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Tuesday 17 May 2016, PM link icon  Save BBC recipe archive petition signed by more than 25,000 people

More than 25,000 people had signed a petition calling for the BBC to reverse its decision the morning after news emerged the BBC was planning to close its food website. One BBC source said that no more than 50 jobs would be affected by decision made as part of its Online Creative Review. -

Monday 16 May 2016, PM link icon  BBC set to launch Britflix rival to Netflix after John Whittingdale approves subscription …

A source with knowledge of the project said that ITV was involved, along with a number of production companies, including NBC Universal, the parent company of Downton Abbey maker Carnival Films. The putative service would carry British broadcasters' archive content, as well as commissioning its own original series much like Netflix, which has developed hit shows such as Narcos and Making a Murderer. - link icon  I'm slaughtered by the right for criticising BBC reform at the Baftas

When I criticise a Conservative government for exactly the same power grab, the right of the party attacks with one voice - and a very personalised attack at that. Isn't the attempt to pack the board of a public service broadcaster exactly the kind of attack on free speech, exactly the kind of insidious encroachment of big and centralising government that the right has always wisely opposed when it hails from the left -

Sunday 15 May 2016, PM link icon  What next for the BBC? Birt, Iannucci, Puttnam and more on its future

Let the new charter commit governments to proposing the right level of the BBC's future funding let the BBC and independent scrutiny assess the consequences of that funding let the public have their say about what they're willing to pay, and then let parliament debate the proposition - publicly, transparently. Above all, what will the process for renewing and setting the licence fee be The BBC should be more transparent about how it spends its funds, but the government also needs to commit to an orderly and open debate about BBC funding. -

Saturday 14 May 2016, AM link icon  The BBC is still in danger after the white paper

Ever since its monopoly was broken by the introduction of commercial TV in the 1950s, it's been an economic necessity for the BBC to keep an eye on ratings - if only to justify the universal licence fee. It is odd that the newspapers which screamed that the Leveson proposal for a watchdog to make sure that the press-appointed ombudsman was working properly was government interference with the freedom of the press are now strangely quiet about government plans to appoint half the members of a new BBC governing body and interfere with the corporation's finances. -

Friday 13 May 2016, PM link icon  BBC white paper: Broadcaster to be regulated by Ofcom for the first time and run by new un…

The BBC is set to regulated by Ofcom for the first time and run by a unitary board appointed by the government and the BBC itself. The former deputy governor of the Bank of England recommended that the current governing body, the BBC Trust, be abolished and suggested the corporation be regulated entirely by Ofcom. - link icon  ITV advertising hit by Brexit uncertainty

Print a single copy of this article for personal use. Contact us if you wish to print more to distribute to others. - link icon  BBC to support future DAB switchover plans

The Government's White Paper on the future of the BBC has been issued and says it will provide the BBC long term stability and a strong foundation for it to continue to inform, educate and entertain the entire British public. A decision on the digital switchover is likely to be taken at some point during the next charter period and the Government would expect that the BBC completes the final phase of its national DAB network so coverage is equal to that of FM. BBC Nations services in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland DAB coverage should also match FM coverage. -

Thursday 12 May 2016, AM link icon  but the BBC's new board must be resisted

That's what must be resisted, not just because this Tory government has a bizarre visceral antipathy to the very idea that our great public broadcaster is such a success, but because Labour governments have a bad record too of trying to intimidate the BBC. I was in the newsroom as social affairs editor in the run-up to the 1997 election, and heard the nightly bellowing threats down the phone by Peter Mandelson and Alastair Campbell, even before the bulletin went out. Can the Archers and EastEnders fans, news junkies, Radio 3, Hollow Crown and Strictly fans be mobilised over the nature of the BBC's governing board The government plainly thinks it has stopped the public outcry - even as it still pursues its intent to curb, control and shrink our greatest national glory. - link icon  'The BBC belongs to the public, not the government': readers defend the corporation

The BBC belongs to us, the public, not the government. The BBC should remain editorially independent of the government and should strive at all times to reflect, in an unbiased and inclusive way, the people and communities it reaches, both in the UK and abroad. Let it remain a flagship of broadcasting, admired throughout the world. -

Wednesday 11 May 2016, AM link icon  Freeview: More BBC Local Radio stations are coming

The BBC is preparing to add further local radio stations in England on Freeview, over a year after the broadcaster started to add local stations to the platform. The service will not be on Freeview for listeners in the Buxton area, who must continue to tune in on FM. BBC Radio Sheffield - In Sheffield, many Freeview users have their aerials pointing towards Emley Moor or the more distant Belmont transmitter - BBC Radio Sheffield will therefore be available in both the Yorkshire and East Yorks / Lincolnshire TV regions. -

Tuesday 10 May 2016, PM link icon  Internet Video Views Is A 100 Percent Bullshit Metric

The new conventional wisdom is that video will be digital media's savior, but it is only a matter of time before this is proven false too. Rather than advertising based upon how many women are expected to watch a video, advertisers will be able to advertise based upon how many women aged 18-29 who live in the Dallas area, are single, and say Shawshank Redemption is their favorite movie, are expected to watch a video. - link icon  BBC white paper could spark revolt among Conservative MPs

