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UK Free TV Trends

Keep up with the daily developments that effect free TV in the UK. This list is updated often - you can follow Briantist on Twitter for update Tweets, or use your RSS reader (such a Digg Reader) with this feed - UK Free TV Trends RSS feed.

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Wednesday 30 November 2016, AM link icon  Virgin Media unveils 4K box and large tablet

The firm also unveiled a large tablet and an online store from which its UK customers will be able to purchase HD, but not 4K, content - it had only sold rentals before. One expert suggested Virgin's initial line-up of content might disappoint. -

Tuesday 29 November 2016, AM link icon  Update on plans to reform Openreach

We are now preparing to notify the European Commission of our intention to implement these plans, requiring the legal separation of Openreach to make it more independent. We have considered carefully the calls for the structural separation of Openreach, which would split BT and Openreach into two entirely separate companies, under different ownership. -

Monday 28 November 2016, PM link icon  BBC3 capacity up for grabs

The BBC could be in for a multi-million pound windfall after putting the spectrum capacity previously used to broadcast BBC3 up for sale.The broadcaster has started a competitive bidding process for the channel capacity, which offers the opportunity to broadcast a channel from 9pm and 7am.DTT spectrum capacity can cost up to £7m for a 24-hour channel and the BBC is expected to make a portion of this for the late-night slot. - link icon  YouView heads to the cloud

YouView, which provides the television platform for BT and TalkTalk in the United Kingdom, is rolling out a new user experience to all 2.5 million YouView homes. Although originally promised as an open platform backed by British broadcasters, YouView has essentially become the basis of the television offering BT and TalkTalk, who have competed for the business by offering free or subsidised boxes to attract and retain broadband customers. - link icon  Freeview Play signals repositioning

Freeview may have been watching developments in Australia, where Freeview Australia has launched Freeview FV, offering all the main free-to-air channels through a mobile app. Perhaps, once Freeview has finished re-branding, re-positioning and re-advertising television, a concept with which most people are already fairly familiar, someone should take a long hard look at the current product and decide whether it is really fit for purpose. -

Sunday 27 November 2016, PM link icon  Pressure mounts on Theresa May to cancel scheme that offers free TV licenses to over-75s

Plans to target free TV licenses for over-75s could spark a Tory rebellion as pressure grows on Theresa May to cancel the scheme. Last year, the government announced plans for the BBC to fund the cost of free TV licenses which will cost 750m by 2020/21 - almost the entire budget of BBC One. -

Wednesday 23 November 2016, PM link icon  YouView unveils new faster, cleaner, TV user interface

The new interface leverages the cloud, meaning that YouView can quickly and easily update or add features in the background, something that the older Flash-based system wasn't so well equipped for. YouView has long been saying that YouView is the interface and that still applies whether you're a retail customer or a TalkTalk or BT TV user, everyone will get the update. -

Wednesday 23 November 2016, AM link icon  BBC DG Tony Hall vows to expand global reach of audio content to create "Netflix of the sp…

The editor-in-chief is to deliver a speech today Wednesday in which he will set out his ambition to do more globally with the BBC's audio output and production. He will tell lobby group The Voice of the Listener and Viewer at their autumn conference that Britain produces the very best radio in the world, but that the BBC can do more to make use of its world class audio content and huge archive. -

Tuesday 22 November 2016, PM link icon  Freeview reveals new Freeview Play devices » Digital TV Europe

Free-to-view UK digital-terrestrial platform Freeview has revealed a range of new devices that Freeview Play, its recently-launched on-demand offering, will be available on over the coming months. Existing leading Freeview Play suppliers include Panasonic, Humax, LG and JVC. Freeview Play brings an enhanced EPG to TVs and set-top boxes, allowing viewers to access catch-up programming from BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, Demand 5 and UKTV Play by scrolling back through the TV guide. - link icon  Amol Rajan appointed as BBC's first media editor

In his new role, Rajan will cover stories about the media industry and their impact on business, politics and culture. Rajan, who grew up in Tooting, south London, became editor of The Independent in June 2013. -

Tuesday 22 November 2016, AM link icon  Eight months after axing TV channel, BBC Three sees programming bright spots

In February, the BBC made the decision to take youth-focused channel BBC Three off TV and online only. Critics are quick to judge BBC Three by the same linear TV metrics, even though the brand is now trying its hand at video, written editorial content and podcasts. -

Monday 21 November 2016, PM link icon  DVB standardises new UHDTV features

The DVB specification supports both the Hybrid Log Gamma or HLG and the Perceptual Quantizer or PQ versions of high dynamic range. Some broadcasters may decide to adopt features such as high dynamic range, progressive scanning and higher frame rates for high definition services, potentially adding to consumer confusion. -

Sunday 20 November 2016, AM link icon  DPP presses stop on delivery of new programmes on tape

The DPP still accepts that some tape delivery remains, mostly related to programmes originally commissioned on tape, or to programmes being delivered close to transmission. Over the next few months, the DPP says it will provide common guidance on key areas such as the delivery of programmes close to transmission, and the process for lines booking and lines record. -

Thursday 17 November 2016, AM link icon  What is a GRP, or gross ratings point?

