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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

10:58 AM

John: You are aware that BBC FOUR HD moved to COM8?

COM7 is 746 MHz.

COM8 is 754 MHz.

ONID.TSID = 233A.A000
056 A180 22 5USA+1
057 A200 22 5Spike+1
064 A1E0 22 CBS Action+1
067 A170 22 CBS Reality +1
082 A1B0 22 Vintage TV
084 A1D0 22 Quest Red+1
087 A1A0 22 Keep It Country
097 A1F0 22 Pick+1
107 A000 25 BBC NEWS HD
108 A050 25 Al Jazeera Eng HD
109 A030 25 Channel 4+1 HD
110 A040 25 4seven HD
113 A150 25 RT HD
272 A160 12 Bollywood HD
733 A0D0 02 Trans World Radio

ONID.TSID = 233A.B000
040 B100 22 Rocks & Co 1
055 B090 22 5STAR+1
086 B0E0 22 More4+1
093 B140 22 Together
094 B130 22 PBS America
095 B110 22 FreeSports
096 B120 22 Forces TV
106 B040 25 BBC FOUR HD
111 B000 25 QVC HD
112 B010 25 QVC Beauty HD
115 B050 25 BT Showcase HD
205 B030 25 CBeebies HD

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js's 838 posts GB flag
11:19 AM

Hi - I knew something had changed as BBC Four HD was not working and automatically did a retune but no joy since then.

I assume my tuner card would pick up move to COM8 at retune?

I've just tried More4+1 and 5Star+1 - they aren't working either but QVC Beauty is. The only difference I can see from your list above is that the channels that aren't working on COM8 are type 22? I don't know what that means.

Also from your list some of the COM7 channels aren't working either?

Any ideas - is it just a reduction in power from the transmitter? In which case would a signal booster/splitter do the job?



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John's 7 posts GB flag

11:58 AM

John: Type 22 is SD, Type 25 is HD but that shouldn't matter.

I think the QVC Beauty you are getting is the SD version off Arqiva B.

The com8 HD version is inactive at this time-

It's beginning to look like your card's tuners are not sufficiently sensitive.

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js's 838 posts GB flag
12:39 PM

Thanks js - I'll get a booster and see if that sorts it.
Thanks for your help.


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John's 7 posts GB flag

1:26 PM


Please check what group aerial you are using. A Group A aerail will not receive Channels 55 and 56 reliably at all. The solution is to have a wideband aerial installed. As you have not given a full post code, I cannot look up which transmitter you are using and what aerial group it used before the recent changes.

You could contact the Freeview advice service, look at Important changes to Freeview TV signals | Freeview and look in the FAQ section. They will be able to assist with information and you may qualify for a free aerial replacement.

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MikeP's 3,056 posts GB flag
3:45 PM


Hi Mike - we're WS7 0BA receiving from sutton coldfield. The aeriel is about 10 years old - its massive about 5ft long with X shaped cross members.

Would this be wideband? (before I climb into the loft and have a look)


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John's 7 posts GB flag
John's: mapJ's Freeview map terrainJ's terrain plot wavesJ's frequency data J's Freeview Detailed Coverage
Thursday, 5 April 2018

1:02 PM


Difficult to tell for certain as such aerials can be configured during manufacture for any of the aerial groups. As the signal;s from Sutton Coldfield range from Channel 39 to Channel 56 (Logical Channels and not programme numbers) it means that Group B aerials may struggle to get decent reception of the upper channels. So a change to a wideband type (a log-periodic for preference) may be worth considering.

But do check all the aerial connections you can access - it is known that poor connection will affect reception performance. To do the check, unplug each aerial plug and socket, examine the wires to ensure they are fitted correctly and there are no short circuits and that the surfaces are clear of any corrosion (which will appear grey/white). Then re-insert the plugs into the correct sockets. Then recheck what channels are available. Note that for some services you need to have a TV capable of receiving Freeview HD.

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MikeP's 3,056 posts GB flag
Gary Calder
2:01 PM


Not quite true as, if like me at SO534LN, the frequency changes have been accompanied by a relocation of the mux to a different antenna lower down on the mast with lower power, removing reception coverage of mux COM8 (with COM7 to follow) in our area (confirmed by the official coverage checkers). I already have a wideband antenna with no reception of CH56 from Rowridge, so a free replacement antenna is of no use at all. Possibly the same/similar thing has happened to Tim. I've had to resort to buying a satellite box (ex-Sky multiroom, so it was only just over 20 quid from eBay) to be able to continue watching BBC4 HD.

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Gary Calder's 5 posts IE flag
Friday, 6 April 2018
2:16 PM

I live in Warlingham, NE Surrey. My TV has been at the repairers for over 4 weeks. Since I got it back on 26th March, I have retuned the TV, and the tuners in two Blu-Ray recorders that I also have. at least 3 times. I cannot get channel 106 (BBC4 HD or 108 (Al Jazeera HD) any more on Freeview: they are not included on the TV Guide either. I suspect there may be other Freeview channels missing,. but not sure. I believe my Freeview signal comes from Crystal Palace. Will we get these missing channels back, in the future, or are they lost to us for good ?

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Bob's 3 posts GB flag

7:06 PM

Bob : The COM7 & COM8 multiplexes moved to new frequencies at Crystal Palace on 21st March (UHF channels 55 & 56) which will be hard to receive if you have a Group A aerial. If you don't have satellite or cable you may be eligible to have a replacement wideband aerial fitted free of charge, which can be arranged by contacting the Freeview Advice Line (see link below).

Important changes to Freeview TV signals | Freeview

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StevensOnln1's 3,653 posts GB flag
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