MPs fear that the white paper to be published on Thursday could give the government too much influence over the BBC, with plans to give greater powers to a new unitary board and media regulator Ofcom, and to curtail the corporation's content. It is unclear how much MPs can do, given the fact that the royal charter governing the BBC is finally defined by an agreement between the culture secretary and the BBC following the publication of the white paper. -

Monday 09 May 2016, AM link icon  Bafta TV awards 2016: Wolf Hall director says BBC is under threat

The government came under unprecedented attack at the Bafta TV awards on Sunday, where the BBC swept the board with double wins for BBC2's Mark Rylance drama Wolf Hall and Peter Kay sitcom Car Share. Winning the prize for his role as Thomas Cromwell in Wolf Hall capped an extraordinary year for Rylance, who also won an Oscar and a Bafta film award for Steven Spielberg's Bridge of Spies. -

Sunday 08 May 2016, PM link icon  Channel 4's David Abraham: why wreck a winning formula with privatisation?

David Abraham is chief executive of Channel 4 Television and a former chief executive of UKTV. This is an edited extract from What Price Channel 4 a collection of essays published by Abramis and edited by John Mair, Fiona Chesterton, David Lloyd, Ian Reeves and Richard Tait. - link icon…

Question 1 Do you agree with our assessment of the number of viewers that will need to retune Question 2 Do you any comments on how viewers will find the retuning process and whether there are particular groups of viewers which will require greater consideration/assistance with the process What help might they need 100,000-160,000 viewers may need to replace their aerials 3.11 Most aerials sold today are 'wideband' aerials. Table 2 Estimated cost of viewer communications scheme Component On-screen pop-ups to tell viewers they need to re-tune Estimated cost 0.5m-1m 0-0.5m website A website explaining what viewers will need to do as a result of development the clearance process costs An advice line for viewers that experience problems 1m-2m Targeted communications to charities that help vulnerable groups of viewers 0.5m-1m Administrative costs 0.5m-1m Total cost 2.5m-5.5m 3.23 14 The scope of the viewer communications campaign for DSO was much greater than what we have allowed for above. - link icon…

Maximising the benefits of 700MHz clearance Enabling acceleration of 700MHz clearance and use of the 700MHz centre gap Consultation Publication date 11 March 2016 Closing Date for Responses 20 May 2016 Maximising the benefits of 700MHz clearance About this document In November 2014 we decided to make valuable spectrum in the 700MHz band available for mobile data as soon as practicably possible. Table 1 Benefits of change of use of the 700MHz band in 1st January 2016 NPV 22 Benefit Magnitude Network cost savings Access to the 700MHz band will enable MNOs to meet increases in demand for mobile data at a lower cost than would 480m-770m 22 These figures correspond to the update published on 11-3-2015 16 Maximising the benefits of 700MHz clearance otherwise have been the case. - link icon  UKTV Play expands reach with Freeview Play launch

UKTV Play - complete with previews, collections, celeb picks, favourites list, history and resume function - to launch on Freeview Play. UKTV today announced it is further expanding the reach of its award-nominated on demand service, UKTV Play, by making it available on Freeview Play. - link icon  The BBC will be so dull if the Tories get their way

Behind closed doors myself and other creatives within broadcasting have been reassured the opposite that the BBC is loved throughout the land, that its licence fee is safe, that the government is simply not allowed to and has no intention of telling it what programmes to make, and that its editorial independence will be preserved. Frustrated that their plan to cut the corporation to shreds can't happen because it would be deeply unpopular, are those same people looking for subtler ways to administer a quieter, gentler death Otherwise why the stories, coming from No 10, that David Cameron wants the BBC charter to be reviewed every five years instead of 10, that it should have a new ruling body in which at least half its members are appointed by the government of the day, and that this body should have involvement in day-to-day operational decisions, including news coverage -

Sunday 08 May 2016, AM link icon  the BBC's Galápagos tortoise

Suddenly, with his archaic belief in both the value of public broadcasting and the inherent worth of the un-monetisable natural world, the venerable polymath himself is as rare a creature as the Galpagos tortoise, whose environment he strove to save, and one equally doomed to extinction. Whittingdale has been unashamedly ridiculous since at least last summer, and yet, like that old condom stuck to the roof of the bus shelter by the mosque and visible only from the top deck of the 141, he shows no signs of being removed by higher powers any time soon, perhaps because they are scared of his knowledge of torture techniques. - link icon  Senior Conservative MPs and peers in fight to halt radical BBC reform

A Conservative rift has emerged over a radical plan to reform the BBC, limit its autonomy and divide the licence fee with other broadcasters. Whittingdale is to argue for greater public scrutiny of all the corporation's spending and to urge that the BBC Trust should be abolished, with future regulation shared by a powerful new board of trustees and Ofcom, the media watchdog. -

Saturday 07 May 2016, PM link icon  John Whittingdale to force BBC to reveal stars' pay