Does the GRP measure whether ads workedThat's the thing GRP is a branding metric. So why does the GRP matterThe GRP is still the dominant metric in how TV advertising is bought. -

Wednesday 16 November 2016, AM link icon  BBC World Service to broadcast news programmes in North Korea

The BBC World Service is to launch regular news programmes in North Korea as part of the biggest expansion of its journalism since the 1940s. Korean is one of 11 new language services included in proposals designed to double the number of people who can access BBC services around the world to 500 million by 2022, when the World Service will be 100 years old. -

Tuesday 15 November 2016, AM link icon  BT to introduce 'next generation' YouView service » Digital TV Europe

BT is due to introduce a 'next generation' YouView service in the coming months, while a refreshed BT TV App is due out next year. BT also plans to be the first UK broadcaster to launch Dolby Atmos sound, adding it to its BT Sport 4K UHD TV packages in January, and will start showing boxing on Saturday nights from early 2017 in a new partnership with BoxNation. -

Friday 11 November 2016, PM link icon  Broadcast TV Technical Codes

New legislation relating to the resilience of communications networks, has also been adopted since the broadcast TV technical codes were last revised. We therefore carried out a consultation, which closed in June 2016, on proposals to update and rationalise the TV technical codes. -

Thursday 10 November 2016, PM link icon  Freeview mulls ‘deeper integration' with Netflix, Amazon, Now TV » Digital TV Europe

Freeview Play, which is available on set-top boxes and connected TVs, already offers on-demand services like BBC iPlayer, the ITV Hub and All 4, alongside apps like YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime. - link icon  Dead TV signals offer broadband hope in rural Scotland

The technology has been used at London Zoo to broadcast footage of meerkats and has also been considered as a way of providing broadband at sea. BT now believes it can get fibre broadband solutions to almost 99 of UK homes by the end of 2020, so has moved its attention to technologies such as long-reach very-high-bit-rate digital subscriber line and fibre to the home. -

Monday 07 November 2016, PM link icon  Changing channels around the world

Scheduled television channels still account for the majority of viewing, despite a substantial increase in online video, particularly short-form material. The report considers groups of viewers, as either heavy, average or light viewers of traditional television, and those that watch on any screen, those that mainly view online video on computers and those that mostly use the mobile screen for video viewing other than traditional television. -

Monday 07 November 2016, AM link icon  Sky News boss: 'The only way to achieve longevity is to go through renewal'

The custom-built studio also provides a symbol of the contrast in fortunes between Ryley's news empire, which he has run for 11 years, and his former employers at the BBC. Until July, when director general Tony Hall guaranteed its future, speculation had been rife that the BBC News channel might be axed or merged with the BBC World News channel to help find the hundreds of millions in savings the BBC is being forced to make over the next few years. The proximity to the Murdoch-owned news organisations brings us to one of the big questions hanging over the long-term future of Sky News. -

Thursday 03 November 2016, AM link icon  DTG :: News :: The DTG's D-Book 9 defines latest UK TV industry requirements

The DTG's D-Book 9 is the industry determined, next generation, universally deployed specification which supports future interactive services and enables the transition towards HbbTV. Open, democratic and supportive of public policy, the D-Book is continually updated and peer-reviewed by industry experts, to help drive the UK TV market towards innovation and delivering real economic value in this vital industry. Jonathan Thompson, Chief Executive of Digital UK, said 'The DTG's D-Book has been vital to the success of digital terrestrial TV in the UK. The inclusion of HbbTV in this latest edition will allow us to streamline the specification for Freeview Play going forward and drive future innovation on the platform. - link icon  BBC iPlayer is getting this GREAT new feature sooner that you'd think

In a recent interview with Advanced-Television, BBC technology boss Andy King revealed the corporation's plans to update its iPlayer service to include 4K video output. The BBC is already filming shows in 4K and this latest news appears to show they will use the iPlayer service to beam it into homes. -

Wednesday 02 November 2016, AM link icon  Rethinking frame rate

By capturing media at a high frame rate, the visual 'look' can be resampled in software and output at appropriate frame rates for distribution in different formats. According to RealD, so long as the capture rate is 120 frames per second or higher, it is possible to produce output at lower frame rates, including fractional frame rates. - link icon  LG TVs get Freeview Play at last

