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Local TV - V Media coverage

Here are details of which of the possible Local TV areas have VMedia fibreoptic digital television coverage that would support the new local TV channel.

Here are details of which of the possible  Local TV areas have
published on UK Free TV

Now a look at the provision of digital cable TV services for each of the big population areas in the UK adds another level of possibilities for Local TV coverage.

I am unable to obtain figures for the number of homes in any particular area that have cable TV services (the so-called penetration rates).

This is a map of the "cable coverage areas".

Virgin Media Coverage Map

Finally a combined table of the Freeview Interleaved and Cable coverage areas.

Looks like very bad news for local TV for Hull, Lisburn, Worcester and Oldham - without satellite.

Interleaved # City BBC region HQ ITV region HQ population FV VM
Angus 2 Dundee     154,674 good no
Belmont 2 Hull BBC Hull   301,416 no no
Bilsdale 2 Middlesbrough     142,691 part yes
Bilsdale 2 York     137,505 good yes
Black Hill 2 Glasgow BBC Scotland STV Central 629,501 good yes
..& Craigkelly 2 Edinburgh     430,082 poor yes
Caldbeck 2 Carlisle   ITV Border 101,000 good no
Caradon Hill 2 Plymouth BBC South West   243,795 no yes
Crystal Palace 2 London BBC London ITV London 7,172,091 good yes
Crystal Palace 2 Southend-on-sea     160,257 no yes
Crystal Palace 2 Slough     126,276 no yes
Crystal Palace 2 Watford     120,960 no yes
Crystal Palace 2 Crawley     100,547 no yes
Divis 2 Belfast BBC NI UTV 276,459 good yes
Divis 2 Lisburn     110,000 no no
Durris 2 Aberdeen   STV North 212,125 good no
Emley Moor 2 Leeds BBC North ITV Yorkshire 443,247 poor yes
Emley Moor 2 Wakefield     316,000 good yes
Emley Moor 2 Bradford     293,717 no yes
Emley Moor 2 Huddersfield     146,234 good yes
Emley Moor 2 Rotherham     117,262 no yes
Fenton 2 Stoke-on-Trent     259,252 good yes
Hannington 2 Reading     232,662 no yes
Heathfield 2 Eastbourne     106,562 no yes
Hemel Hempstead 2 St. Albans     130,000 good yes
Kilvey Hill 2 Swansea     169,880 good yes
Lancaster 2 Lancaster     135,000 good no
Leicester 1 Leicester     330,574 no yes
Londonderry 2 Londonderry     105,000 good yes
Bristol KW & IC 2 Bristol BBC West ITV W Country 420,556 good yes
Mendip 2 Bath     90,000 no yes
Nottingham 2 Nottingham BBC E Midlands   249,584 poor yes
Nottingham 2 Derby     229,407 no yes
Oxford 2 Swindon     155,432 no yes
Oxford 2 Oxford BBC Oxford   143,016 good yes
Pontop Pike 2 Newcastle upon Tyne BBC North East ITV North East 273,600 good yes
Pontop Pike 2 Sunderland     177,739 good no
Ridge Hill 2 Gloucester     123,205 no yes
Ridge Hill 2 Cheltenham     110,320 no yes
Ridge Hill 2 Worcester     93,000 no no
Rowridge 2 Southampton BBC South ITV Meridian 234,224 good yes
Rowridge 2 Portsmouth     186,000 no yes
Rowridge 2 Bournemouth     167,527 no yes
Poole * Poole     144,800 no yes
Rowridge 2 Chichester     108,000 no yes
Rowridge 2 Winchester     108,000 no yes
Salisbury 2 Salisbury     115,000 good yes
Sandy Heath 2 Northampton     189,474 no yes
Sandy Heath 2 Luton     185,543 no yes
Sandy Heath 2 Milton Keynes     184,506 no no
Sandy Heath 2 Peterborough     136,292 no yes
Sandy Heath 2 Cambridge BBC Cambridge   113,442 no yes
Sheffield 2 Sheffield     439,866 good yes
Stockland Hill 2 Exeter     106,772 no yes
Sudbury 2 Ipswich     138,718 no yes
Sudbury 2 Colchester     104,390 no yes
Sutton Coldfield 2 Birmingham BBC W Midlands ITV Central 970,892 part yes
Sutton Coldfield 2 Coventry     303,475 no yes
Sutton Coldfield 2 Wolverhampton     251,462 no yes
Sutton Coldfield 2 Dudley     184,619 no yes
Sutton Coldfield 2 Walsall     170,994 no yes
Sutton Coldfield 2 West Bromwich     136,940 no yes
Sutton Coldfield 2 Sutton Coldfield     105,452 good yes
Tacolneston 2 Norwich BBC East ITV Anglia 174,047 part yes
The Wrekin 2 Telford     138,241 good yes
Wenvoe 2 Cardiff BBC Wales ITV Wales 292,150 good yes
Wenvoe 2 Newport     116,143 good yes
Whitehawk Hill 2 Brighton     256,600 good yes
Winter Hill 3 Liverpool     469,017 good yes
Winter Hill 3 Manchester BBC North West ITV Granada 394,269 good yes
Winter Hill 3 Salford     221,300 good yes
Winter Hill 3 Preston     184,836 good yes
Winter Hill 3 Blackpool     142,283 good yes
Winter Hill 3 Bolton     139,403 no yes
Winter Hill 3 Stockport     136,082 no yes
Winter Hill 3 Blackburn     105,085 no yes
Winter Hill 3 Oldham     103,544 no no
Winter Hill 3 St. Helens     102,629 no yes
Winter Hill* 5* Chester     118,000 good no