The BBC currently publishes a limited amount of information about how much it pays its stars, disclosing only how many performers sit within a variety of financial bands, ranging from 50,000 up to 5 million. The new government proposals will apply to all BBC employees and freelancers above the 150,000 threshold. -

Saturday 07 May 2016, AM link icon  BBC follows Netflix in using online viewing data to help it pick new shows

The BBC is following Netflix in using online viewing data to help it decide which programmes to make. News teams were already using data more extensively to work out what stories should feature on TV, with interest in online coverage of Greece's relationship with the European Union helping staff decide whether to feature the story in the evening bulletin. -

Tuesday 03 May 2016, PM link icon  Govenment threats to make BBC move Strictly are 'ridiculous', says Lord Patten

Conservative party grandee Lord Patten has sharply criticised culture secretary John Whittingdale and accused the government of listening more to the BBC's commercial rivals than the public. In his first public comments on the BBC since standing down as chairman almost two years ago due to ill health, Patten used his Reuters Institute Lecture to call for an independent body to advise the government on the level of the licence fee and the corporation's governance. -

Tuesday 03 May 2016, AM link icon  Threats to shift Strictly are just part of the plan to sabotage the BBC

Most serious to the BBC's reputation is the plan drawn up for Whittingdale by David Clementi, a former chairman of Virgin Money and Prudential, to create a single board running the BBC, dominated by political appointees. The question is how loudly fans of The Archers, Radio 3, Strictly, Bake Off, War and Peace or Match of the Day will defend this soundscape of the nation - this rare social glue in a fissiparous society - and show they are all goggling together, as bonded to the BBC as they are to the NHS.. - link icon  Channel 5 HD encryption to be lifted on 3rd May

Once the encryption is lifted, Channel 5 HD will no longer be part of the range of channels covered by Sky's entertainment pack and will be available to all HD viewers, even without a current viewing card. Timeline Channel 5 HD on FreeviewHow did we get here Why did it take so long for Channel 5 HD to go free-to-air -

Monday 02 May 2016, AM link icon  DAB Update: D2 station migration completes

Kiss Fresh available in more areasMaking use of some of the freed-up capacity on local DAB multiplexes, Bauer Media's Kiss Fresh station has replaced Kisstory in areas where it controls the local DAB service - notably across northern England and central Scotland. Coverage boostsWith just a few months until the completion of the current DAB coverage expansion programme, DAB digital radio has been boosted during the past week in parts of East Anglia, with the addition of the Essex local DAB multiplex from transmitters at Braintree and Manningtree. -

Sunday 01 May 2016, PM link icon  BBC scheduling: government denies it is seeking to take over

The government has denied reports that it will seek to determine BBC scheduling following reports that it will bar the broadcaster from showing popular programmes such as Strictly Come Dancing at peak viewing times. The BBC has voiced concerns at moves it says will undermine its independence, particularly about plans for the government to directly appoint most members of a new body to run the corporation instead of the BBC Trust. - link icon  BBC Studios: a win for talent or an own goal?

Coming hot on the heels of the exit of the director of BBC Studios Peter Salmon and Wendy Darke, who was due to be head of natural history, the departures have left some of the 2,000 or so staff who officially transferred into BBC Studios on Friday feeling nervous. To compound matters there are reports that the forthcoming white paper on the BBC proposes allowing independent producers to tender for more or all BBC shows, raising the prospect that even in-house hits created by the corporation, such as Top Gear or EastEnders, could one day be made by outside companies. - link icon  Tony Hall's grand reorganisation of the BBC 'is playing with fire'

Truth be told the BBC privately believes the white paper and, critically, the funding arrangements behind it - only an 800m cut as the BBC is forced to take up the cost of over 75s' licence fees - is essentially a done deal. Who will do that and with what lines of accountability Secondly, given that all the mainstream TV channels and most of the radio stations run content that might be thought of as coming from all three of the new directorates, where does the overview function currently exercised by the channels and their controllers overseen by the TV and Radio directorates sit And thirdly where does the audience fit into all this, given that consumption of BBC content is still overwhelmingly via traditional channels The potential failure to grasp the importance of channel controllers to the BBC's communication with the viewing/listening public is completely wrong-headed. - link icon  The only thing Channel 4 needs to be saved from is privatisation

In Paris, the selfsame doctrine holds as 70 editors and production people who sustained the International New York Times lose their jobs. The spoils of news competition go increasingly not to news providers, but to the aggregators and platforms of social media. -

Friday 29 April 2016, AM link icon  Government could ask BBC to trial pay service as it closes 'iPlayer loophole'

The government could ask the BBC to trial a new paid-for service on the iPlayer as it cracks down on viewers without TV licences watching online for free. As well as telling the BBC to put password controls on the iPlayer, he will ask it to investigate a new offering in which people would pay for shows outside its traditional catch-up window, according to a report in the Daily Telegraph. -

Wednesday 27 April 2016, PM link icon  Freeview: death of linear TV ‘overstated' » Digital TV Europe