Originally touted to arrive on 50 LG TVs over the summer, the first Freeview Play update released in May added little, if any, functionality. You can already find Freeview Play on Panasonic TVs and PVRs, as well as on TVs from JVC and PVRs from Humax. -

Friday 28 October 2016, PM link icon  New DAB radio transmitter for Scunthorpe

BBC Radio Humberside's David Burns is broadcasting his mid-morning programme live from Caf Indie Pendent in Scunthorpe between 9am and midday, with Nic Dakin, MP for Scunthorpe, and long-term listener, Meg Smith, who pressed the big green digital radio switch at 10.30am live on air with Burnsy to mark the moment the transmitter launched. The Scunthorpe transmitter is the final of five new transmitters which have been built to expand and boost local DAB digital coverage for over 220,000 listeners in Northern Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire, taking local DAB digital radio coverage up to 98 of households. -

Thursday 27 October 2016, AM link icon  RAJAR Q3 2016: Digital radio continues to grow

Digital listening has grown to 45.5 share, a year-on -year growth of 9, with 6 Music continuing to attract extra listeners on DAB. The BBC station has recorded a new record weekly reach of 2.34 million listeners, followed by BBC Radio 4 Extra with a weekly reach of 2.04 million listeners. Following the launch of the second national DAB commercial network broadcasting 18 national commercial stations earlier this year, digital listening hours to national commercial radio has grown by 25 year-on- year. -

Wednesday 26 October 2016, PM link icon  'Even my 78-year-old father streams'

Some fans have stopped watching football as they are fed up with the focus on money, celebrity, hype and melodrama, while others still want to watch games but can't bring themselves to pay for Sky and BT. Some go to the pub and some wait for Match of the Day, but an increasing number of supporters are turning to online streaming sites and boxes. There are fantastic, free streams out there and I doubt anyone feels any guilt in using these rather than paying the same price as a Premier League season ticket to watch live games on TV. Even my 78-year old father streams his games now. -

Monday 24 October 2016, AM link icon  Sky and Virgin Media could be forced to give iPlayer and CBeebies better slots

Labour is pushing for broadcasters including Sky and Virgin Media to do more to promote online services such as the BBC iPlayer and children's channels including CBeebies. PSBs including the BBC have become increasingly concerned that the current rules, passed into law in the Communications Act 2003, do not take into account technological developments such as the iPlayer and the new wave of smart TVs. Broadcasters such as Sky do not have to give any prominence to services such as the iPlayer, or to channels such as CBeebies and CBBC which are buried below 12 US cartoon networks in the channel listings, much to the annoyance of the BBC. PSBs including the BBC are concerned that just as more viewers turn to catch-up and on-demand services they are being made harder and harder to find, and accuse companies such as Sky of deliberately burying them in favour of their own shows and services, or those of commercial partners. -

Thursday 20 October 2016, PM link icon  TV Access Services 2016 Q1 Q2

The first bi-annual report for 2016 on the provision of access services by broadcasters under the Code on Television Access Services shows the cumulative position from January to June 2016. We expect to publish the next access services report in March 2017, and it will set out the data from the second half of 2016 to provide a cumulative figure for 2016. -

Wednesday 19 October 2016, PM link icon  Three BBC News Channel presenters set to go in cost cuts

Three BBC News Channel presenters will be among two dozen staff to lose their jobs as part of cost cuts across the corporation's national and international news channels. The cuts are part of an attempt to find 10 savings from the BBC News Channel and BBC World News after it was decided not to merge the two services in July. -

Monday 17 October 2016, PM link icon  Unbelievably good

Conform de wetgeving ten aanzien van de bescherming van gegevens verzoeken we je even de tijd te nemen om de belangrijkste punten van ons Privacybeleid door te lezen. Het beschrijft hoe wij gegevens gebruiken en welke opties je hebt. -

Monday 10 October 2016, PM link icon  Press Release: World-first Freeview FV mobile app launches in November

Offering a new TV experience with more than 15 free-to-air channels delivered live from Freeview members, the free Freeview FV mobile app also features catch-up content from all the free-to-air networks - on the go, in a single app. Freeview FV will be available to all Australians through their mobile devices and will be measured and reported through OzTAM VPM. The Freeview FV mobile app brand joins Freeview's existing hybrid TV service, FreeviewPlus. - link icon  Introducing the BBC Engineering Trainee Scheme

The BBC needs to ensure we have enough Engineers trained to the highest standard to prevent us from falling off the air and to also pioneer and innovate the future What's the BBC offering 22 month paid sponsored Masters degree You will work towards an MSc in Broadcast Engineering taught and accredited by a UK University 20,800 per annum training salary Your university tuition fees paid by the BBC A CV full of amazing work experience - See details below What you need to apply You need to have completed an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject within the last 5 years. - link icon  United Kingdom leads channels in Europe

