutton Coldfield could be broadcasting Com 7 by December this year.
Will Com 8 be broadcasting soon after?

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Aerialman's 140 posts GB flag
Monday, 10 March 2014
Johann Techman
10:56 AM

Are there any HD channels available in Hereford area,and if so where are they transmitted from?

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Johann Techman's 1 post GB flag

11:12 AM

Johann Techman: Every transmitter in the UK carries 5 HD channels, so you should be able to pick them up assuming you have Freeview HD equipment.

If you mean the extra HD channels via the com7 multiplex, then go to, put your postcode and tick the "detailed view" box. Using a sample postcode of HR2 6PD you should be able to get it from Ridge Hill later this year.

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Michael's 358 posts GB flag
Michael's: mapM's Freeview map terrainM's terrain plot wavesM's frequency data M's Freeview Detailed Coverage
Monday, 29 September 2014
10:24 PM


Please could you advise if the sudbury transmitter will get the extra HD channels soon, i.e. BBC4 and BBC news HD etc as it seems a bit unfair that such a large population area i.e. Essex should be deprived of these extra channels.
I am very disappointed as I was expecting to receive them in summer 2014 at the latest!


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sherise's 1 post GB flag
sherise's: mapS's Freeview map terrainS's terrain plot wavesS's frequency data S's Freeview Detailed Coverage
Dave Lindsay

11:04 PM

sherise: Nope, not likely. The plan was drawn up for 30 full service transmitters only, and this didn't include Sudbury, Dover or Heathfield, to name but a few.

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Dave Lindsay's 5,724 posts GB flag
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