The death of linear TV is not something that Freeview is experiencing, with the vast majority of people in the UK still tuning in live, according to Freeview managing director Guy North. Also speaking on the panel, Damien Read, director of product marketing for Now TV, stressed that Sky's standalone over-the-top service is not cannibalising its core pay TV offering. -

Tuesday 26 April 2016, PM link icon  BBC needs to be braver online

s the BBC becoming ‘old media’, just as it tries to embrace the globalised future, asks Tony GarnettIn the 1990s, John Birt forced the BBC’s arts mandarins to embrace the digital revolution. But the early adopter energy seems to have morphed into a sluggish reluctance. BBC3 goes online, but mainly to save money. Websites merely support broadcast programmes. An early CBBC online drama initiative seems isolated: if other work is in progress, the gestation is interminable.I spent my life in drama, struggling to embrace and use each new technology. It was an exhilarating ride, sometimes uncomfortable but always embracing. It was a perennial fight for the right to innovate.

Tuesday 26 April 2016, AM link icon  Record numbers of new cars with digital radio

In the year 2015 almost 1.9 million new cars were registered with digital radio as standard and it is projected that in 2016 over 2.2 million cars will be sold with digital radio as standard. The Q1 2016 new car data confirms the level of support digital radio has from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders and vehicle manufacturers. - link icon  Moyles encourages everyone to back DAB radio

Chris Moyles took a quarter of an hour of his show today to explain the benefits of digital radio and future of Radio X. He was encouraging his listeners to spread the word about DAB and thanked his loyal fans for buying new radio sets just to be able to listen to him on Radio X via DAB. He talked about Manchester being a level playing field for the station because it's on FM, and that there are people in radio in Manchester who are worried about Radio X. Chris compared the future of radio to how television has switched off analogue radio and everything is now digital, saying some people don't realise all TV is now digital, and he wants the same for radio. -

Monday 25 April 2016, PM link icon  This white paper threatens the BBC's independence. It must be opposed

Even before any serious debate had started, we saw George Osborne take away a sizable chunk of the BBC's income with his demand that the BBC fund the licence fee for the over 75s. In return the BBC thought it had extracted a commitment from the government that the licence fee from 2017 would rise in line with inflation. There would be just a single board running the BBC. On that board there would be a non-executive chairman and deputy chairman, three executives from the BBC and then four more non-executive members representing the four nations of the UK. The public interest would be safeguarded by the chairman, the deputy and the other non-executives. -

Friday 22 April 2016, AM link icon  Life-Stage Analysis of Millennials Highlights Major Threat to Traditional TV

L.E.K. Consulting launches first in-depth analysis of U.K. millennials' media habits by life stage, from living with their parents to starting their own families Preferences broadly consistent across life stages and spreading to older generations Media participants need to adapt more rapidly to the new reality. Forty-five percent of millennials pre-family and 56 of millennials with children currently have a pay TV subscription, and 45 of them either have or expect to have an OTT subscription in the next year, with two-thirds of those planning to cancel or reduce their pay TV spend. - link icon  BBC funding: only half of young people know about licence fee

Only half of 16 to 24-year-olds know that the BBC is funded by the licence fee, while over a third of adults are unaware how the corporation's website is funded. A new Ofcom report, adults' media use and attitudes, found that just 52 of 16 to 24-year-olds knew that the BBC TV programmes are funded from the 145.50 annual TV licence fee charged to all UK households that watch live TV. The media regulator's annual report also found that 37 of adults did not know that the BBC's website is also funded by the licence fee. -

Thursday 21 April 2016, AM link icon  Inside Search: Building the future of TV, with you

So now when you're looking for The Big Bang Theory, we'll not only show you the apps and sites where you can find the latest episode, but also show which channel you can turn your tv to later in the evening or week to catch it live. We put this technology to the test with two of the highest rated TV events in the last year the Rugby World Cup Finals on TF1, the leading network in France, and the Republican Presidential Debates on Fox News, a leading news network in the US. Politics and sports are pretty personal topics, so it's only appropriate that TF1 and Fox News created a fully addressable viewing experience for the millions of viewers that tuned in using Dynamic Ad Insertion. -

Wednesday 20 April 2016, AM link icon  BBC Radio 1 to ditch overseas acts for more homegrown talent

The BBC will look to retune its national music stations Radio 1 and Radio 2 to focus on emerging homegrown talent in a bid to counter government criticism that they are not distinctive enough. The BBC said it would have more new homegrown talent on Radio 1 and Radio 2 as part of a robust defence of the distinctiveness of the two stations published on Tuesday, saying around 90 of their music output was not played on any other station. -

Tuesday 19 April 2016, PM link icon  UK phones only get 4G '53% of the time' study finds

Of the four UK networks, EE was found to have the best 4G connectivity, while Three had the worst. The State of the Mobile Network report also noted that O2 had the highest 3G and 4G latency - that's the amount of time data takes to travel along a network, measured in milliseconds. - link icon  BBC News creates controller role for mobile and online as overhaul begins