Comparing channels established by country with their availability through service providers in the 11 sample countries, only the United Kingdom was a net exporter of channels overall, with a contribution of 916 channels. Users of service providers in the United Kingdom had the fewest channels available established in one of the other 10 sample countries, with just 31 available, while Ireland had 454 channels from one of the other countries available. - link icon  Freesat offers Metaphor for experience

Freesat does not manage or deliver channels, it simply aggregates existing free to air television and radio channels available on satellite, so the core service is about managing metadata for those channels and providing a convenient user interface for them as a package. According to Freesat data, personal video recording, together with timeshifting, accounts for about 11-12 of viewing, which is attributed back to the time slot for the channel. -

Friday 07 October 2016, AM link icon  Matt Hancock turns on Suffolk DAB radio multiplex | RadioToday


Thursday 06 October 2016, PM link icon  Americans watching fewer television channels

The numbers have tended to rise, but American television viewers are for the first time watching slightly fewer channels on average. Older viewers tend to watch more television and more channels, with those aged over 50 watching an average of 28.6 channels over a month. -

Friday 30 September 2016, PM link icon  The BBC's Bake Off bust-up with Channel 4 is not good for either of them

Channel 4's decision to take on the Great British Bake Off from the BBC is a story about Channel 4's remit, the BBC's failure to agree a deal with format owners and originators Love productions to the comings and, mostly, goings of the talent, in media terms this remains a huge story. First, as a former Labour government minister - a fact Purnell introduced in his row with Jay Hunt to give weight to his contention that C4's move made privatisation politically more likely - he would have effective control over and responsibility for a significant element of coverage, likely to be an issue for many Conservative MPs. Second, with the exception of a brief spell with a small independent production company, Purnell has no editorial experience to speak of and certainly none of actually running a TV or radio network. -

Friday 30 September 2016, AM link icon  Piracy fighters battle Kodi 'epidemic'

Tackling the use of Kodi and other set-top box software to stream pirated videos is now the top priority for rights-holders, a report says. Some shops sell set-top boxes and TV sticks known as Kodi boxes, preloaded with the software. - link icon  Freeview on why Netflix and Amazon Prime are its ‘friends'

The real-time ads, which Freeview has worked on with Anomaly and hopes to launch 300 of by the end of the year, will comment on household favourites such as Coronation Street, as well as the benefits of the Freeview Play service. Many people, he insists, are now creating their own bundles by mixing Freeview and Netflix, and then going elsewhere for their broadband. - link icon  Attitudes to potentially offensive language and gestures on TV and radio

As the regulator for the UK communications industries, one of Ofcom's important responsibilities is to set standards for offensive language in TV and radio content, and to assess if there are breaches of the rules in Ofcom's Broadcasting Code. To understand current public attitudes towards offensive language on TV and radio to establish a contemporary barometer of offensive language in terms of acceptability and to give Ofcom an understanding of the contextual factors which influence the acceptability of offensive words on TV and radio - both generally and in particular. -

Thursday 29 September 2016, PM link icon  DTG :: News :: Freeview Play Update adds support for new TV Technologies

Mandatory support for the decoding of HEVC for programmes delivered via broadband1 Optional support for Ultra HD and HDR content via broadband2 Enhanced subtitling in on-demand programmes using the EBU-TT-D standard3 Support for additional content protection technologies Freeview Play products developed using the new 2017 specification will also include enhanced search functionality, allowing viewers to find their favourite shows across on-demand players. James Jackson, Technology Director at Digital UK, said 'As more manufacturers and content providers join Freeview Play the platform is evolving for the future and embracing new technologies, including HEVC and the potential for Ultra HD via broadband. -

Wednesday 28 September 2016, AM link icon  Digital radio switchover in focus at IBC 2016

At the show, there was significant interest in digital radio - both from countries interested in setting up DAB trials, and from more established markets looking to the world's first digital radio switchover which starts in Norway in January next year. Laurence Harrison of Digital Radio UK talked about this growth in digital stations in the UK, including stations launched in the last month such as Union Jack, which plays music from British artists with the listeners picking the playlist. -

Tuesday 27 September 2016, PM link icon  DTG :: News :: DTG's roundup of IBC 2016

The DTG kicked-off IBC 2016 with a DTG Dinner to debate how we can best invigorate our Industry while bringing together traditional and new forms of digital media consumption. The DTG also helped close IBC 2016 with our CEO Richard Lindsay-Davies joining the panel to discuss the key trends coming out of this year's show. - link icon  Calling all Android users join our mobile research project

