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What is the Inversion Effect and why does it effect my Freeview TV reception?

What is the Inversion Effect and why does it effect my Freeview TV reception?

What is the Inversion Effect and why does it effect my Freeview
published on UK Free TV

Under normal circumstances, the signals from each television transmitter can only be received by those homes and businesses that have aerials that have a direct line-of-sight to the transmitter.

(The Inversion Effect is also known as "Tropospheric Ducting")

The part of the signal from the transmitter that is directed upwards simply escapes into space and are lost.

When there is high atmospheric pressure (BBC Weather - UK Pressure chart) as the sun heats up the ground the warm air gets trapped underneath the colder air higher up. At the point where the warm air gets trapped under the cold air this creates a layer that is, in effect, a mirror for the television signals.

This means that signals that would otherwise be impossible to receive can suddenly effect your television reception.

The digital television signal uses a format called COFDM (coded orthogonal frequency division multiplexing) and this incorporates the ability to ignore reflected digital signals.

However, analogue television signals did not co-operate with each other and the picture quality is reduced. The very weak digital signals that were used before digital switchover for Freeview were badly effected by interference from reflected signals from adjacent analogue transmissions.

I recommend you look at the Tropospheric Ducting Forecast for VHF and UHF Radio and TV page for a current forecast - yellow, orange, red, and pink indicate that conditions are perfect for the effects listed above.

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Wednesday, 4 May 2016
Anje Yelf
3:50 PM

Update on Samsung TV losing sound on only HD channels.
My TV software update says I'm using version ending 2006.0
Samsung are aware of issue and my TV ue32es6800 is one of those effected.
Something to do with broadcasters changing things and now a new update for TV is expected within the next couple of weeks - so end of May 'ish.
The new software version will end with 2008.0.
So wait a while and try to get update to software as it is supposed to fix this ongoing issue.

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Anje Yelf's 3 posts GB
alexei romanov
4:53 PM

Anje Yelf: I have the exact same problem with my Samsung.

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alexei romanov's 47 posts Bronze Bronze GB
Thursday, 5 May 2016
2:53 PM Trowbridge

Anje and Alexei:

One possibility could be that you are too close to the transmitter and have too much signal. Try searching this website for 'too much of a good thing'. You should also give yopur full post code (or that of a very nearby shop of post office) so that the relative locations of your equipment and the transmitters can be determioned, plus allowing a look at the local terrain which can sometimes cause such issues.

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MikeP's 1,357 posts Gold Gold GB
MikeP's: Freeview map terrain plot frequency data R&TI Service digitaluk trade DAB coverage
Friday, 13 May 2016
Brian Passingham
12:27 PM

Recently the TV channel 8(Solent) I had very poor reception and Signal. It has now gone onto CH7, it is a little better, but even now I am only getting 47%strength, 50/100signal. But all other channels are fine, 80% on an indoor aerial, and 100% signal. With a Wolsey booster on the Aerial (2/in and 4/out)
I have installed a new Aerial, and rewired with WB100 cable.

Otherwise keep up the good work.


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Brian Passingham's 1 post GB
9:32 PM

Brian Passingham: Although the EPG number used by "That's Solent" was changed to 7, the multiplex transmitter carrying the programme is exactly the same, and so any variation in strength is more likely down to atmospheric or weather related conditions rather than anything else.

On the subject of signal strength, it has to be appreciated that the LSO transmitter the programme is carried on is only rated at 10Kw (H polarity) compared to that of 200Kw used by the main PSB channels, this power applying to vertical as well as horizontal transmissions , COM 4/5/6 also radiating at 200Kw but only on vertical polarity, 50Kw on horizontal. Taking this into consideration its not terribly unusual for the LSO mux to be received at a lower level, although you might be able to increase the strength by moving your aerial slightly to the right or left of its present position.

However, another factor exists about reception from the LSO mux, insomuch that the signal is beamed out in a fan shape from the mast to cover Portsmouth and parts of Southampton, the centre line of the fan shape being Fareham / Hambleton, and so although you are receiving the LSO mux, the strength / quality its being received at all depends on where you are located within the coverage area.

A post code or one from nearby (e.g: shop inc Post office) enabling access to the reception predictor as well as the terrain indicator. Could you also confirm (or otherwise) that the indoor aerial you refer to is of the loft mounted variety?

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jb38's 7,179 posts Platinum Platinum GB
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