BBC News is creating a controller of mobile and online in the first stage of division director James Harding's cost-cutting Future of News plans. Staff were also given an update on the BBC's streaming news service Newstream, which has had an internal launch of 'Ten to Watch', an on-demand bulletin within the BBC News app which some BBC News employees are testing. - link icon  John Whittingdale is 'bullying' BBC over Europe, says shadow culture secretary

Eagle also criticised the government over reports earlier this week that it is considering forcing the BBC to sell off its stake in UKTV, the commercial broadcaster it jointly owns with US network Scripps through its commercial arm BBC Worldwide. Eagle also queried whether Ofcom would be ready to take on the regulatory duties of the BBC when the new royal charter begins on 1 January 2017.The government-commissioned Clementi report, published last month, recommended that the BBC Trust should be abolished and its regulatory role taken over by Ofcom. - link icon  a way to make television more real?

High Definition TVs are now being replaced by 4K TVs in our homes - offering four times the definition of HD. Manufacturers have now started adding High Dynamic Range on their latest models giving a greater range of brightness, luminosity, depth and detail to the picture. Will it bring a real improvement in picture quality -

Monday 18 April 2016, PM link icon  America now has nearly 5 PR people for every reporter, double the rate from a decade ago

For every one job result for a reporter, photojournalist or TV producer, you'll get 10 results for jobs available to people with journalism backgrounds or degrees to switch careers toward marketing, advertising and - most of all - public relations. That means over a career of 20 years, the average PR person will make about 300,000 more than the typical reporter, and as anyone in either industry knows, the benefits will be much more lucrative at a public relations firm. - link icon  Strained Streaming: Why is streaming catch up video in Australia so painful?

The site is easy to navigate, the content is uploaded quickly, and the quality is at a high bitrate, although the end result wavers somewhere between high-end SD and low-end 720p. It doesn't require a login either. In 2016, when the likes of Netflix and Stan, stream content in both 1080P and 4K, there is really no excuse for not being able to supply it. -

Monday 18 April 2016, AM link icon  BBC facing cash raid from DCMS

The BBC faces an anxious wait for the white paper on charter renewal amid conflicting reports over the weekend about government plans to raid the corporation’s finances.The Sunday Times reported that culture secretary John Whittingdale will force BBC Worldwide to relinquish its £500m stake in UKTV, with half the proceeds going to the Treasury, under proposals to be outlined next month.The newspaper also claimed that Whittingdale wants to hand £100m of licence fee funding to third parties to create children’s and news content that the BBC will be required to carry across its airwaves.But The Sunday Times report was contradicted by Sam Coates, the deputy political editor at The Times, who said on Sunday that 10 Downing would apply a handbrake to Whittingdale’s ambitions.- link icon  Date set for Planet Rock and Absolute 80s move

Digital One has requested to remove Absolute 80s and Planet Rock from its multiplex from April 30th. At the moment, the two Bauer services are available on two national DAB services, following the launch of Sound Digital Limited. Bauer's heat and Kisstory services will be removed from local multiplexes by the 30th April 2016 now they are also available on SDL. Digital One, owned by one of the three SDL investors, Arqiva, says it will continue to seek additional customers for vacant capacity on the multiplex following the removal of Absolute 80s and Planet Rock. -

Sunday 17 April 2016, PM link icon  Reuters Institute for the study of Journalism

Traditional television viewing is falling, and the rapid rise of online video viewing continues. If television news providers fail to respond to these profound shifts in how people use media, they risk eventually becoming irrelevant, a new report from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, University of Oxford warns. -

Saturday 16 April 2016, AM link icon  Obama Presses for Open Market for Cable Set-Top Boxes

Photo WASHINGTON - President Obama on Friday announced his support for opening the market for cable set-top boxes, singling out the devices in millions of homes as a clunky and outdated symbol of corporate power over consumers, as he introduced a broad federal effort to increase competition. In an unusual step, Mr. Obama weighed in personally on a pending proposal at the Federal Communications Commission, having his administration file comments that applauded the effort to loosen cable companies' grip on the boxes. - link icon  Digital Radio Retune for Merseyside: what you need to know

Listeners to DAB digital radio in the Merseyside area will need to retune on Wednesday 20th April following a frequency change that will affect local radio stations. The new frequency will go live from 6am on Wednesday 20th April, after which listeners will need to rescan their DAB radios in order to continue listening. -

Friday 15 April 2016, PM link icon  BBC white paper to be published in May

The government’s white paper on BBC charter renewal will be published in May, culture minister Ed Vaizey has confirmed for the first time.The Department for Culture Media & Sport (DCMS) has previously only gone as far as to say that the document will be released in “spring” – a target it will just about meet if published next month.In a debate about diversity at the BBC in parliament on Thursday, Vaizey said he had seen an early draft of the report. “We are going to publish it in May,” he said.Vaizey added that boosting diversity will be a prominent part of the government’s plans for the BBC.The DCMS was swamped by 190,000 responses to its consultation on the BBC’s future and this is said to have contributed to the release date being pushed back. Another factor in the delay has been the EU referendum, in which culture secretary John Whittingdale is playing a prominent role as part of the Vote Leave campaign. -

