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Ten more HD channels on two new Freeview HD multiplexes on air from 2014-18

Ofcom has recently suggested that BBC, Channel 4 and Arqiva plan for an interim Freeview HD service, before a new HD switchover in 2018 - to free up more space for 4G mobile broadband - could be put into service.

Ofcom has recently suggested that BBC, Channel 4 and Arqiva pla
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Just in case you missed it, in the recently published Securing long term benefits from scarce low frequency spectrum: UHF strategy statemen Ofcom document, footnote 64 is a link to BBC Channel 4 Arqiva - Interim use of 600 MHz for DTT which details "to make efficient use of the empty spectrum Ofcom will need to allocate two Multi-Frequency Networks (MFN) DTT licences to Arqiva".

The proposal suggest that, to allow for the move in 2018 to clear the 700MHz band of television frequencies - for allocation to mobile broadband - that two new DVB-T2 multiplexes are created in the 600MHz band. (see also Ofcom channel bingo II - introducing the bands and More Freeview capacity - COM7, COM8 and COM9 - in the 600MHz band).

The top 20 transmitter sites in the UK are, in terms of coverage:

Crystal Palace (17%), Winter Hill (10.2%), Sutton Coldfield (7.1%), Emley Moor (5.9%), Black Hill (3.6%), Sandy Heath (3.5%), Waltham (2.9%), Mendip, Belmont, Pontop Pike (all 2.7%), Rowridge (2.4%), Bilsdale (2.2%), Hannington (1.8%), Sudbury, Divis (both 1.7%), Craigkelly, Oxford (both 1.6%), Wenvoe (1.4%), Tacolneston (1.3%) and The Wrekin (just 1.1%).

The proposal states that:

"the BBC Executive plans to simulcast a third BBC television service and potentially the BBC Red Button video service in HD, Channel 4 plans to simulcast at least one, and potentially two, television services on the interim multiplex ... rollout of the 20 sites could complete in 2014"

This would, following the Arqiva strategy set out in Creation of Broadcast Layers 7, 8 and 9 in 600MHz released Spectrum - Arqiva 21 Sept 2011 potentially use the following allocations:

First multiplex

Sudbury - C31 100kW
Tacolneston - C31 100kW
Crystal Palace - C33 200kW
Sutton Coldfield - C33 200kW
The Wrekin - C33 20kW
Winter Hill - C31 100kW
Emley Moor - C32 200kW
Wenvoe - C31 100kW
Waltham - C31 50kW
Mendip - C33 100kW
Rowridge - C31 200kW
Belmont - C33 200kW
Bilsdale - C31 100kW
Black Hill - C32 100kW
Craigkelly - C33 20kW
Divis - C33 100kW
Hannington - C32 50kW
Oxford - C31 100kW
Pontop Pike - C33 100kW
Rowridge - C31 200kW
Sandy Heath - C32 200kW

Second multiplex

Sudbury - C37 100kW
Tacolneston - C37 100kW
Crystal Palace - C35 200kW
Sutton Coldfield - C35 200kW
The Wrekin - C35 20kW
Winter Hill - C37 100kW
Emley Moor - C34 200kW
Wenvoe - C37 100kW
Waltham - C37 50kW
Mendip - C35 100kW
Rowridge - C37 200kW
Belmont - C35 200kW
Bilsdale - C37 100kW
Black Hill - C35 100kW
Craigkelly - C34 20kW
Divis - C34 100kW
Hannington - C34 50kW
Oxford - C37 100kW
Pontop Pike - C34 100kW
Rowridge - C37 200kW
Sandy Heath - C34 200kW

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Friday, 25 January 2013
2:29 AM

What they are not saying to you freeview will only have 20 to 30 tv channels only and no radio also due to 4 and 5 g so every body go for freesat

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Conor's 1 post GB flag

6:06 AM

Conor, Joe Public will prefer Freeview due to no box needed how every bad the situation gets.

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David's 306 posts GB flag
Saturday, 23 February 2013

7:12 PM

For clarity will all 100 or so current SD Freeview TV & Radio Channels be switched off ? If so when will this happen in the Granada / Winter Hill region ? If not, how many SD Channels will survive and on which Muliplex ? Why not go straight from analogue to HD if this is the case ? Once fully HD will the idents/logos disappear ? (PS: I think I already know the answer to that one, he says tongue firmly in cheek).

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Nedbod's 619 posts GB flag

10:46 PM

Nedbod: Freeview will migrate to DVB-T2 over time, possibly 2018 for the COM muxes if the plan for a C22/25/28 SFN is implemented that soon. It is reasonable to assume that shopping channels, for example would continue to use SD whilst in DVB-T2, likewise the popularity of the radio channels would no doubt ensure that they continue on Freeview.As for logos disappearing- no chance, even itv has one now. The problem is too many TVs and STBs do not display the channel being received on the front panel. I have always thought that this should have been a basic requirement, like manual tuning, scart sockets and RF modulators, but sadly some receivers have none of these features.

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KMJ,Derby's 1,811 posts GB flag

11:12 PM

Nedbod: See http://stakeholders.ofcom….pdf

The report mentioned above lists 5 HD 1080-line services per DVB-T2 multiplex in 2012, 8 in 2020, 9 in 2025 and 2030, or 11, 17, 19 and 21 720-line services on a DVB-T2 multiplex.

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Briantist's 38,915 posts GB flag
Thursday, 7 March 2013
John Humphrey Williams
6:49 PM

Any news re-transmitter upgrades for the Dolgellau, Gwynedd,with regards to Freeview channels. Will all channels on Freeview appear
in the near future, or have they forgotten about this part of Wales.????

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John Humphrey Williams's 13 posts GB flag
John's: mapJ's Freeview map terrainJ's terrain plot wavesJ's frequency data J's Freeview Detailed Coverage
Saturday, 9 March 2013
Peter Henderson

2:34 AM

John:If you're stuck with a relay transmitter and Freeview Lite then the best alternative is Freesat.

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Peter Henderson's 240 posts GB flag
Les Nicol

8:01 AM

John - As Dave Lindsay and Peter Henderson have pointed out your Relay Transmitter is technically limited to the current service provided. The best service available to you is by installing "Freesat" which gives a comparable service to that of the full "Freeview" one. Apart from the initial outlay on a receiver and dish installation this Satellite delivered service is free and is backed by the BBC and ITV so is secure in the service it delivers. The setting up of the "Freesat" service a few years ago was intended to cater for areas like your own where the Terrestrial Digital service ie: "Freeview" was unavailable or delivered a limited service. In my own neck of the woods ie. Dumfries and Galloway where there are several Relay Transmitters, many have opted for "Freesat" or SKY. "Freesat" is as stated delivered "Free" (which I have installed)as opposed to the subscription service delivered by SKY.
Hope this fully explains avaiable options.

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Les Nicol's 991 posts GB flag
Peter Henderson

5:23 PM

Exactly Les.

With the Sky stations now on the Freesat EPG from just before Christmas there really isn't that much difference between Freesat and Freeview now. In fact, in many ways Freesat is actually better than Freeview.

I would imagine the UK TV stations (i.e. Dave, Yesterday) may come onto the platform eventually.

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Peter Henderson's 240 posts GB flag
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