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Thursday, 10 March 2011

2:08 PM

Phil: The cable companies didn't do themselves any favours when they did their installations. They dug up pavements, killed trees and blowing up the odd old lady's house.

Having local cable companies against a national satellite provider was never really going to work, and the rise of mobiles undid the ideas of profit from telephony.

Even in cities that "have cable" there are huge holes in the provision to this day.

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Briantist's 38,908 posts GB flag
Saturday, 12 March 2011

8:49 PM

Braintist: How typical do you think it is that the house where my aunty lives is so close to getting Virgin Media's services but can't because the cable thingy ends at their neighbour's house and Virgin Media refuse to extend it to her house dispite being just literally next door?

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Josh's 97 posts GB flag
Josh's: mapJ's Freeview map terrainJ's terrain plot wavesJ's frequency data J's Freeview Detailed Coverage
Monday, 14 March 2011
Des Collier

7:05 PM

BRIAN-Cable services around are also very hit & miss,parts of scunny itself has cable while the outlying villages(including where i live)have not even been wired up.

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Des Collier's 171 posts GB flag
Des's: mapD's Freeview map terrainD's terrain plot wavesD's frequency data D's Freeview Detailed Coverage
Tuesday, 15 March 2011

6:25 AM

Des Collier: Yes, this is very true. In Brighton and Hove, for example, Cable and Wireless were forbidden from doing installations in the "Conservation Areas", of which we have quite a lot.

The purpose of the table was to calculate the areas where cable coverage is non-existent (or in the case of Milton Keynes, out of date).

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Briantist's 38,908 posts GB flag

6:30 AM

Josh: Virgin Media have made a corporate decision not to expand their network beyond existing connected properties for financial reasons.

As I mentioned above, the cables networks are star-networks from the local head-end, so it isn't just a case of being able to "chuck a cable over the wall", but requires a connection back to the local box.

It is very frustrating in situations such as the one you list, but the current capital investment rules have lead Virgin Media to their current policy, however mad it might seem.

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Briantist's 38,908 posts GB flag

9:43 PM

Hi Brian, got my reply back from VM. Just thought I would share it.

Thank you for your enquiry regarding Virgin Media providing digital services at your home.

Unfortunately this area is too far from our existing network to be cabled by our infill activity.

To cable this area would require a major network extension. At this time, there are no immediate plans to extend the network into new areas if this requires main build - as this is very expensive. As we find new ways of serving areas such as this that are outwith the existing network, we will look at your request further and may be able to include this in build programmes in future years. However at this time, we will not be able to provide cable service to this area.

I appreciate this is not good news, but be assured our team have investigated this and will continue to look for other solutions that may help us achieve this in the future.

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Phil's 39 posts GB flag
Phil's: mapP's Freeview map terrainP's terrain plot wavesP's frequency data P's Freeview Detailed Coverage
Thursday, 17 March 2011

9:06 AM

Phil: What is more-or-less as I said. But not helpfully for you.

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Briantist's 38,908 posts GB flag
Sunday, 20 March 2011
5:54 PM

Hi Brian. Surely it's not as bad as you thought for Worcester? Most of the city is covered by Malvern, with good coverage predicted. The rest is divided between Sutton, the Wrekin, Bromsgrove and Ridge Hill.

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Jon's 2 posts GB flag
Monday, 21 March 2011

6:17 AM

Jon: Not with the Interleaved Frequencies available for Local TV.

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Briantist's 38,908 posts GB flag
2:27 PM

Briantist: I don't understand... The Malvern map shows good coverage for Worcester. Would the local mux not go on C51, which is in the pre-DSO aerial group of C/D? What would be wrong with that? Sorry if I am missing something obvious -- I appreciate your time explaining.

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Jon's 2 posts GB flag
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