Friday 15 April 2016, AM link icon  Copyright fight club – POLITICO

Coming into office in 2014, the European Commission laid out an ambitious agenda to overhaul the entire digital copyright system in the EU. It's moving on various fronts, investigating contracts between Hollywood studios and TV stations while preparing new legislation that could change everything from watching movies and sports to publishing videos on YouTube. The Commission's review of copyright laws is wide-ranging, affecting a broad range of businesses in industries including tech, retail, telecoms and media. -

Wednesday 13 April 2016, AM link icon  Cabinet minister John Whittingdale had relationship with sex worker

The culture secretary, John Whittingdale, has faced calls to withdraw from the regulation of the press following the disclosure that he had a relationship with a prostitute. Whittingdale, who is divorced, was forced to explain on Tuesday night how he had a six-month relationship with a woman whom he did not realise worked in a brothel. -

Tuesday 12 April 2016, PM link icon  What is Alternative Audio Commentary?

The alternative audio is selected using the Red Button, and you will usually be prompted by a presenter when an alternative audio stream is available. If this button is selected, when there is no current alternative audio commentary available, you may hear an odd sound effect. - link icon  BBC's iPlayer Kids app puts children's TV at 'front and centre' of plans

His comments come after speculation last year that cBeebies and CBBC could face an online-only future as part of cost-cutting ahead of charter renewal at the end of this year. The new iPlayer Kids app will only show age-appropriate content free from adverts, but the BBC faced questioning over its decision not to cut off content after a notional bedtime. - link icon  UKTV profits hit 80m

A 20% boost in its programming budget helped UKTV deliver record profits in 2015 as well as cement its ratings lead over Channel 5 and Sky.The company spent £148m on programming in 2015, a 20.3% boost on the £123m spent in 2014, with original commissions including Storage Hunters UK and Dave Gorman Modern Life Is Goodish and acquisitions including Grimm and Rizzoli & Isles topping its ratings table.Its annual financial report shows that this investment in content helped it deliver a 13% increase in revenues from £282.6m last year to £319.2m in 2015 with operating profits growing 10.1% to £79.6m up from £72.3m. Meanwhile, earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) grew from £74.2m to £82m.. - link icon  Freeview selects Anomaly to lead ad account

Freeview has appointed Anomaly to lead its advertising account following a review of its agency roster. Freeview drafted in Leo Burnett in 2011 following a three-way pitch against The Red brick Road and WiedenKennedy. -

Monday 11 April 2016, AM link icon  Top-level change at BBC and ITV means uncertain future for UK television

Following a changing of the guard that saw his heads of entertainment, factual and drama depart, his new top team includes Polly Hill, the BBC controller of drama commissioning he poached to become his head of drama - a coup for Lygo and a blow for the BBC. It means that seven experienced executives have left the corporation over the last seven months director of television Danny Cohen, controller of seasons and special projects Janice Hadlow, creative director Alan Yentob, BBC2 controller Kim Shillinglaw, BBC Studios director Peter Salmon, natural history unit head Wendy Darke and Hill. Driving the low morale at the BBC is the question mark over the timing and implementation of director general Tony Hall's two big master plans the commercialisation of most BBC production through the creation of BBC Studios and a restructure of commissioning and programme-making based around genres and audiences that blurs the boundaries between radio, TV and online, details of which are unlikely to be unveiled until after the government produces its white paper on the corporation's future. -

Sunday 10 April 2016, PM link icon  The Real Whittingdale Scandal: Cover up by the Press

By the time The Independent began investigating the reasons why the Whittingdale-King story had never been published, despite being known to at least three national newspaper groups, the relationship had ended and Whittingdale was now inside the cabinet. By stalling indeterminately a critical element of the law passed by parliament in 2013, related to the imposition of costs penalties on newspapers who fail to join a charter-approved regulator, Whittingdale effectively gave himself an unfettered executive power over the press. -

Wednesday 06 April 2016, PM link icon  Judge us by our quality, says BBC's Tony Hall

It was an upbeat performance by Tony Hall, BBC director general, at an event held by the Future for Public Service Television inquiry. He said the BBC's reputation was based on quality and having the funding to be able to put on such series as Happy Valley, BBC 2's Inside Obama's White House and the work of the Natural History Unit. -

Wednesday 06 April 2016, AM link icon  REVEALED: Mystery cause of East Devon TV signal fault

The cause of a mystery signal problem, which saw thousands of residents in East Devon miss their favourite TV shows, has been revealed. The mystery depended when at800, a company set up by mobile phone operators to tackle issues related to TV signal interference, said that a mast was unlikely to be the cause of the fault. -

Tuesday 05 April 2016, AM link icon  Residents angry they're unable to receive Freeview television channels

Hundreds of people around Exmouth are able to watch Freeview channels again tonight after being without television for four days. Most people should now be back to normal, But many people who tried re-tuning their TVs now have to set them up all over again. -

Saturday 02 April 2016, AM link icon  BBC Wales: Ofcom Welsh Govt push for radio coverage boost

