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Want to know which transmitters will carry extra Freeview HD?

Details of the new Freeview HD transmitters to come on air next year

Details of the new Freeview HD transmitters to come on air next
published on UK Free TV

I am working on integrating this information into UK Free TV. Note there are a number of sites with restricted radiation patterns. This information may take a couple of days to generate coverage maps for.

I have used the "Nominal ERPs" (the power levels most likely to be employed in practice by the licensee).

Taken from Ofcom - Award of the 600 MHz spectrum band - it's bad news for The Wrekin and Sudbury, but good news for:

Angus com7: C31 4500W at 230m
Angus com8: C37 4500W at 230m
Beacon Hill com7: C33 4300W at 100m
Beacon Hill com8: C34 1000W at 100m
Belmont com7: C33 15400W at 342m
Belmont com8: C35 15400W at 342m
Bilsdale com7: C31 5000W at 296m
Bilsdale com8: C37 5000W at 296m
Black Hill com7: C32 9400W at 264m
Black Hill com8: C35 12500W at 264m
Bluebell Hill com7: C32 1400W at 49m
Bluebell Hill com8: C34 1400W at 49m
Caldbeck com7: C32 5400W at 331m
Caldbeck com8: C35 3600W at 331m
Caradon Hill com7: C31 10500W at 234m
Caradon Hill com8: C37 2500W at 234m
Craigkelly com7: C33 2300W at 131m
Craigkelly com8: C34 3000W at 131m
Crystal Palace com7: C33 15600W at 212m
Crystal Palace com8: C35 13500W at 204m
Darvel com7: C31 2600W at 110m
Darvel com8: C37 2600W at 110m
Divis com7: C33 4400W at 148m
Divis com8: C34 3400W at 148m
Durris com7: C32 12500W at 315m
Durris com8: C35 12500W at 315m
Emley Moor com7: C32 16700W at 279m
Emley Moor com8: C34 16700W at 279m
Fenham com7: C31 80W at 51m
Fenham com8: C37 80W at 51m
Fenton com7: C32 140W at 50m
Fenton com8: C34 140W at 50m
Hannington com7: C32 10000W at 142m
Hannington com8: C34 5500W at 142m
Mendip com7: C33 17500W at 192m
Mendip com8: C35 17500W at 192m
Moel-y-Parc com7: C32 7300W at 236m
Moel-y-Parc com8: C34 5000W at 236m
Oxford com7: C31 5800W at 161m
Oxford com8: C37 5800W at 161m
Pontop Pike com7: C33 9500W at 145m
Pontop Pike com8: C34 9500W at 145m
Ridge Hill com7: C32 4200W at 162m
Ridge Hill com8: C34 4200W at 162m
Rowridge com7: C31 25000W at 156m
Rowridge com7: C31 25000W at 156m
Rowridge com8: C37 25000W at 156m
Rowridge com8: C37 25000W at 156m
Sandy Heath com7: C32 8400W at 220m
Sandy Heath com8: C34 8400W at 220m
Sheffield com7: C31 200W at 48m
Sheffield com8: C37 200W at 48m
Sutton Coldfield com7: C33 6400W at 264m
Sutton Coldfield com8: C35 8300W at 264m
Tacolneston com7: C31 10000W at 200m
Tacolneston com8: C37 10000W at 200m
Waltham com7: C31 1400W at 260m
Waltham com8: C37 1400W at 260m
Wenvoe com7: C31 4200W at 258m
Wenvoe com8: C37 12200W at 258m
Winter Hill com7: C31 14000W at 237m
Winter Hill com8: C37 14000W at 237m

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Sunday, 4 January 2015
10:09 PM

hi,live in lawrence wston, lawrence weston road.have really poor quality freeview with no hd channels.can you please advice if the antenna is of any use at kingsweston.

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rod's 1 post GB flag

10:58 PM

rod: A postcode..?

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MikeB's 2,579 posts GB flag
Dave Lindsay

11:22 PM

rod: All transmitters carry the HD streams of BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Three, CBBC, ITV and Channel 4.

Lawrence Weston Road is on a slope, so what's possible/likely to be receivable may vary from property to property. However, I have made some general observations:

The transmitter which probably best serves the road is Wenvoe, the main transmitter serving Cardiff and the surrounding area, but obviously this carries Welsh regional programming.

There would appear to be quite a few trees in the way, which may produce erratic reception, this varying depending on when the leaves are on the trees, wind blowing them about, water/ice on them etc.

The Bristol Kings Weston transmitter broadcasts primarily to the south as the radiation pattern shows (go to the transmitter's page and click "Click/touch here to read Is the transmitter output the same in all directions?", which is immediately above the comments).

So these two factors 1. trees obstructing line-of-sight; 2. much lower signal power beamed in your direction may account for why you have difficulty.

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Dave Lindsay's 5,724 posts GB flag
Dave Lindsay

11:26 PM

rod: The most common reason for not receiving HD services is because the TV can show HD pictures but not receive them. Knowledge of make and model number would allow us to ascertain whether this is so for you.

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Dave Lindsay's 5,724 posts GB flag
Sunday, 1 March 2015
Peter Hughes
9:45 PM

When will the Sudbury transmitter be able to transmit BBC4 HD? Does anybody have an ETA or is it technically impossible?

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Peter Hughes's 1 post GB flag
Monday, 2 March 2015
Dave Lindsay

1:20 PM

Peter Hughes: The quasi-national COM7 which carries BBC Four HD (and forthcoming COM8) multiplexes are as they will be for the next four or five years, Sudbury being without.

There is talk of BBC Three closing so whether BBC Four HD will take the place of BBC Three HD, I don't know; I know some have speculated maybe someone else can confirm more solidly either way.

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Dave Lindsay's 5,724 posts GB flag
Friday, 24 April 2015
mark stewart
6:09 PM

will the extra freeview hd channels be coming to inverness iv38dn anytime soon i use a youview box through talk talk and use the rosmarkie transmitter i think, any help would be much apretiated thanks

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mark stewart's 1 post GB flag
Dave Lindsay

6:30 PM

mark stewart: They won't be, unfortunately.

The new HD services, carried on the COM7 and COM8 quasi-national multiplexes have an expected lifespan of five years, which runs until 2018. At that time frequencies are likely to be replanned and changed, so these HD services will probably become more widely available.

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Dave Lindsay's 5,724 posts GB flag
Friday, 21 August 2015
K O'Neil
7:35 PM

Anyone know when the Redruth transmitter will be able to broadcast BBC 4 HD?

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K O'Neil's 1 post GB flag
Saturday, 22 August 2015
Dave Lindsay

10:36 AM

K O'Neil: When BBC Three HD comes off air, then I wonder if BBC Four HD might take its place, thus making it available from all transmitters. I haven't seen anything concrete to suggest it might do, but it seems logical that the space will fall to it.

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Dave Lindsay's 5,724 posts GB flag
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