Ofcom is calling on the UK's 20 million Android smartphone users to join its first crowdsourced research project for better mobile phone services. By downloading the Ofcom Mobile Research app, mobile users can join a nationwide panel of volunteers who will help gather valuable information about mobile coverage, reliability of voice calls, mobile broadband performance and users' experiences and habits. - link icon  Helen Boaden confirms retirement from BBC Radio

BBC Director of Radio Helen Boaden has confirmed she will step down from her position within months. She started her radio career in the UK at commercial stations Radio Tees and Radio Aire before joining the BBC in 1983. -

Tuesday 27 September 2016, AM link icon  Small scale DAB trials

The trials showed that the small scale approach to DAB transmission is technically sound, and they helped Ofcom, the triallists, and wider industry to understand the practical requirements for successfully sustaining DAB radio transmissions using the small scale approach. The technical documents contain more in-depth information on the technical development and operational aspects of the small scale trials, as well as technical studies on potential frequency availability for small scale DAB, a technical report on DAB receiver performance that we commissioned during the project, and some summary results of a survey of radio stations on small scale DAB that we carried out while preparing this report. - link icon  News Corp completes acquisition of Wireless Group

Wireless Group stations including talkSPORT, Virgin Radio, Pulse and Signal Radio are now officially owned by News Corp after the sale was approved. News Corp says there are significant opportunities to grow reach in the world of sport and entertainment, share talent and cross-promote brands with the new stations, but will run the company on a standalone basis. - link icon  BT in £60m YouView takeover talks with BBC

BT is in talks towards a deal worth tens of millions of pounds for full ownership of YouView, its set-top box technology joint venture with Britain's public service broadcasters and broadband rival TalkTalk. Given the project did not meet its original objective of succeeding Freeview, BBC chiefs fear criticism if they are seen to have in effect subsidised BT. The broadcaster has pumped tens of millions of pounds from the licence fee in to the project since it was founded as Project Canvas in 2008. -

Thursday 15 September 2016, AM link icon  DTG :: News :: Nokia demonstration of the flexibility of the UHF TV broadcast band

However the event started with a presentation from Finnish Minister for Transport and Communications-Anne Berner-saying that the European Council should consider fully flexible use of the 470-694 MHz band including uplink and mobile networks should be developed to replace DTT. Anthony Whelan, Director for Electronic Communications Networks Services, DG Connect added that flexibility for downlink use is needed in the sub 700 band but with enough direction to avoid fragmentation in the market. Lastly a snapshot of interactive services available with the mobile connected to a laptop to deliver catch-up and on demand services as well as live TV. There was not a demonstration of LTE broadcast with Nokia and Qualcomm adding that developments to eMBMS with 3GPP rel-14 will enable greater opportunities for use of LTE broadcast with handsets including rel-14 features available by around 2019. -

Wednesday 14 September 2016, PM link icon  Theresa May's role in BBC chief's exit 'brutal and extraordinary' | Media | The Guardian


Monday 12 September 2016, PM link icon  C4 relocation back on the agenda

Reports have emerged that Channel 4 is to be moved to Birmingham as it prepares for its first official meeting with the government’s culture secretary.Karen Bradley, who took over from John Whittingdale in July, is expected to meet with C4 chief executive David Abraham this week and, according to The Telegraph, will set out her support for relocating the broadcaster.Bradley and culture minister Matt Hancock are not expected to pursue privatisation but believe moving the broadcaster’s headquarters north would boost the creative economy outside London. - link icon  Capital goes national on DAB Digital Radio

Global's Capital has appeared on the Digital One multiplex as Capital UK, taking the London based hit music station truly national for the first time. Capital joins other Global brands Capital XTRA, Smooth Extra, Heart extra, LBC, Classic and Radio X on D1. The only Global station not on national DAB now is Gold. -

Sunday 04 September 2016, PM link icon  BBC Studios boss: 'We're not looking for another Chris Evans on Top Gear'

Until the white paper's publication, BBC bosses were working on the assumption that, in return for freeing Studios to make programmes for other broadcasters, a minimum of 40 of BBC shows would be opened up to tender from independent producers, as had been negotiated with industry association Pact. Career 2016 director, BBC Studios 2015 acting director of television 2013 deputy director of television 2011 head of editorial standards, BBC Television 2010 member of BBC Television board 2009 controller of entertainment commissioning 2007 executive editor for entertainment commissioning 2004 director of entertainment, Talent Television 2001 managing director, Zeal Television 1997 head of entertainment, Tiger Aspect 1994 freelance series producer. -

Sunday 04 September 2016, AM link icon  The BBC's fixation on 'balance' skews the truth