Acknowledging that the availability of BBC Radio Cymru and BBC Radio Wales is primarily a matter for the BBC, it noted that while FM coverage of BBC Radio Cymru was high, BBC Radio Wales could only reach 81 of households on FM. With the BBC currently exploring options for improving BBC Radio Wales FM coverage, Ofcom confirmed that it saw no reasons why the existing BBC National DAB multiplex, which carries all of the BBC's UK-wide stations, can't be re-configured to add BBC Radio Cymru and BBC Radio Wales via 14 unnamed transmitter sites in mid-Wales. Due to the way the BBC National DAB multiplex is broadcast as a single frequency network across the country, a solution that is being portrayed by Ofcom for mountainous mid-Wales is unlikely to be viable in other parts of the UK. BBC Local Radio in England and BBC radio stations for Scotland and Northern Ireland are carried on a network of local DAB multiplexes, operated by commercial organisations. -

Thursday 31 March 2016, PM link icon  28% of Piracy Takedown Requests Are "Questionable"

This week, researchers from Columbia University's American Assembly and Berkeley published an in-depth review of the current takedown regime, with one study zooming in on the millions of takedown requests Google receives every week. The company currently acts in response to 97.5 of the takedown requests, which means that the vast majority of the questionable notices are honored. - link icon  Kermode and Mayo's Apple gag does not take the pith, rules BBC Trust

The complaint was initially rejected by the BBC's audience services department before being shunted upstairs to the trust's editorial standards committee. It also said that BBC presenters were allowed to refer to commercial products, whether directly or indirectly, and the complaint proceeded no further. - link icon…

Public service news based on Q5a/b 'Which, if any, of the following have you used to access news in the last week' Social media use for news is based on Q3 'Which, if any, of the following have you used in the last week as a source of news' Calculations include for Finland, Yle tv-uutiset, Yle uutiset, Yle tv-uutiset and Yle radiouutiset for France, news in the following channels of France Tlvisions, francetvinfo. Bbc News has long worked with social media both as a means of news reporting and news distribution and many channels and news programmes have built their own social media profiles. -

Wednesday 30 March 2016, AM link icon  Watch Freeview shows anywhere with EE TV: Service lets users stream and download programs …

From today, EE TV customers will be able to download any programmes they record on their TV to their phones and keep them, for as long as they wish, to watch while offline. From today, EE TV customers will be able to download any programmes they record on their TV to their phones and keep them for as long as they wish, to watch while offline. - link icon  Don't buy a Freeview Play box until you've read these five facts

Since then its growth has stalled, but Freeview Play aims to modernise TV once again by bringing streaming services directly to your TV. But what can Freeview Play offer you over your standard TV recorder, smart TV and streaming devices such as Google's Chromecast and the Amazon Fire TV Stick Is it really worth investing in a Freeview Play box just yet If a separate set-top box doesn't appeal, Panasonic is offering up a line of Freeview Play compatible Viera TVs. Including a tuner into the TV as standard makes much more sense - it's how Freeview managed to reach a wide audience initially. -

Friday 25 March 2016, AM link icon  UTV unveils new look as part of ITV family

The fresh look was designed by ITV Creative and the UTV Creative team and will be on air in the coming months. Rufus Radcliffe, Group Director of Marketing and Research at ITV, said the makeover firmly positions UTV as part of the ITV family. -

Wednesday 23 March 2016, PM link icon  Partial Channel 4 sell-off 'would leave it with Two Weddings and Half a Funeral'


Wednesday 23 March 2016, AM link icon  Eight-second videos are long enough to infringe on copyright, says UK judge

Two factors help to determine whether fair dealing applies for a particular case. It's not yet clear whether the defendants will appeal or whether damages will be awarded against them. -

Tuesday 22 March 2016, PM link icon  BBC Names Mark Linsey as Director of Production Division BBC Studios

Linsey has been acting director of BBC Television since October 2015, and spent more than 20 years working in TV production before joining the BBC, including roles at Central, LWT, Hat Trick Prods. Charlotte Moore will be responsible for BBC television pending the announcement in the next few weeks of a new structure to simplify the BBC. Linsey will spend the next month working with the Studios teams before the new division launches on April 29. - link icon  Netflix races ahead of Amazon and Sky with 5m UK households

Netflix is far ahead of competitors such as Amazon's Prime Instant Video or Sky's Now TV, and is continuing to grow faster than the other services. According to the data, there are about 1.6 million households subscribing to Amazon's service in the UK, up about 300,000 over 2015, and fewer than 1 million signed up to Sky's Now TV. In total, more than 6.5 million households are signed up to some sort of video-streaming service. -

Saturday 19 March 2016, AM link icon  DTG :: News :: New players help to boost broadband connections, John Whittingdale supports…

This would align the UK with European Commission proposals that more spectrum should be available for mobile services. Ofcom has now launched a consultation process to accelerate the clearance of the 700MHz band, currently used by digital terrestrial TV services. - link icon  Thirty years of the TV sofa: from political strategy to sexism

The breakfast show presenters went back to desks for a bit, before returning to sofas. It's the same with famous fictionalised sofas - on the Royle Family, it's the dad who gets his own armchair while the rest of the family cram onto the sofa. -

Thursday 17 March 2016, PM link icon  UKTV executive sacked after stealing huge cache of confidential TV data from media regulat…

The disclosure of the data breach, which was immediately reported to Ofcom by UKTV, led to panic amongst rival broadcasters. Ofcom has now written to television companies, insisting that their data has been recovered, and adding that the 27-year-old employee, who worked for the regulator on a short term contract, has been sacked by UKTV. - link icon  John Whittingdale must allow the BBC board to be truly independent

When David Clementi's report recommended the creation of the unitary board, which I am on record as supporting, he appeared to accept that the government would have the right to appoint the chair, deputy chair and four non-executive directors for the nations. If the BBC is to be seen as free from government control, then the board must be seen to be entirely independent from it. -

Tuesday 15 March 2016, PM link icon  BBC News channel to merge its two paper reviews into one extended show

The BBC News channel's two late night paper reviews will be merged into one extended show as part of a raft of changes to the 24-hour service starting on Monday. Its 15-minute review of newspaper headlines, The Papers, currently airs twice a night, at 10.30pm and 11.30pm, but the latter slot has been dropped to allow a repeat of BBC2's Newsnight at 11.15pm. The new paper roundup will run for 20 minutes at 10.40pm after the 10pm bulletin and Sportsday. -

Monday 14 March 2016, PM link icon  BBC Radio 5Live keeps the nation company. It would be wrong to take it off-air

The latest service to be threatened with digital exile is Radio 5Live. The station best equipped to dog your footsteps is Radio 5Live. - link icon  BBC and ITV in online video talks

The BBC offers programming online through BBC iPlayer for up to 30 days after transmission. In 2007, the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 launched a joint venture online video service, known as Project Kangaroo. - link icon  BBC radio chief: government plans threaten our independence

The government-commissioned Clementi report recommended that the BBC's day-to-day operations be run by a unitary board, headed by a majority of non-executive directors, while full responsibility for regulation be handed over to the media regulator Ofcom, replacing the BBC Trust. The BBC's director general, Tony Hall, has already flagged his concerns about the proposals, pointing out that unlike any previous governing body, the unitary board would set the editorial direction of the whole BBC. Neither the trust nor its predecessor - the BBC governors who oversaw the corporation from its founding until 2005 - had such powers. -

Monday 14 March 2016, AM link icon  Government will choose most members of BBC board, says Whittingdale

John Whittingdale said only two or three members of a 13-strong unitary board, which would replace the discredited BBC Trust model, would be BBC executives while the rest would be government appointees. In a speech last week, Lord Hall pointed out that unlike any previous governing body, the unitary board would set the editorial direction of the whole BBC. Neither the trust nor its predecessor - the BBC governors who oversaw the corporation from its founding until 2005 - had such powers. -

Saturday 12 March 2016, AM link icon  UK viewers doubled amount of time spent streaming TV in 2015

Traditional TV viewing accounted for 76, or three hours and 51 minutes per day, close to 28 hours per week. While traditional TV still dominates viewing, there has also been growth - albeit only from 24.5 minutes a week to 28 minutes a week on average - in consumption on other devices such as tablets, smartphones and laptops. -

Thursday 10 March 2016, PM link icon  BBC News most trusted source for more than half of people in the UK

The results of the poll, published on Thursday, also suggested more than half of people did not trust the government with the future of the BBC. The corporation's future size and scope remains uncertain following last year's funding settlement, in which it took on the 700m cost of free TV licences for the over-75s, with the government's BBC white paper likely to be delayed until after the EU referendum. The online YouGov survey commissioned by 38 Degrees, which was behind a petition signed by nearly 400,000 people in support of the BBC, said 53 of people did not trust the government to protect BBC services during charter renewal. -

Wednesday 09 March 2016, PM link icon  BBC warned against making further cuts to local radio services

One option is said to be a merger with Radio 5 Live, with local radio stations retaining their own breakfast and drivetime stations. The last time BBC local radio faced big cuts, four years ago, proposed savings of 15m were halved to 8m following protests from listeners and MPs, and opposition from the then-BBC Trust chairman, Lord Patten. -

Wednesday 09 March 2016, AM link icon  Channel 4 chief hits out at critics calling for privatisation

Speaking at a conference held by Enders Analysis, he chose to make the 1bn fight over privatisation highly personal, publicly attacking the two former Channel 4 senior executives. Abraham accused Johnson of flip-flopping on his view of Channel 4 given his long history of defending the broadcaster's model, most recently last September in front of the House of Lords communications committee. -

Tuesday 08 March 2016, PM link icon  BBC increases savings target to £800m a year to pay for drama and sport

The BBC has increased its savings target by 100m to 800m a year over the next five years, blaming rapid inflation in the cost of drama and sport. While there are still doubts over the BBC News channel, BBC sources said on Tuesday that Radio 5 Live would not be axed completely, although it is looking at ways to save money, possibly using its services for local radio. -