It was never clear, at least to this listener, why Steve Hilton, a US resident who once fell out with the last prime minister, became one of the anti-EU stars of the BBC's Brexit coverage, to the point of assisting with analysis on referendum night. To be fair to Mr Hilton, he could hardly be blamed for embracing a dazzling career in EU punditry when the BBC pressed it upon him, nor was his inexplicable prominence the most bizarre or regrettable aspect of the coverage which, according to polling by the Electoral Reform Society, played the biggest part in the referendum in keeping the British public informed. -

Thursday 01 September 2016, PM link icon  BBC iPlayer: Viewers now need TV licence to watch catch-up

Viewers are now prompted to declare if they have a TV licence when they try to watch any content on iPlayer. The new rules apply to all devices used to access iPlayer - including laptops, smartphones, tablets, TV streaming devices and games consoles, as well as through third-party services such as Sky, Virgin or BT. A licence is not needed to watch S4C on iPlayer or to listen to BBC radio programmes. - link icon  DAB digital radio reception gets a boost in Hull

A special radio event took place in Hull on Thursday morning urging listeners in Northern Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire to retune their digital radios sets. The retune is part of a programme of essential work which will immediately switch-on four new digital transmitters at High Hunsley, Hull Clough Road, Patrington and Garrowby Hill, and one further transmitter in Scunthorpe in October, improving and expanding DAB coverage for over 220,000 listeners in Scunthorpe, Goole, Bubwith, Market Weighton and Stamford Bridge. -

Friday 12 August 2016, PM link icon  BBC launches subtitles for live channels on BBC iPlayer in world-first

BBC - BBC launches subtitles for live channels on BBC iPlayer in world-first - Media Centre. -

Monday 08 August 2016, PM link icon  Help Receiving TV and Radio

On Red Button, viewers on cable, satellite and Freeview/YouView can access upto 8 scheduled streams showing all the key sports and highlights throughout the Olympic period - cable and satellite viewers will also have the choice of watching those streams in high definition. For Freeview/Youview, additional information on how to access our Red Button Services and help with any issues can be found at our Freeview/Youview Rio 2016 page. - link icon  Video on demand viewing

Video on demand accounts for 12 of viewing time on average, but it is much higher among those aged 16-24, who claim to spend less than half of their viewing time watching live or recorded television. The video on demand adoption figure is based on Kantar Media TGI research as reported by the communications regulator Ofcom in its Communications Market Report 2016. -

Monday 08 August 2016, AM link icon  Will Self: Our digital lives and the chaos beneath

The last century has seen two related processes occur the creation of higher and higher reproductive fidelity, both of sound and image and the wider and deeper dissemination of these sounds and images. Our willingness to upload our social existence to the web, to rely on it for our orientation, and to depend on it for our memory, means that when the silvery interface between us and it becomes perturbed, we seem to be witnessing the very lineaments of the thing in itself, stripped of its fleshly and humanising coat. -

Monday 01 August 2016, PM link icon  Changes to some of our HD channels on Freeview HD/YouView for the Olympics

BBC - Changes to some of our HD channels on Freeview HD/YouView for the Olympics - Help Receiving TV and Radio. -

Monday 01 August 2016, AM link icon  TV Licence laws are changing from September 2016

Currently households only need a licence to watch broadcast TV - including through Sky and Freeview - however, new laws mean you'll need to hold a 145.50 a year licence to watch live BBC channels, stream or download programmes on demand. According to TV Licensing, if you don't require a licence, you'll need to fill out a 'no licence needed' declaration form - however this may include a household inspection by the TV licence authority. -

Friday 29 July 2016, AM link icon  Making switching easier and more reliable for consumers

This document sets out our provisional view on the difficulties consumers currently experience when they switch, or consider switching, one or more triple play services between the Openreach, KCOM, Virgin cable and Sky satellite platforms. It also sets out our provisional assessment of options for reform to reduce these difficulties and deterrents, making switching easier and more reliable for consumers. - link icon  BBC told to do more for colour blind people after election complaints

The BBC has been told to do more to help the 2 million people who are colour blind in the UK after the BBC Trust upheld a series of complaints about confusing general election graphics. Colour Blind Awareness commended presenter Jeremy Vine, the figurehead of the BBC's election graphics, but said a number of difficulties were caused by the on-screen colour palette. -

Wednesday 27 July 2016, PM link icon  Fireman Sam Qur'an row gets alarm bells ringing at BBC

Spare a thought, if you would, for the good people of the BBC complaints department. Only to be expected, you might think, after the production company apologised for the incident and cut all its ties with the animation studio, which it blamed for the mistake. -

Thursday 21 July 2016, AM link icon  Channel 4 privatisation review was Whittingdale's agenda, says Ed Vaizey

The Guardian reported in May that the government was backing away from proposals for full privatisation of Channel 4, but was still considering other measures such as part-privatisation or forcing it to sell off its 100m London HQ and move to Manchester or Birmingham. Channel 4 chairman, Charles Gurassa, has previously criticised the destabilising impact of uncertainty over the broadcaster's future that has been felt since plans for a potential sell-off emerged last autumn. -

Wednesday 20 July 2016, AM link icon  DTG :: News :: DTG HOSTS PMSE DEBATE

The DTG was recently delighted to host an informative debate on Programme Making Special Events as part of its DTG Spectrum Access Forum activity. One solution proposed by Ofcom to the reduction in spectrum available to PMSE, is for PMSE audio applications to share spectrum used by the Civil Aviation Authority between 960MHz and 1164MHz. -

Tuesday 19 July 2016, PM link icon  BBC+ The BBC, just for you – Android Apps on Google Play

BBC is the new app from the BBC that lets you mould all the content the BBC has to offer to suit your own tastes. The new BBC app lets you customise the categories so we only send you the bits of the vast store of content and contributors available through the BBC that you've shown an interest in. -

Tuesday 19 July 2016, AM link icon  BT must 'put its house in order'

For its part, BT is keen to prove that it is getting its house in order and has just announced improvements in the time it takes customers to get an appointment for an Openreach engineer to repair or install broadband. Companies such as Sky, Vodafone and TalkTalk, who pay to use the network, have claimed in the past that BT underinvested in Openreach, leading to a poor service with interruptions and slow speeds. - link icon  BBC 'personalisation' app ties together iPlayer and other digital services

The BBC has launched a new personalised app tying together access to all its digital services that it says will help the public get the most out of their licence fee. BBCPlus, which soft launches on Tuesday, collates BBC content and tailors recommendations, bringing together different services such as iPlayer and the BBC News website. -

Monday 18 July 2016, AM link icon…

- link icon  Radio Yorkshire returns to DAB in Leeds

Some of the services transferred to Bauer's Leeds multiplex but Radio Yorkshire didn't make the move. In programming news, Radio Yorkshire has also hired former Leeds and Rotherham boss Neil Redfearn as lead summariser for Leeds United Live coverage for the 2016/17 season. -

Saturday 16 July 2016, AM link icon  Ed Vaizey ends role as Communications Minister

Minister of State for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries Ed Vaizey has left the Government. He previously served as jointly Minister of State for Business and Enterprise and Minister of State for Energy in the Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition Government. -

Thursday 14 July 2016, PM link icon  John Whittingdale leaves role as Culture Secretary

John has only been in the role for 14 months, having been appointed by David Cameron in May 2015 following Sajid Javid's move to become Business Secretary. Since then he's attended many radio industry events, including the Radiocentre conference and the launch of DAB multiplexes. - link icon  BBC News channel and World News face 10% cuts after merger is ruled out

The BBC News channel and the World News service face 10 cost cuts after the corporation decided against merging the two operations. The Guardian reported in December that the corporation had shelved plans to shut the BBC News channel and replace it with digital services after coming to the conclusion that it would only save in the region of 16m. Though the costs of running the channel exceed 110m, much of that budget in areas such as newsgathering would have to be assigned to other parts of the corporation if it were to close. -

Wednesday 06 July 2016, PM link icon  About 100 BBC Monitoring jobs to be axed amid £4m cuts

At least 98 jobs at the BBC Monitoring department are to be cut ahead of a 4m reduction in funding. BBC Monitoring was set up in 1939 to tap into foreign broadcasts and propaganda during the Second World War The service was independent from the BBC, and paid for by the Ministry of Defence, the Foreign Office and the BBC World Service Since its inception, it has provided coverage of the Cold War, the Yugoslav War and most recently, the Arab Spring The service translates communications from 100 languages from 150 countries, with offices across the globe In 2013 the service began being paid for by the licence fee. -

Monday 27 June 2016, PM link icon  Brexit: CBS, Liberty Global, ITV Stocks Among Buying Opportunities After Sell-Off, Analyst…

Malone's international cable operator Liberty Global, which owns British cable firm Virgin Media among others, saw its Class A stock drop 13.1 percent on Friday, which also led some to argue that the stock was oversold. Peel Hunt analyst Alex DeGroote also says that more defensive stocks like pay TV firms, including Liberty Global, which aren't driven by advertising revenue and the like, should end up getting more attention and love from investors amid the current Brexit jitters. - link icon  BBC moves to support HbbTV

The BBC is finally dropping its insistence on the legacy MHEG standard and will support the adoption of HbbTV for interactive television services. The BBC will remove its requirement for MHEG support and will work with industry groups such as the Digital TV Group to align specifications around HbbTV. The first version of the hybrid broadcast broadband television specification published as a standard in 2010. -

Friday 24 June 2016, PM link icon  BBC commits to next HbbTV standard

The BBC has announced plans to adopt the HbbTV 2.0.1 standard. The BBC has developed a plan to move beyond legacy MHEG technology to industry-wide adoption of HbbTV 2.0.1 in time for equipment manufacturers to build HbbTV into 2018 product cycles. -

Wednesday 22 June 2016, AM link icon  BBC to scrap flagship current affairs show Scotland 2016

BBC executives lured Sarah Smith, the then Channel 4 News journalist and former More 4 News anchor, to host the show as it tried to respond to audience and political complaints that its news coverage in Scotland was too weak. Smith told the Guardian that once Scotland 2016 goes off air, Newsnight will return in Scotland to the 10.30pm slot it has across the rest of the UK, running at full length on BBC Scotland for the first time since 1999. -

Tuesday 21 June 2016, AM link icon  BBC News merger 'needless act of self-harm' says former chief

The BBC is considering replacing the two existing services with a single 24-hour news channel as part of plans to save 80m in BBC News, as the corporation as a whole looks to save an estimated 800m by 2021-22 following last year's funding settlement with the government. The BBC has also looked at a potential merger of BBC Radio 5 Live with local radio as part of its BBC News cost-saving proposals. -

Tuesday 14 June 2016, PM link icon  ITV should make more current affairs content, says Puttnam inquiry

The inquiry also recommends that, along with other public service broadcasters, ITV should be paid by platforms such as Sky which currently host its channels for free. Though ITV has been criticised for reducing current affairs output over previous decades, it recently launched Peston on Sunday, a weekly politics show fronted by former BBC business editor Robert Peston, one of a number of high profile hires. - link icon  Fairhead: BBC board needs fresh thinking

Rona Fairlead has said it will be an “enormous privilege” to chair the BBC’s new unitary board and argued that she wants “fresh thinking” to protect the interests of audiences.The BBC Trust chairman, who will see out her term on the new board after the governing body is abolished next year, said it will ensure that the corporation is focused on its duty to licence fee payers.In her first speech since being confirmed in the role, Fairlead said: “Because the new board’s role will be to ensure the management is held to account in terms of quality of output, the ways risk is managed, and in how the licence fee is spent.“Crucially, the new BBC board, like any company board, must remain focused on its primary duty. And that duty is to its shareholders. And for the BBC the shareholders are the people who – like you - pay the licence fee.”The former Financial Times Group chief executive said “fresh thinking” will be critical to this as she helps assemble the unitary board. “I want us to think differently about how we connect with everyone around the UK. Take their temperature. Act on their concerns,” she told the National Federation of Women’s Institutes.Fairhead added that there must be “clear water” between the government and the new unitary board to preserve the BBC’s independence.“We must have editorial and creative independence, with no scope for interference. And that means financial independence too,” she said.Fairhead will head up the new board until at least 2018

Tuesday 14 June 2016, AM link icon  everything you need to know

To receive those your TV or set-top box will have to support Freeview HD and you'll need to have HD coverage in your area, check you postcode here. Models such as the Panasonic Viera TX-40DX700B use Firefox OS as the underlying operating system and use Freeview Play for watching TV. The TVs have all of the catch-up apps available, so you can use these independently, or you can use the Freeview Play EPG to find content to watch. -

Monday 13 June 2016, AM link icon  Jerry Springer to broadcast weekly on talkRADIO

TalkRADIO is to broadcast a bespoke version of Jerry Springer's podcast show, every Saturday at midnight. Jerry started his broadcasting career on University radio in Cincinnati before moving on to local stations. - link icon  UK facing 'digital skills crisis' warn MPs

The report found that.22 of IT equipment in schools is ineffective Just 35 of computer science teachers had a relevant qualification Only 70 of the required number of computer science teachers have been recruited The UK needs another 745,000 workers with digital skills by 2017 90 of jobs require digital skills to some degree Skills gap costs economy around 63bn a year in lost income. Our Digital Strategy, to be published shortly, will set out how we will help employers and individuals access the tools they need to power our digital economy. -

Thursday 09 June 2016, PM link icon  Does the government want the BBC to be a state broadcaster?

Dunja Mijatovic, the human rights advocate who is the OSCE's representative on freedom of the media, points out that in some cases the transformation of state television into a public one was a condition of these new democracies becoming member states of the Council of Europe. Government control exercised through its planned unitary board takes the UK closer to eastern European models, even allowing for the fact that the government already appoints the chair and deputy chair overseeing the BBC. Is this really the direction of travel Britain should be taking -